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									                                                                      A   M O N T H LY   P U B L I C AT I O N   FROM     BELLCO       CREDIT       UNION

financial services                                                                                          ON YOUR AGENDA

OCTOBER       2005                                                                                    Holiday Closing
VOLUME      158                                                                                       Bellco offices will be closed Monday,
               Transfer Your Credit                                                                   October 10, 2005 for Columbus Day.
                                                                                                      Regular business hours will resume
           Card Balances and Earn                                                                     Tuesday, October 11, 2005.

         Extra ScoreCard Bonus Points                                                                 Your accounts are always accessible 24-
                                                                                                      hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week through:
                                                                                                      ■ Our expanded Surcharge-Free
                                                                                                        ATM network
                                                                                                      ■ Online Banking at

 W      ith Bellco’s Visa® Platinum
        Rewards Credit Card you
 get great benefits without any
                                                                                                      ■ TELLERphone at 303-689-7990
                                                                                                        (1-800-TELLER0 outside metro Denver)

 hidden fees or gimmicks. Make                                                                        Automotive Avenues
 the switch to a Bellco Visa®                                                                         Stop by the October Sales Event at
                                                                                                      Automotive Avenues:
 Platinum Rewards Credit
 Card, and for a limited time                                                                         Friday, October 14, 2005
 you will receive:                                                                                    8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
                                              Gifts – Don’t have the travel bug? You                  Saturday, October 15, 2005
 ■   One ScoreCardTM Bonus Point for each     can also use your Bonuns Points toward                  8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
     dollar transferred from your other       terrific brand-name merchandise.
     credit cards.*                                                                                   Don’t miss it!
                                                To transfer your balances or apply for
 Then, you can redeem those points for:                                                               The sale will be at Automotive Avenues:
                                              a Bellco Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit
                                                                                                      10701 West 6th Avenue
                                              Card, visit or call
                                                                                                      Lakewood, CO 80215
 Travel – Earn round-trip air travel on       303-689-7800 (1-800-BELLCO1 outside
 most major airlines, with few restrictions   metro Denver). Don’t wait any longer to
                                                                                                      For more details, call Automotive Avenues
 and no blackout dates. You can also use      start earning your Bonus Points.
                                                                                                      at 303-689-7555.
 your Bonus Points toward travel vouch-
 ers for hotel stays or car rentals.          *Up to 5,000 points. Offer expires 10/31/05.
                                                                                                      Special CD Rates Coming Soon
                                                                                                      Look for special CD rates coming later this
                                                                                                      month! Watch the Web site or ask at a
                                                                                                      branch for more information on this limit-
 Make the Most of Your Money                                                                          ed time offer.

 With Relationship Rewards
                                                ■ Premier Platinum
 D    o you have a Bellco savings account
      and auto loan, a checking account at
 another financial institution, and your
                                                ■ Advantage Gold
                                                ■ Valued Silver
 home mortgage or credit card with yet
                                                ■ eRewards
 another lender? Reduce the confusion
 and paperwork of managing all these dif-
 ferent accounts by making Bellco your        For more information about how you
 primary financial institution.            can claim your Relationship Rewards,                                         IN THIS ISSUE
                                           visit us online at,
   Consolidating your finances with        stop by one of our 12 metro Denver                          Board of Directors Nominations..............2
 Bellco will also help you qualify for our branches or call 303-689-7800
                                                                                                       Tips to Save at the Gas Pump ................2
 Relationship Rewards program. There are (1-800-BELLCO1 outside
 four packages of rewards available and    metro Denver).                                              Online Banking Tips ................................3
 they are based on the amount of business
 you bring to Bellco.                                                                                  International Credit Union Day................3
                                                                                                       Free Auto Education ............................4
                                                                                                       Coming to Parker This Month!................4
     FROM THE BOARD                                FINANCIAL TIPS

