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Appendix A: Summary of
Public Input
The end success of this Greenways and Blueways project will be
determined in large part, by the effectiveness and thoroughness of the
public participation components of the planning process. A great deal
of effort went into keeping the public informed about the status of the
project and offering a number of opportunities for getting their input. As a
result, the citizens of Region 2000 have been consistently engaged from
the very beginning of the process and the final system recommendations
represent their input.

Process Description
Several forms of public and semi-public presentations were given
throughout this planning process to share draft concepts and to gather
the input of those that could attend the meetings. Two surveys were used
at those meetings to record preferences and interests. The data from
the surveys is presented throughout this chapter as well as copies of the
surveys and photographs from the meetings.

The Greenways and Blueways Steering Committee held it's first round
of community meetings between October 1 and October 9, 2002.
The meetings were designed to increase awareness of the Regional
Greenways and Blueways planning process, to enhance understanding
of greenway concepts, and to begin a dialog with interest groups as to
specific needs and opportunities in Region 2000 jurisdictions. Five initial
meetings were held for residents of Amherst County, Bedford County,
Appomattox/Campbell Counties, the City of Bedford, and the City of
Lynchburg. A total of 34 organizations participated, representing a
diversity of groups and perspectives.

A second round of meetings was held in January and February 2003,
                                                                                    Summary of Public Input

to target specific interest groups and to gain additional public input.
Presentations were made to the Region 2000 Council, the Chamber of
Commerce, and the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club. An additional
forum for the entire region was held in Lynchburg to get feedback on
the draft Regional Greenways and Blueways System. In addition to
these events, regular advisory meetings were held with the Region 2000
Greenways and Blueways Steering Committee.

                                          First Survey   Surveys of Public Opinion
                                                         At the first set of public meetings in the fall of 2002 a two-page question-
                                                         naire was handed out to all participants to be used as a gauge of public
                                                         perspective. The questions were related to the expected personal use
                                                         of Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways System, expected outcomes
                                                         of the project, and funding and management preferences. In addition,
                                                         comments from the meeting were recorded and analyzed. The following
                                                         charts and text summarize the findings from the survey. At the end of this
                                                         section, the actual survey has also been included.

                                                         Question 1: "What should be accomplished by Region 2000 Green-
                                                         ways and Blueways?"

                                                         Response: From a list of nine options, of which the respondent could
                                                         select as many answers as they wished, the following were the top three

                                                         1) Develop a regional system of trails
                                                         2) Protect water quality with buffers along streams and rivers
                                                         3) Provide access close to home and work for health exercises

                                                         50                                                          Access
Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan

                                                         40                                                          Farmland
                                                                                                                     Clean Water
                                                         30                                                          Water Trails
                                                         20                                                          History

                                                           0               RESPONSES
Question 2: "Who should champion the development of Region
2000 Greenways and Blueways?"

Response: Seven potential choices were listed for the survey partici-
pants. They were asked to select only one from that list. The following
were the top three responses:

1) Partnership of public and private groups
2) Region 2000 Regional Commission
3) Each County and Municipality

   25                                              County and
                                                   Region 2000
   20                                              Commonwealth

   15                                              Public Partners

                                                   Private Partners

      5                                            Private


                                                                           Summary of Public Input

                                          Question 3: "How do you envision using Greenways and

                                          Response: The respondents were presented with a list of 14 common
                                          uses and were asked to select all that applied to them. The following
                                          were the top five responses:

                                          1) Walk and jog
                                          2) Ride bike for fun and fitness
                                          3) Learn about native landscapes
                                          4) Learn about the history of the region
                                          5) Visit with friends

                                           60                                                 Ride Bike
                                           50                                                 Visit Friends
                                                                                              Teach Biking
                                           40                                                 Walk Dog
                                                                                              Ride Horse
                                           30                                                 Picnic
                                                                                              Walk to Work
                                                                                              Walk to School
                                           20                                                 Learn Land
                                                                                              Learn History
Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan

                                                                                              Clean Land
                                                                                              Plant Trees
                                             0             RESPONSES

Question 4: "Do you support using public funds for the
development of the Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways?"

