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                Office of Travel & Tourism Industries
                     & U.S. Commercial Service

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Travel and Tourism Team
U.S. Department of Commerce
Economic Impact of Int’l Tourism (2008)
  U.S. enjoys high expenditure rates - #1 in world
  $142 billion spent by international visitors
  Approximately 824,000 jobs supported
  $17 billion generated in federal,
   state & local tax revenues
  $29 billion trade surplus

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 Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Office of Travel & Tourism Industries/U.S. Travel Association
      Travel & Tourism and the
    U.S. Department of Commerce
Commerce Department
 Office of Travel & Tourism Industries
 U.S. Commercial Service
 Travel & Tourism Team

Mission: Together with our partners we work to
 assist with your international business
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  Office of Travel & Tourism Industries
 Policy Advocacy
    Interagency coordination via Tourism Policy Council
    Private sector input via Travel & Tourism Advisory Board
    Inter-governmental representation of the U.S.

 Statistics
    OTTI is the source for international travel data
    International visitor volume and receipts
    Visitor profiles – destinations visited & traveler
     characteristics at regional and country level
    Forecast of international travelers to the USA

 Communications / Info Updates
    TI News – free subscription
    OTTI website –
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    OTTI Market Research Products
 Monthly arrivals data for country & top ports

 Monthly air traffic data by region, country & airports

 30 FREE regional & country market profiles

 Custom reports on international
  visitors to a specific destination
  (fee-based service)

 Travel trade & consumer forecasts
  for international travel to the USA
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    International Travel to Guam 2008
Total Overseas Visitation to Guam – 1,191,000
Port of Entry to Guam* – 977,000    8%
 Top Markets:
   Asia – 971,000    8%
   Japan – 828,000    9%
   South Korea – 106,000                 10%
   Taiwan – 20,000    1%

Overseas Traveler Profile:
 95% Leisure Travelers
 64% Package Visitors
 54% First time visitors
 98% Stayed in Hotel/Motel                    Book Your Hotel
* All countries except Canada & Mexico
      OTTI – “Voice of the Industry to
   Government & Government to Industry”
 Travel & Tourism Advisory Board – platform for
  private sector input to the Secretary of Commerce

 Tourism Policy Council – allows the Secretary to
  share private-sector perspectives with 20 U.S. govt.
  agencies that have travel & tourism responsibilities

 International Cooperation – the USG works with
  other nations on travel & tourism policies of global

 The Secretary brings the government’s perspective
  back to the private sector through the TTAB
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       U.S. Commercial Service
Creating Prosperity Through Global Trade
 • A global network in more than 80 countries of the best
   trade professionals in the world
 • Our global presence and international marketing expertise
   helps U.S. companies compete & win in global markets
 • Our Goal - promote economic prosperity, enhance job
   creation, and protect U.S. commercial interests abroad

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How are Tourism Services Exported?
 International Visitor consumes goods
  or services on U.S. soil, including:
   Lodging
   Food / Restaurants
   Car Rentals
   Local Tours
   Equipment Rentals

 Local economic impact

 Multiplier effect is powerful!

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Commercial Service Partners & Clients
  Airlines                    Motor coach Operators
  Attractions                 Railway/Train Operators
  Cruise Lines                Rental Car Companies
  Destination Promotion       Restaurants
   Bureaus                     Shopping areas
  Entertainment Areas         Tour Operators
  Gaming                      Travel related services
  Hotels, Motels, Resorts

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           Our Services
Four Ways to Promote Tourism Services

 Market Research

 Trade Events

 International Partners

 Consulting & Advocacy

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      Our Services: Market Research
•   Market Research Library (FREE) – over 100,000
    country and industry-specific market reports, web
    sites, events, and trade directory listings
•   Country Commercial Guides (FREE) – annual
    U.S. Embassy reports on the business, economic,
    and political environment as it affects U.S. business
    and foreign investments
•   Customized Market Research – personalized
    report prepared specifically for your company with
    information that answers your specific international
    business questions
•   Travel & Tourism Industry Analysis – includes
    visitor profiles, spending habits, travel preferences
* Find these reports and more at         Book Your Hotel
     Our Services: Key Contacts

 Key Contacts Lists – contact info of
  key travel trade in top markets
 Travel Media Lists – contact info of
  key travel media in top markets
 Connected to Visit USA Committees

 International network to serve you

 Ongoing leads and opportunities

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Our Services: Promotional Events

 Coordination of U.S.A. Pavilions
 Brochure distribution opportunities
 Market briefing prior to trade events
 In-country assistance during trade events
 Pre-scheduled meetings with travel trade
 Involvement with Visit USA seminars,
  Pow Wow, etc.
 Post event follow-up

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     Our Services: Custom Services
•   Counseling – to help you develop your
    international marketing strategy
•   Gold Key Service – one-on-one meetings with
    pre-screened contacts in your desired market
•   International Partner Search – a detailed list of
    potential partners interested in your product/service
•   Single Company Promotion – pre-screened
    invitations to help you promote your destination
•   Featured U.S. Exporter (FUSE) – on-line listing
    featuring your company in the market of your choice
•   Familiarization Tour – help to recruit for & facilitate
    familiarization tours of media and industry partners
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  Travel & Tourism e-Market Express

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  Travel & Tourism e-Market Express

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      Upcoming Events 2010
 Pow Wow – Orlando, May 2010
 La Cumbre – San Diego,
 September 2010
 Annual tourism trade shows
 around the globe
 Select Trade Association Trade
 Show Participation
   NTA, Shop America Alliance,
    Go West, etc.
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 U.S. Commercial Service & OTTI
Working with Partners to Serve you
 Participation in trade events

 Sales missions

 Advertising/Public relations

 Organization of FAM trips

 Networking events

 Multiplier effect
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Our bottom line is your bottom line!
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 U.S. Commercial Service:

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