2007 Vessel Inventory Checklist

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					                                                   2007 Vessel Inventory Checklist
                                                                                             Boat Type:                     BAYLINER 32
                                                                                            Boat Name:                        SEASCAPE

QTY    CHECK OUT   CHECK IN                                DESCRIPTION                                                        LOCATION

 1                            Boat and Dock Keys ($25.00 Replacement Charge)                              AYC Office
                              BOAT DOCUMENTS
 1                            AYC Grey Manual                                                             AFT SALON
 1                            Documentation/Registration                                                  AYC Grey Manual
 1                            Customs Receipt/Parks Permit Receipt                                        AYC Grey Manual
 1                            VHF Radio License                                                           AYC Grey Manual
 1                            Operators Manual                                                            AYC Grey Manual
                              CHARTS AND NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT
 1                            Tide and Current Table (Ports and Passes)                                   HELM
 1                            US Coast Guard Navigation Rules                                             HELM
 1                            Chapman's Piloting                                                          FWD V-BERTH
 1                            Waggoner Cruising Guide                                                     AFT CABINET
                              Current Atlas and Tables              (Sailboats Only)
1 +1                          Charts #43,#86                                                              MAIN SALON AFT CABINET
 1                            GPS Chart Chips                                                             IN PLACE
1+1                           Parallel Ruler/Divider/Pencils                                              HELM
1+1                           American Flag/ Canadian Flag                                                IN PLACE/ STBD UPPER CABINET
 1                            Evergreen Pacific Cruising Atlas                                            MAIN SALON AFT CABINET
 1                            AYC Burgee                                                                  STBD UPPER CABINET
                              SAFETY EQUIPMENT
9+2                           Life Jackets (maximum boat sleeps + 2 Children)                             FLYBRIDGE SEAT
 1                            Binoculars                                                                  HELM
 3                            Fire Extinguishers                  Expires: 02/2008                        STBD/ AFT DECK/ STBD LAZ
 4                            Flare Kit                              Expires:06/07                        STBD LOWER CABINET
 4                            Flashlights                                                                 STBD CABINET HELM
 1                            First Aid Kit                                                               STBD CABINET HELM
 1                            Life ring                                                                   BRIDGE
 1                            Air Horn with spare                                                         UPPER CABINET
 1                            Ships Bell                                                                  AFT STATEROOM CLOSET
NA                            Radar Reflector                                                             NA

                              TOOL KIT/SPARES
YES                           Engine Spares and Oil                                                       V-BERTH/ COCKPIT CABINETS
 3                            Funnel                                                                      AFT CABINET
 1                            Head Repair Kit                                                             HEAD CABINET
 1                            15-30 Adapter                                                               STBD UPPER CABINET
 1                            20-30 Adapter                                                               STBD UPPER CABINET
 1                            50 Ft. Water Hose                                                           AFT COCKPIT CABINET
 1                            50 Ft. Shore Power                                                          IN PLACE
 1                            Deck Fitting Key                                                            GALLEY
 1                            Tool Box:                                                                   HELM LOWER CABINET
N/A                           Bilge Pump Handles                                                          N/A
 1                            Windlass handle                                                             BOW LOCKER
N/A                           Emergency Tiller                                                            N/A
 1                            Cockpit Light                                                               IN PLACE
N/A                           Cockpit Cushions                                                            N/A

                              ANCHORING/DOCKING EQUIPMENT
 6                            Fenders                                                                     IN PLACE
 5                            Docklines                                                                   IN PLACE
NA                            Anchor:   Type: Size:      Amt. Chain:   Amt. Line:                         NA
 1                            Anchor:       Type: BRUCE Size:    Amt. Chain: 100 Amt. Line:150'           BOW LOCKER

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 QTY         CHECK OUT            CHECK IN                                 DESCRIPTION                                                            LOCATION

   1                                         Dodger / CONTROL                                                              UPPER STBD CABINET
 N/A                                         Wheel/Binicle Cover                                                           N/A
 N/A                                         Winch Covers                                                                  N/A
 N/A                                         Main Sail Cover                                                               N/A
 N/A                                         Hatch Cover                                                                   N/A
   1                                         BIMINI COVER                                                                  IN PLACE /STORED

                                             DINGHIES AND OUTBOARDS
                                             Dinghy Light
 2+2                                         Oars/Oarlocks                                                                 AFT DECK
   1                                         Dinghy Pump/Repair Kit                                                        AFT DECK BELOW SINK
                                             Dinghy Cover
   1                                         Dinghy Outboard: Mercury 4hp                                                  PORT TRANSOM
                                             MISC. ITEMS
 N/A                                         Boarding Ladder                                                               N/A
   1                                         Boat Hook                                                                     AFT DOCK
   1                                         Crab Ring and Line      In season                                             AFT DOCK
   1                                         BBQ:    Type:FORCE 10 GAS                                                     IN PLACE/ AFT SINK
   1                                         BBQ Regulator                                                                 UPPER STBD CABINET
                                             SPECIALTY Items
   1                                         Coffee Pot in addition to Percolator                                          GALLEY
  No                                         Blender (Yes or No)                                                           NA
  No                                         Toaster (Yes or No)                                                           NA
   1                                         Vacuum Cleaner ( Yes or No) Make:EUREKA                                       V-BERTH
  NA                                         Man Overboard Pole (Yes or No)                                                NA
  NA                                         Stove Fiddles (Yes or No)                                                     NA
   1                                         Spotlight                                                                     UPPER STBD CABINET
   3                                         Deck Chairs                                                                   AFT DECK / FLY BRIDGE
   1                                         Winch remote                                                                  UPPER STBD CABINET

                GALLEY:                                                     GALLEY (continued):                                               MISCELLANEOUS:

Dinner Plates, B&B Plates, Cereal Bowls*                                          Vegetable Peeler                                                  Pillows**
  Glasses - Juice, Highball and Wine*                                                Colander                                              Plastic Covers for Pillows**
                  Mugs*                                                            Cheese Grater                                            Blankets for each berth
                Flatware*                                                             Spatula                                            Waste Baskets (one per head)
        Mixing Bowls and Lids (2)                                                Large Waste Basket                                      Toilet Brushes (one per head)
        Serving Bowls and Lids (2)                                                 Cutting Board                                                   Deck Brush
         Sauce Pans and Lids (2)                                                     BBQ Tools                                                   Bucket w/ Line
            Skillet and Lid (1)                                                      Tea Kettle                                                 Clothes Hangers
         Roaster Pan and Lid (1)                                             Coffee Pot - Percolator                                              Clothes Pins
               Baking Pan                                                          Sink Stoppers                                               Dust Pan w/ Brush
                Platter (1)                                                         Dish Drainer
       Crab Cooker & Crab Crackers
           Juice Pitcher w/Lid                                     ATTENTION CHARTERS - THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR CHARTER COURTESY PACKAGE:
             Measuring Cups                                         Kitchen Sponge & Large Sponge with Soap                                Dish Towels & Pot Holders
          Can & Bottle Opener                                             Toilet Paper & Paper Towels                                Dishwashing Liquid/All Purpose Cleaner
               Salad Tongs                                                            Igniter                                                Ice Chest upon request
               Cork Screw                                                         Propane (galley)                                               Bags of Ice (2)
          Serving/Mixing Spoons                                                                                                           *minimum 8/maximum 12
               Cutlery Set                                                                                                                   ** for the number the boat sleeps

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