Board of Directors                            BALANCE Offers Tips to Save
   Every year, the Bellco Board of
                                              at the Gas Pump
Directors nominates candidates for elec-
tion to the Board. The members of the
Board make certain the credit union is fol-
                                              W      ith fuel prices climbing ever higher,
                                                     many drivers are beginning to suffer
                                              unexpected financial stresses. Thankfully,
lowing federal and state credit union laws    many vehicle-associated costs are within
and any other applicable government reg-      your control. Here are some changes to
ulations, and ensure the credit union         consider making in your driving habits
adheres to the organization’s bylaws. The     that can reduce fuel costs. These tips are
Board also maintains Bellco’s financial       brought to you by BALANCE, Bellco’s
stability by using good business practices    financial fitness program.
and fulfilling its key purposes, and sets
the general direction of the credit union.    Consider downsizing
   The incumbent Board members who               Large, heavy vehicles can burn up to
                                                                                                 Other ways to save gas include (when
have been nominated for the 2006 Board        three times as much fuel as a small car; so
                                                                                               safe and appropriate):
of Directors are:                             if it’s time for a trade-in, consider a more
                                              fuel-efficient vehicle.                          ■   Turning the car off rather than idling
James R. Downs - Board Member since                                                            ■   Traveling the right speed for each gear
1990, prior Board Chairman                    Maintain your vehicle                            ■   Use cruise control on the open road
  Mr. Downs is the former Chief Financial        Preemptive maintenance not only makes ■           Accelerate slowly when leaving
Officer (CFO) for Formus Communications,      for a safer, more secure ride, but keeping           stoplights
an international telecommunications com-      all your vehicle’s parts in tiptop shape will
pany. Past experience includes 27 years of    extend fuel usage over time. Make sure           Drive less
service with Mountain Bell/US West            your air filter is clean, your tires are inflat-    Reduce unnecessary trips by combining
Finance, Accounting, Internal Auditing and    ed correctly, and your engine is filled with errands, biking, walking, or using public
Network Administration, and six years as      enough clean oil.                                transportation whenever possible. If you
CFO with ConferTech. Mr. Downs is a                                                            have neighbors who work in the same gen-
Certified Public Accountant.                  Drive smart                                      eral direction as your place of employment,
                                                 Before taking a long trip, consider           arrange for car pools to share the cost of gas.
Douglas A. Ferraro, C.P.A. – Board
Member since 1991                             removing unnecessary, heavy objects you
                                              may be carrying, both on the exterior and           Want more budget-friendly ideas? Call
   Mr. Ferraro has been President/CEO of
                                              interior of your vehicle. Carting around         BALANCE at (888) 456-2227. As a benefit
Bellco since 1991. He is on the Board of
                                              such items as a tool kit, sports equipment,      of your Bellco membership, their certified
Directors of the Colorado Division of                                                          financial counselors will help you put
                                              and ski or bike racks lowers gas mileage.
Financial Services, the Colorado Credit                                                        together a workable, individualized spend-
                                              If you don’t need immediate access to the
Union League, and Members Trust               items, store them elsewhere.                     ing and savings plan – at no cost to you.
Company of Colorado. Formerly the CFO
of Vystar Credit Union, he has been a
Certified Public Accountant since 1983.

David L. Powers - Board Member since
1978, prior Board Chairman
                                              Bellco Supports Referenda C and D
   Mr. Powers is the managing partner in a
                                                                                                   Strengthen Colorado’s economy;
telecommunications-consulting firm.
Formerly, he was the Vice President of
                                              B   ellco joins the Colorado Credit Union
                                                  League in supporting Referenda C and
                                              D that will be on the state ballot this fall.
                                                                                               ■   Improve healthcare access for
                                                                                                   Colorado’s most vulnerable residents;
MCI System House, and Director of Internal
                                              More than 500 organizations, 72 percent of       ■   Begin much needed road construction
Auditing for US West Communications, Inc.
                                              our state’s legislators and Governor Bill            projects; and
He previously served as a Board Member
                                              Owens have endorsed Referenda C and D            ■   Advance K-12 education with support
for the Denver Dumb Friends League.
                                              through the Vote Yes on C and D campaign.            for resources such as updated text-
   If you are interested in being nominated                                                        books and library facilities.
for a Board of Directors position, you may       If passed, Referenda C and D will let
do so by petition. Your nomination by peti-   state government retain surplus tax rev-
                                              enue over the next five years and issue             Go online to to
tion must include the following:                                                               learn more about why supporting
                                              bonds for critical needs. Referenda C and
...BOARD OF DIRECTORS continued               D will help:                                     Referenda C and D is so important to
on page 3                                                                                      Colorado’s future.
     AT YOUR E-SERVICE                                                                               WHAT’S NEW

