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Is Lasik Surgery for You?


It is hard for people with vision problems to imagine walking into a clinic, and leaving later in the same day with 20/20 vision.

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									Is Lasik Surgery for You?

                                                It is hard for people with
                                                vision problems to imagine
                                                walking into a clinic, and
                                                leaving later in the same day
                                                with 20/20 vision. However,
                                                thanks to new technology in
                                                the last 20 years it is safe and
                                                possible to do this! Andrew
                                                Caster, a popular name in Los
                                                Angeles lasik surgery, can
                                                wholeheartedly recommend
the procedure as he had it done himself in 1996 to correct his
nearsightedness and astigmatism. This inspired him to work as a lasik
surgeon himself and he has continued to do so almost exclusively since his
own surgery. Andrew Caster is a good example of an ophthalmologist who
cares about his patients. He says that he advises 30% of his patients not to
undergo laser vision correction because they are not ideal candidates!
Attention to patients’ needs and best interests is a very important quality one
should look for in a lasik surgeon.

Lasik surgery really is a revolutionary process. The procedure uses pulses of
invisible, ultraviolet light to remove a microscopic layer from the front
surface of the eye, changing the curvature of the cornea. To correct
nearsightedness, the cornea must be made flatter. To correct farsightedness,
the curvature of the cornea must be increased. To correct astigmatism, the
curvature must be altered in one specific direction. What is really amazing is
that the total treatment usually takes less than one minute of actual laser
application. Unfortunately, with more correction comes a greater risk of
complications. Usually patients who have mild vision problems see better
results as there is less to correct during the procedure. On the other hand, if
there are still problems after the procedure, it is usually possible to do a
second procedure to make sure the results are satisfactory to the patient.

News articles and blogs across the internet will tell you different things
about Lasik surgery. Some say that the surgery has worked wonders for
them, while others say that it made their eyesight worse and it was months
before side effects such as blurriness, glare, and light halos disappear. As
long as you understand the risks and discuss them with your
ophthalmologist, it is a safe procedure, but there are always people who are
happy with glasses and contacts and do not want to invest in a procedure that
they don’t think will work for them. If you are considering getting lasik Los
Angeles or Beverly Hills clinics may be pricier, but the doctors are often
very qualified and experienced! At the end of the day, you can always earn
your money back but lasik performed by an under-qualified ophthalmologist
can damage your eyes irrevocably.

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