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         Waiting for you                                      Volume 1, Issue 1
          every week!                                       February 9-14, 2010

As this big gray month lumbers onward with us all trapped in its musty gut, more
and more Athenians are falling victim to prolonged colds or conciliatory hot toddy
inspired hangovers. In addition to being a delicious spice, ginger has been used as a
medicinal plant in parts of Asia and northern Africa for at least 4,400 years. Nearly
countless benefits have been attributed to the tan, gnarly root, including calming
nausea, reducing pain caused by menstrual cramping or general inflammation, and
easing cold and flu symptoms. Preliminary FDA studies have shown evidence that
ginger may reduce cholesterol and inhibit blood clots with regular consumption,
lowering the overall risk of heart disease--the leading cause of death in the United
States. When selecting ginger, older roots are more potent and stronger tasting,
while younger, smaller roots are more palatable but contain less of the beneficial
properties. Visit Daily Co-Op for help selecting the right root for you and getting
recipe ideas. Ginger can be sliced into thin coins and added to steeping tea with
lemon and honey, or tossed in with stir fry or a bubbling pot of ramen for an enliv-
ening zing of energy. Try shredding it with a cheese grater and sprinkling it raw on
a toasted almond butter sandwich. Red Eye Coffee currently offers a crystallized
ginger chocolate latte that will clear your sinuses and steal your heart. Like olives or
vinegar, ginger is an acquired taste, but once you’re hooked, you’ll find that it goes
well with almost any meal. ♥

Our admirable event of the week is Leslie Helpert’s return to town for a Valentines
Day performance of jazz standards at the Melting Point. Helpert gives us breathy,
lovelorn jazz heartbreak, drawing heavily on the Billie Holiday catalog, with a
fleshed-out band that succeeds in setting the soft blue mood for what most folks
seek at this milepost marking the glass of this grievous month finally reaching half
empty. Helpert’s voice is crimson and caramel, a hand full of chocolate covered
espresso beans, a dance floor aphrodisiac promising happy endings and temporary
respite from the lonely wanderlusty road. Helpert, once a regular fixture in Athens,
has been gone for over a year, and will be leaving immediately following her perfor-
mance to return to Europe, where she recently recorded Ulu (whatabout music).
It’s an early show: gates open at 7, and the price is $7 in advance and $10 at the
door. Bring an engagement ring and trick someone into marrying you while their
eyes are full of stars and myth. ♥

Motorists beware; state lawmakers have introduced a degree of poetic justice to
traffic law with the new “super speeder” rule, which will charge drivers an addi-
tional 200 dollars for driving 85 mph or faster on 4 lane roads and interstates, and
75 mph on 2 lane roads. This state fee, which is in addition to the actual speeding
ticket, will go to help fund struggling GA trauma centers, where roughly 60% of
critical intakes are related to reckless driving. If drivers decline to pay the fee, their
license will be suspended, and a smaller, 50 dollar fee must be paid before it’s re-
instated. Road workers and enforcement officers claim to have already noticed a
decline in speeding since the law’s inception on January 1.
There are only 15 registered trauma centers in Georgia, which falls tragically short
of the 25-30 centers experts claim we need to provide adequate coverage to our
sprawling, highway-latticed state. As a result, only 10,000 of the 40,000 annual
traumas sustained in GA are handled at registered facilities, and our rate of trauma-
related fatalities is noticeably higher than the national average. With moderately
better coverage, it’s estimated that 700 lives per year could be saved, and by intimi-
dating most drivers to slow down and funding new centers by dint of those that
refuse, this law aims to do just that. ♥

(at Olive garden)
Girl 1: Did you know that after a night of binge drinking your brain doesn’t fully function
for like 40 days?
Girl 2: Oh my god, that means our brains will like, never fully function!
(Both laugh in unison)

(Geography class)
Teacher: There is a higher rate of STDs in retirement communities. The average ratio of
women to men is 7 to 1. I mean, come on, are you going to care if you wear a condom when
you’re 70?

(on campus)
Guy: Man, that river is going to get just as high as it was the last time it was this high.

