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									NEW WEST LOOP
AN R+D659 PUBLICATION | MAY 2008 • ISSUE 1                                                           CONTACT R+D659 @ 312.474.0659

                                  BUYER PROFILE

                                  R+D659 is the buyer’s
                                  pass to the city.
    IN THIS ISSUE                                                                                        TOP EATERY
                                  If you want to experience the same buying satisfaction that
                                  Jenna has, contact our Sales Center today at 312.474.0659.
                                                                                                         Izumi is a chic sushi lounge
    BUYER PROFILE                                                                                        with all your favorites, and a
    R+D659 is the buyer’s         Jenna Szkatulski, a project specialist currently rent-                 few surprises. Read the full
    pass to the city.             ing in Bucktown, cannot wait to make the move to                       review here.

                                  the West Loop. “I’ll be able to walk to work from
                                  R+D659, and I can easily hop on the El, Metra and
                                                                                                         ON THE TOWN
                                  Expressway to have access to everything,” she                          Want to get acquainted with
    R+D659 Rising
                                                                                                         the West Loop? Click here
                                                                                                         for a rundown of community
    STORIES FROM THE                                                                                     news and events.

    Have you met Betty yet?                                                                              OFF THE PRESS
                                                                                                         Learn about how you can
                                                                                                         live Green at R+D in our
                                                                                                         latest article.

                                                                                                 $       TODAY’S RATES
                                                                                                         Afford more home for less:
                                                                                                         today’s rate at R+D659 is
                                                                                                         4.45%*! Our exclusive 1.5%
                                                                                                         mortgage rate discount from
                                  When she started searching for a place to buy,                         National City Mortgage can
                                  Jenna knew she wanted to wind up in the West                           save thousands of dollars.
                                  Loop. She decided on R+D659 because she found it                       Check out how low your
                                  had the most reasonable pricing and an unbeatable                      payments will go with our
                                  location. “I’m going to love being so close to the                     mortgage calculator.
                                  Randolph district – it’s my favorite place in the city,”
                                  says Jenna, listing Lumen and Fulton Lounge as a                       MOVING TIP
                                  couple of her preferred neighborhood spots. She                        How to pack your shoes
                                  is already making plans to try many more restau-                       Missing the boxes for your
                                  rants and other attractions that are within walking                    shoes? Wrap each shoe in
                                  distance of her new condo.                                             plain newsprint paper then
                                                                                                         wrap each pair together.
                                  She’s also looking forward to the conveniences
                                                                                                         This will protect the shoes
                                                                                                         and keep them organized.
                                  inside the building, which include a rooftop pool,
                                  residents-only lounge, fitness center and more.
                                  “Being able to workout in my building will definitely
                                  make my life easier, and the outdoor pool will be
                                                                                                *R+D659’s mortgage rate subject to change
                                  fabulous in the summer,” she says.
                                                                                                due to dependence on the current market rate.
                                                                                                All loans subject to credit approval, property
                                  Jenna, a young first-time homebuyer, was delighted            appraisal and closing costs. Terms and condi-
                                  to discover that this modern full-amenity building fell       tions of this offer subject to change without
                                  within her budget. Taking advantage of the build-             notice. For purchases only. National City
                                                                                                Mortgage, a division of National City Bank.
                                  ing’s preferential financing program from National
                                  City Mortgage that offers mortgage interest rates

                    RANDOLPH + DESPLAINES • 659 W. RANDOLPH

1.5% below current market rates, she chose a one-bedroom,          investing in real estate – it’s a beautiful building in a convenient
one-bath residence, and found the buying process to be pretty      location, and I’m looking forward to seeing its progress.”
stress-free, she says, “The R+D659 staff was very helpful in
walking me through my purchase and explaining the financing,       If you want to experience the same buying satisfaction that
I’m excited that I was able to make the most of the low rates      Jenna has, contact our Sales Center today at 312.474.0659.
and practical price.”

Jenna thinks other first-time buyers shouldn’t be afraid to take
the plunge either, saying, “R+D659 is a great place to start

CONSTRUCTION REPORT                                                STORIES FROM THE NEW WEST LOOP

R+D659 Rising                                                      Have you met Betty yet?
Since breaking ground in June 2007, construction at R+D659         You’ve no doubt seen her on the street, maybe on your train,
is proceeding as smoothly as possible. Mesirow Financial           and sometimes she’s even larger than life. Her presence is
Real Estate, the developer of the building, is very pleased with   undeniable, and her blonde locks, unmistakable. She’s the
the progress. Managing director Dominic Adducci says, “Our         R+D659 spokesperson, Betty!
construction team, Power Construction, has been a good
partner, and we are all working collaboratively toward a com-      Betty is an indepen-
mon goal.”                                                         dent, city-loving lady
                                                                   here to show you
                                                                   the ropes of the New
                                                                   West Loop. “I know
                                                                   everything there
                                                                   is to know about
                                                                   the neighborhood
                                                                   because I live in the
                                                                   best vantage point
                                                                   to experience it all,
                                                                   R+D659,” says Betty.

                                                                   Learn all about
                                                                   Betty and her story
                                                                   of falling in love with
                                                                   the life at her new
                                                                   condo on her official
Vertical construction took off last fall, and the height of the    MySpace page. “You
building has already reached sixteen floors – well on its way      can get an overview of all the reasons why life at R+D659 is
to the planned eighteen levels. The fourth floor, which will       so great – I walk to work, I’m surrounded by loads of great
contain a resident only lounge, a fitness center, an outdoor       restaurants and nightlife, and I’m close to public transporta-
pool deck and other amenities, is taking shape quickly and is      tion,” she says, “But you really should come visit me at the
visible from the street.                                           Sales Center if you want to get a real taste of the area.”

The next big step is window installation, which began in early     Actually, Betty will be the one guiding you right to the front
March. Currently windows have been installed through the           door of the Sales Center. She says, “My friends and I will tell
seventh floor. This is when the building’s contemporary glass      you exactly where to go – it’s just another day as the R+D659
and concrete design will really come together.                     spokesperson!”

“The workmanship on this project is simply outstanding,” says
Dominic, “I’m confident all our residents will be very pleased
with the quality of their new home.”

                RANDOLPH + DESPLAINES • 659 W. RANDOLPH

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