Online Banking Tips for                                                              Join Bellco in Celebrating
                                                                                                International Credit
                                               which account you want to view. All your
W      ith the introduction of Bellco’s
       new Web site, we have received a
number of great questions from members
                                               other accounts (Checking, Savings, Line of
                                               Credit, Loans) are tied to one Primary
                                                                                                Union Day
about the features of You      Savings Account.                                    Over 123,000,000 credit union members
can find the answers to these questions           Click the “View Statement” button and a       around the world will celebrate
in our newly created Online Banking            page will appear with all your statements        International Credit Union Day on
Tips section that is frequently updated.       listed in order, then click on the “View” link   Thursday, October 20, 2005. The celebra-
Click “Online Banking” and then “Tips”         of the particular month you want to look at.     tion honors the unique service credit
under the Personal Banking section of                                                           unions provide and the many ways fami-
                                               If you want to print your eStatement,            lies and communities have benefited from to learn more.
                                            click on the printer icon in the upper left         the credit union difference.
  Here are a few of the questions that have corner. Do not use the Ctrl-P command to
recently been answered:                     print, as it will cut off key information on           More than 150 years ago, the idea of
                                            the printed page.
Free Bill Pay                                                                                   forming a credit union caught hold in
                                                                                                Germany. From that small beginning, the
  If you have a TimeSaver or MoneyMax          You can use something other than your
                                                                                                credit union movement has grown to
Checking account, you now get Bill Pay         Social Security number to log in
                                                                                                include more than 123,000,000 members
for free! Just log in to Online Banking and      Did you know that you can choose to            belonging to 40,421 credit unions world-
choose “Bill Pay” from the top navigation      replace your Social Security number when         wide. In the 2003 American Banker/Gallup
bar. It’s easy to start paying your bills      logging into Online Banking? It’s easy to
online today. There is no lengthy sign-up                                                       Consumer Survey, credit unions led finan-
                                               switch to a Username.                            cial institutions ratings for staff friendliness
process; you have automatic access to Bill
Pay from Online Banking. Bill Pay - it’s the     First, log into Online Banking using your      and courtesy, speed of loan decisions,
easy way to pay.                               Social Security number, TELLERPhone PIN          deposit rates, and improvements from
                                               and password. On the left side of the            year-to-year in service quality. Credit
How to print your eStatement                   screen, click on “Change PIN/Password”           unions continue to look out for their mem-
                                               under the “Preferences” menu. Click the          bers’ interests and provide a level of service
  With eStatements, Bellco has expanded
                                               Username button, enter in your new               that is not generally available at other
the number of ways you can access your
                                               Username twice and click “Submit.” Now           financial institutions.
Bellco accounts and in turn, better manage
                                               you’re ready to use your new Username
your finances. Now you can view your
                                               the next time you log in.                          Thank you for being a part of the credit
monthly or quarterly account statement
via the Internet -- and it’s free!               Once you set up your Username, your            union movement through your Bellco
                                               Social Security number will no longer be         membership. In honor of International
   To access your eStatements, log into                                                         Credit Union Day, October 20, 2005 we will
                                               required to login. If, at any time, you want
Online Banking and click on “Accounts”                                                          be having a celebration at all of our
                                               to use your Social Security number to login
in the left navigation bar. Then click on                                                       branches. Please stop into your local
                                               again, go back to the same “Change
“eStatements” and the “View Statements”                                                         branch and join the fun. We look forward
                                               PIN/Password” page and select the Social
link.                                                                                           to seeing you!
                                               Security number button.
  If you have more than one Primary
Savings Account, you will have to select

...BOARD OF DIRECTORS continued from page 2

■ Signatures of five hundred (500) Bellco      Nominations by petition must be received
members in good standing, including their      no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday,
addresses and daytime phone numbers; and       November 15, 2005.

