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					 HEADLINES from
   Quarter Ending December 2007

             on your chance to win our
          Super Bowl Party Package!
      Loans approved through January 31st are
              eligible, so apply today!

             Will you be ready for retirement?
        What about your children's college education?
    An IRA with Members Source Credit Union can help you plan for a solid financial future.
          We offer Traditional, Roth and Education Individual Retirement Accounts.

            RATE SPECIAL!                                     CONTRIBUTIONS FOR 2007
February 1 - April 30, add an extra 0.25% to                       can be made through April 15th -
   our already great IRA certificate rates!                             make yours today! 1358

If you receive any type of automatic deposit to your account, for example social security, payroll
or pension, you must provide the originator with the Routing and Transit Number assigned to
Members Source Credit Union. If you are still using personal checks with the Griff-Land Routing
and Transit Number, new checks must be ordered.
        Member Source Credit Union’s Routing and Transit number is 271991210.
              If you have any questions, please contact the credit union office.

                              CREDIT UNION CLOSINGS
                     January 21st.................... Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
                     February 18th ..................................... Presidents’ Day

                           IT PAY$ TO READ YOUR NEWSLETTER!
                 There are two member account numbers somewhere in this newsletter.
      If you find yours, call the credit union and we will deposit $25.00 into your share account!

                                      LOCATIONS and HOURS
8580 Virginia St.                                                                               1903 45th Ave.
Merrillville, IN 46410                                                                       Griffith, IN 46319
Phone: 219-756-4141                                                                        Phone: 219-924-1570
Lobby: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 5: 00 pm                             Lobby: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Drive-Up: Mon. - Fri. 7:30 am - 5:30 pm                                        Sat. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
          Sat. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  … you were told you won a lottery you didn’t even play?
  … someone you didn’t know asked for your help spending their inherited fortune?

                           If it sounds to good to be true, chances are it is!
           Believe it or not, identity thieves have used these and many other scenarios to
                          successfully steal personal information everyday.
                 The good news is, you can protect yourself, both online and off!

♦ Check your credit report annually. You can get a FREE credit report each year from all three
  credit bureaus. Just visit or call 877-322-8228 for details!
♦ Review all your account statements. When available, opt for online statements rather than paper.
♦ Shred all paper statements and other confidential information, don’t just throw it in the trash.
♦ Use only secure mailboxes to send and receive mail.
♦ Be cautious if you’re asked for personal information over the phone or the internet. Offer to call
  or email them at a number or email address you already have - don’t take their information.

                   Find out other ways to protect yourself by visiting our website.
                      Our Resource Center page has links to many useful sites!

        Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Watch your newsletter for more information!

                    Members Source Credit Union, along with several Northwest Indiana Credit
                   Unions joined forces with Strack & Van Til and McDonalds to support the Food
                            Bank of Northwest Indiana’s Check Out Hunger campaign.
              Including the 15 credit unions that participated, there were 35 branches accepting
               donations. In addition, three Credit Union Service Center locations in Portage,
  Hammond and Hobart participated and containers were also placed in Hammond area NIPSCO
                      offices and the Merrillville Post-Tribune office.

       Our sincere thanks to the members that helped raise food and money for this charity!

                                  Looking for an easy way to start?
  Opt for electronic statements rather than paper. Not only will you help the earth by saving paper,
               you’ll usually have quicker access online without waiting for your mail.
                     Call us today and let us know you want to Go Green! *
                    Don’t want to miss out on our newsletter? You don’t have to!
                        Just click the What’s News section on our website.
           Get your VISA statements online too! Click VISA Online at
                    Sign in and select Electronic Only as your delivery method!
                                         It’s that easy to start!
                          * Must have Home Banking to access Statements Online.

                            We’re trying to Go Green too!
              Starting in January, we are no longer mailing receipts for
                         phone transactions unless requested.
                                                                                       January 2008

    Service on the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee of
    Members Source Credit Union provides a unique opportunity to shape
    the future of the credit union movement and ensure that Members
    Source Credit Union’s direction remains consistent with the needs of
    its members. My own experience on the Board has been very
    enriching and, as the start of the formal election process approaches,
    I encourage interested persons to consider seeking nomination.

    The election process begins with the Call for Nominations in mid
    January and ends with an announcement of the election results at
    the annual meeting of the members on March 18, 2008. A full packet
    of information, including eligibility requirements, is now available at
    the Credit Union office.

    Board service is a great way to have your voice heard and to
    help the credit union community. If you would like further
    information on Members Source Credit Union’s election process,
    please contact Chuck Donovan at 800-260-5183 or send an email

    Yours truly,

    Ken Foley
    Chairman, Nominations Committee
    Members Source Credit Union

Completed petitions must be returned to the credit union by close of business
     on Friday, February 15th, 2008 so pick up your packet today!

Enjoy an appetizer buffet and cash bar while you meet the staff and directors of your credit union,
catch up        on what we’ve accomplished this year, find out where we’re going tomorrow and
                                     who’s going to take us there with the election of directors! *
    Watch for                                           Save the date!
                                           Tuesday March 18th, 2008 at 6:30 pm
   invitation in
    February!                   The Patio Restaurant - 7706 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410

         * In accordance with credit union bylaws, no nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

               Look for the symbol to access your account!

                            Visit or call 800-919-CUSC (2872)
                       For an up-to-date directory of all locations across the United States

                      We’ve added another 24-hour ATM for your convenience,
                located in the parking lot of our Griffith office in the Griff-Land Plaza!
                                          Not close enough?
               You can always find surcharge-free ATM locations through our website,
                         just click the Alliance One link on our homepage!

                                 We have some of the best VISA rates around!

                           Leave those high interest rate credit cards behind.
           A balance transfer to your Members Source VISA pays the same rate as purchases
                  and there’s NO FEE! Just call our office to get the process started.
               Don’t have a VISA with Members Source? Now’s a great time to apply!

              Retirement can be an exciting time, but it can also come with many concerns.
                   If you are retired or are thinking about retiring, maybe we can help!

                     Members Source Credit Union is inviting all members ages 50 - 65
                 to an upcoming presentation, hosted by Brad Werner and Andy Mason of
                          Brad Werner & Co. Financial Retirement Services.

                             Mark your calendars! The presentation will be on
                                     Wednesday, February 27th, 2008.
                      Location, time and RSVP details will be mailed later this month.

Brad Werner and Andrew Mason are Registered Representatives offering securities and advisory services through National
Planning Corporation (NPC), Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Securities are not insured by the
FDIC/NCUA or any other federal government agency, have no financial institution guarantee, and may lose value. Brad
Werner & Co. and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.

                       PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET." - Kin Hubbard

Financial Stats (as of November 30th, 2007)
Total Assets .................................... $53,907,155.24                     Thank you for
Total Shares ................................... $45,857,872.76                      letting us
Outstanding Loans........................ $22,412,323.72                             serve you!

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