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Dear:     Maggie Sample
          Pots and Pans Inc.

Here is your

Scotia Starting Line for business Report

This report summarizes the start-up strategies and tactics we've given you and directs you
to other helpful resource links to help you with your business.

This report contains:

  Our suggestions on how to improve your cash flow
  Business resources you should know about

 Our suggestions for starting a business:

    Don't forget to go back and revisit and update or if need be, adjust your business plan on
    a regular basis. Scotia Plan Writer for business can also give you additional resources to
    help you review your plan.
    Effective research will use some or all of the following methods. Surveys and/or
    interviews with potential customers to test the viability of your product or service and the
    likelihood people will buy from you. Gathering statistics and data from public sources that
    will help you understand the factors that will affect your success. Competitive research
    using mystery shopping, on-line searches and consumer reports about the strengths
    and weaknesses of those who sell competing products or services.
    One way to build long term success in a business is to be on the look out for new ideas
    that can help your business succeed. It may be a major new innovation or a simple idea
    that makes things easier. As you continue through the Starting Line for business
    consider if any of the suggested best practices can be helpful to you and your business.
    A good vision statement defines what you would like your company to become in 2, 5,
    and 10 years. Your business vision should align with your personal vision and goals.
    The Scotia Plan Writer for business can help you get started.
    Consider the following when selecting your advisors: Qualifications Specialization
    Compatibility with you Fees References
    Sources of financing to consider: Personal resources Term loans and credit lines Credit
    cards The Scotia Plan Writer for business will help you determine the right kind of credit
    to apply for, and the right amount of financing you will need.

 Scotiabank business resources:

 Everyone needs help now and then to reach their goals. Scotiabank makes it a little easier and more
 convenient for our customers to get the advice and information they need with our online resources.

 We have identified the following resource links that could help improve business cash flow:

   The Money Clip - Business Clips: Starting Up a Small Business


   Thinking About Starting Your Own Business
   5 Tips to Get Your Small Business Off the Ground
   Find the Money to Grow Your Business
   Know Your Customers and Your Market
   Your Business Team
   Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?
   The Vision Statement
   Know Your Competition

   For access to other articles, please visit our Small Business Learning Centre


   Scotia Plan Writer for business

We invite you to visit your nearest Scotiabank branch to learn more about our
comprehensive resources.

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Your Blueprint for business Check-Up report has been prepared based on information you have provided, as well as a
number of important assumptions and preset targets. Calculation results are approximations and for information
purposes only. While every effort has been taken to ensure that the best practices and tactics are appropriate to your
business situation, the future cannot be forecasted with certainty and actual results will vary, possibly materially.

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