■ A 50-word biographical data sheet.
Send this information to the following         Annual Meeting
address via U.S. Mail:
                                               Our 2005 Annual Meeting date is sched-
Bellco Credit Union                            uled for Thursday, March 23, 2006. Please
Nominating Committee                           join us at 6:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency
P.O. Box 6611                                  Tech Center for this credit union business
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6611               meeting.

       WHAT’S NEW                                           MARKS THE SPOT
 Automotive Avenues                                     Bellco is Coming to Parker
 Offers Free Auto
                                                        This Month!
                                                                                                       in other parts of the Denver metro area,
   Now that it’s autumn, it’s time to make sure
 your vehicle is prepared for another Rocky
                                                        L  ook for our newest branch to open in
                                                            Parker this October. You will find us at
                                                        18448 East Lincoln Avenue, on the corner
                                                                                                       we are working hard to expand our
                                                                                                       branch network to give you more choices.
 Mountain winter.
                                                        of East Lincoln Avenue and Twenty Mile         Watch for more branches to open in 2006.
    Do you go by the mileage or by the time             Road, just across the street from the
 since your last service to determine when to           Lowe’s home improvement store.
 change your oil? According to experts, you
 should change your oil every 5,000-7,000                 We will have a series of great grand
 miles, depending on the manufacturer’s rec-            opening events. Keep an eye on
 ommendation. However, if you only use your    for more information
 car for short trips on city streets, particularly in   about specific dates and times as we
 cold weather, you should probably have the oil         get closer to the festivities.
 changed every three months. With Denver’s
                                                           This branch has been designed to be
 drastic temperature changes, you should
                                                        more inviting and conducive to managing
 consider changing your oil every 3,000 miles
                                                        your private financial business. The loca-
 or three months, whichever comes first.
                                                        tion has been chosen to serve the thou-
   Let Automotive Avenues, Bellco’s trusted             sands of Bellco members who live and
 automotive buying service, help you with your          work in the Parker area. For our members
 car care questions.

    Attend their free service clinic on October
 25, 2005 @ 6:00 p.m. (You don’t need to have
 purchased your car from Automotive Avenues             Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win
 to attend.) Light dinner will be served and
 other giveaways will also be included. Contact         With Bellco
 an Automotive Avenues Service Advisor at
 (303) 750-5000 for details and directions.

 You’ll learn about:
                                                        R    ecently, Bellco members have been
                                                              taking home more than great rates
                                                        and solid financial advice. Here are some
 ■   Exterior car care tips                             of the prizes members have won through
 ■   Service contract tips                              different contests at our branches:
 ■   How to change a tire
                                                                        Tim Egan
 ■   Undercarriage information                             won a $100 Target gift card at Littleton
 ■   Under the hood information
 ■   Preventive maintenance tips                                    Ronda Hackbarth
                                                               won a new gas grill at Arvada

                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Johnson Sr.
                                                            won a new gas grill at Westminster

                                                                       Ed Cousineau
                                                                (on the left side of the picture)
                                                                  won a 32” flat screen TV
                                                                     at Southwest Plaza                    Spend less with great low rates on Credit
                                                                                                           Cards, Home Equity Loans and Lines of
                                                          Ronda was excited to take home her               Credit
                                                        new grill saying, “I never win anything!”          Save more on college funds with high-
                                                                                                           yield CDs
                                                          Your chance to get involved in the fun is
                                                                                                     Start your kids off with low-interest Car
                                                         coming soon. Visit our new Parker Branch
303-689-7800 1-800-BELLCO1                                 and register to win a 32" flat screen TV.
                                                                                                     Loans or Credit Cards and a Free
                                                                                                     Checking account
Hours to Call: M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.                          While you’re at the branch, be sure to
                                                              ask how we can help you:
                                                                                                       4                                               4

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