Response: This was a yes/no question. The results are shown below:
Yes =       71 votes
No =         1 vote
Undecided = 4 votes


Question 5: "What type of funding mechanism would you support
for Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways?"

Response: A list of 8 options was presented and respondents were asked
to select all that were applicable. The top four responses are listed here:

1) State and Federal grants
2) Partnership funding from public and private sources
3) Private fundraising
4) Existing City/County taxes

                                                Existing Taxes
       45                                       New Taxes
       40                                       Bonds
       30                                       Regional Tax
                                                                               Summary of Public Input

       20                                       Impact Fee

       14                                       State/Federal
        5                                       Private
        0                                       Partners

                                          The first public survey form is shown here for reference. There were 77
                                          completed forms, representing views from across the region, with nearly
                                          half of the respondents from Lynchburg. With a sample size this small,
                                          the survey is only statistically valid as an expression of the interests of
                                          the self-selected group that attended the meetings. It is not valid as a
                                          description of the preferences and expectations of the entire Region 2000
                                          population. The survey results were, however, very similar to the find-
                                          ings of a recent and more extensive Bedford County survey and are also
                                          consistent with national-level surveys on greenways and blueways.

                                          (Front page)

                                                             Region 2000
                                                        Greenways & Blueways
                                                        Public Comment Form
                                          What should be accomplished                                Region 2000 Greenways & Blueways are...
                                                by Region 2000                                     A plan for a regional system of greenways and
                                            Greenways & Blueways?                                  blueways connecting Amherst, Appomattox,
                                                                                                   Bedford, and Campbell Counties and the City of
                                                        Select all that are applicable             Lynchburg.
                                               Improve access to public landscapes/ facilities          For more information & project updates visit:
                                               throughout the region                                                 www.regcomm.org

                                               Develop a regional system of trails that link
                                               natural and historic resources, recreation areas,
                                                                                                    Who should champion the
                                               neighborhoods and employment centers                development of Region 2000
                                               Protect farmland, farm vistas and agricultural
                                                                                                    Greenways & Blueways?
                                               heritage sites                                                         Choose only one

                                               Protect water quality by establishing buffers           Each county and municipality
Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan

                                               along streams and rivers
                                                                                                       Region 2000
                                               Provide access close to home and work for
                                               health and exercise                                     Commonwealth of Virginia

                                               Establish water trails on the James and                 A partnership of public agencies
                                               Staunton Rivers
                                                                                                       A partnership of private organizations and
                                               Link neighborhoods to local parks, shopping             foundations
                                               areas and business districts throughout the
                                               region                                                  A partnership of public agencies and private
                                               Establish education programs to raise the level
                                               of awareness of the benefit of greenways                Private organizations and landowners

                                               Reveal and interpret the unique history of the          Other:

                                                                                                      Please complete both sides of this form

(Back page)

  How do you envision using                          Do you support using public
  Region 2000 Greenways &                            funds for the development of
    Blueways facilities?                              Region 2000 Greenways &
             Select all that are applicable              Blueways facilities?
    Walking/jogging for fun and fitness                       Yes

    Ride a bike for fun and fitness                           No

    A place to visit with friends and neighbors               Not certain at this time

                                                          What type of funding
    Teach my children how to ride bikes                   mechanism would you
    A place to walk my dog                               support for Region 2000
                                                         Greenways & Blueways
    A place to ride my horse
    Picnic with friends or family                                     Select all that are applicable

                                                              Funds from existing local city and county
    Walk or bike to work
    Walk or bike to school
                                                              New city or county taxes
    Learn about the native landscape
                                                              Bond referendum for each county
    Learn about the history of the region
                                                              Regional tax
    Volunteer to help with clean-up of the public
                                                              Fees applied to future growth and
    Volunteer to plant native trees and shrubs
                                                              State and federal grant
                                                              Private fundraising through foundations

                                                              A partnership of public agencies and private

                                                    Please provide information so we can keep you
                                                    informed of future activities and developments.