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                                   Album Review
                         Eureka California.
                         Eureka California is Dead.
                         Sit down to dinner with Eureka California
                         and dine on thunder storms and receding
                         tides. This is chain saw melody that sings of
                         the end times, with quiet vocals that calm
and compliment the maelstrom. Think Hum meets Godspeed You!
Black Emperor. The bass and delayed guitar run side by side through
corridors of perfect percussion, rising and falling, swirling like snow,
and dissolving into beautiful codas that stick with you for days-- the
songs Death listens to on his days off. This privately released album,
which is a true steal at 5 dollars, is available for listen on myspace
                                                                                                     25 across is thorax
or purchase through, and promises an
amazing live show should you get the chance.
2- ergo sum
                                                                       1- paddler’s tool
6- shrinks Tom’s mouth                                                 2- geological rift
7- wood used for baseball bats                                         3- Inuit for house
8- largest of Jupiter’s moons                                          4- the way
9- burn relief                                                         5- # of points awarded for free throw
10- promised land                                                      6- tool for smoothing wood
11- before gee                                                         7- Garrett, child star turned addict
13- “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to                                 8- Garfield’s least favorite day
   be a part of your revolution.”                                      9- sheet silicate mineral
14- where the Renaissance started                                      11- where Shiva divulged the secret of life
15- before                                                             12- to willfully manipulate voting districts
                                                                       13- larger than a duck, small-
16- automobile
                                                                          er than a goose
17- bound in flesh, inked in blood
                                                                       14- gland unique to mammals
18- Russian mountain range
                                                                       15- author of The Prince (first name)
19- solid water
                                                                       16- can’t be expressed, but can be known
22- a point occupied in space                                          17- anti-inflammatory fungicide
23- not animal or vegetable                                            18- snakelike fish
24- highest ranking corporate officer                                  19- voted for Schwarzenegger
25- between head and abdomen                                           20- born August 7
26- minor landowner                                                    21- inhabitants of Forbidden Forest
27- wine                                                               22- nuclear energy
28- communist China’s uncle                                            23- tropical shrub with showy flowers
29- one with incendiary halitosis                                      24- Monican assassin
30- gonorrhea                                                          25- egg shaped
31- Platonic form                                                      26- smallest state
32- pressed apple beverage                                             27- Thanksgiving parade host
33- German emperor                                                     28- sweet, full-bodied beer

                              Spend some time alone this               You work too hard for too
                                                                                                            Jul 24 - Aug 23
           Jan 21 - Feb 19

                              week and get in touch with               little. No one on their death

                              your inner monologue. You’ll             bed ever wishes that they
                              find the answers to problems             spent more time at the office.

                              that have been bugging you if            Stop working for other people
                              you look inside yourself. Stay           and put your crazy, creative en-
                                                                       ergy to your own benefit. Your
                              home and cook a meal this                friends believe in you-- believe
                              Friday.                                  in yourself.
                              You deserve better than you’re           You’ll meet someone this week
                                                                                                            Aug 24 - Sep 23
           Feb 20 - Mar 20

                              receiving in your current situ-          that shares an embarrassing ad-
                              ation. Take earnest appraisal            olescent hobby with you, and

                              of your surroundings and start

                              over fresh where you can. Not            talk for hours about anime or
                              everything is worth saving.              the Insane Clown Posse. Em-
                              You’ll find something awe-               brace your past as part of your
                              some on the ground Friday.               evolution. Go for a drive on
                              The queen of the kingdom of              Buy seeds for a garden this
                                                                                                            Sep 24 - Oct 23
           Mar 21 - Apr 20

                              dust sat down to lunch with a            week. Planting time is sooner
                              beggar from the kingdom of               than you may think, and you

                              gold. Who picked up the tab?             should be prepared after the
                              Make sure you aren’t looking             final frost to make your year
                              down your nose at someone                a full and beautiful bouquet.
                              who looks down their nose at             You don’t need to do it alone.
                              you.                                     Have faith.
                              Admit that you have a problem            Finding the balcony is simple.
                                                                                                            Oct 24 - Nov 22
           Apr 21 - May 21

                              and begin to deal with it in a           Throwing the grappling hook
                              step-by-step way. You’ll find            is easy. Climbing the rope is

                              help in friends on whom you              the hardest thing you’ve ever
                              didn’t expect that you could             done, but don’t be dissuaded.
                              rely. People will like you if you        You’ll never know what’s up
                                                                       there if you give up. Relax on
                              let them. Find a new book to             Sunday, but work hard the rest
                              start reading on Wednesday.              of the week.
                              Go to a restaurant or coffee             Will you be the author of a sto-
                                                                                                            Nov 23 - Dec 21
           May 22 - Jun 21

                              shop you don’t normally visit            ry in which you can never live,

                              this week. Sit by a window and           or a character in a story over

                              write a letter to an old friend.         which you have no control?
                              Confront the world with a soft           Unfortunately there can be no
                              smile and you’ll make friends
                              in strange new places. Climb a           compromise. Chose wisely. Go
                              water tower on Thursday.                 see a movie alone on Tuesday.
                              You are correct. The argument            Get into a new physical pro-
                                                                                                            Dec 22 - Jan 20
           Jun 22 - July 23

                              you’ve been having or the gripe          gram this week. It’s cold and

                              you have with a coworker is              rainy but put on your shoes

                              well-founded, and you should             and go for a walk. Lie on your
                              find a decisive time this week           back on a wet bench and feel
                              to push forward with your                the water seep into your pants.
                                                                       Watch the thick gray clouds
                              agenda. Don’t let an opportu-            roll overhead and clear your
                              nity slip by on Wednesday.               mind.
                                                     All Content © 2010 Secret Admirer

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