    Please complete both sides of this form

                                                                                                              Summary of Public Input

                                          Second   A different survey was used at the second round of public meetings. Four
                                                   questions were included, but not all of the responses lend themselves to
                                          Survey   meaningful graphical depiction as was the case for the first survey. Each
                                                   question and its responses are shown below. In some cases charts are
                                                   used to help present the data.

                                                   Question 1: Do you support the concept of the development of a
                                                   regional Greenways and Blueways system?

                                                   Response: All participants unanimously supported the general concept,
                                                   although some reserved final judgement until further information was
                                                   made available about the expected impact of the plan on private landown-

                                                   Question 2: "What type of corridor do you value the most?"

                                                   Here the respondent was asked to rate from 1-3 the value that they
                                                   placed on types of greenways and blueways. The following was their
                                                   expressed order of preference:

                                                   1) Multiple-use corridors for biking, walking, hiking, and rollerblading
                                                   2) Single-use corridors for walking or hiking
                                                   3) On-road bicycle lanes
                                                   4) Canoe and kayak water corridors
                                                   5) Natural community corridors (where natural area protection takes prec-
                                                   edent over human uses)

Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan

                                                   20%                                                       Multi-Use
                                                   15%                                                       On-Road Bike
                                                   10%                                                       Nature Only
                                                                 CORRIDOR TYPES

Question 3: "Which five segments would you prioritize for

Response: This question was not answered in a consistent enough fash-
ion to be reported upon here. However, inclusion of this question was de-
signed only as a supplement to the map exercise that was used to solicit
the preferences of the participants. During that exercise, the participants
were asked to prioritize individual segments of the draft network. There
was a significant level of participation in that exercise.

Question 4: "Where is your primary residence?"

Response: To get a sense of which communities the participants were
representing, we asked them to list the location of their primary residence.
The tally is shown here:

Amherst County                4
Appomattox County             1
Bedford County               13
Campbell County               3
City of Lynchburg            17

 14                                                    Amherst
 12                                                    Appomattox
 10                                                    Bedford
  8                                                    Campbell
  6                                                    County
                                                       City of
  4                                                    Lynchburg

                                                                                 Summary of Public Input

  0               RESPONSES

In all survey questions, a section marked "other" is always made avail-
able to capture input that may not have been anticipated when the survey
was developed. In the case of Region 2000, there appears to be signifi-
cant interest in increasing the number of trail options that are suitable for
equestrian use.

                                          The second public survey form is presented here for general reference.
                                          Thirty-nine completed survey forms were collected from two separate
                                          meetings. The survey results that were gathered using this questionnaire
                                          are not a statistically valid representation of public opinion for the entire
                                          Region 2000 populace. The sample size is sufficient, however, to repre-
                                          sent the collective views of the individuals who attended the meetings.

                                                                Region 2000 Map Survey
                                          It is important that we understand your needs and interests as we develop the Region
                                          2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan. Please help us by answering the following four

                                             1) Do you support the concept that has been presented regarding the
                                                development of a regional greenways and blueways system?

                                                                Yes ____________

                                                                No _____________

                                             2) What type of corridor do you value the most?
                                             (Please rate the corridor type on a scale from 1-3. 1= Very Important, 2= Important,
                                             3= Less important)

                                                                _____ Single use walking or hiking corridor
                                                                _____ Multiple use biking, walking, hiking, rollerblading corridor
                                                                _____ On-road bicycle lane
                                                                _____ Canoe/kayak water corridor
                                                                _____ Natural community corridor (no dedicated trail)

                                             3) Which five segments would you first prioritize for completion (you may
Region 2000 Greenways and Blueways Plan

                                                choose five within one county or spread your choices across the region?

                                                                First Priority _____________________
                                                                Second Priority ____________________
                                                                Third Priority _____________________
                                                                Fourth Priority ____________________
                                                                Fifth Priority ______________________

                                             4) Your primary residence is in which city/county? ________________________

                                                       (Please use the back of this sheet for any additional comments)


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