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Measures file size
CHECKUP may solve 'virus' problem
by Mike Luckham                          into contact with an 'infected' com-     computer, or erase your disk; in
                                         puter      or      computer      disk!   short, whatever The programmer
     Jackson Hibler's been talking a     Downloading game programs from           intended the virus to do!
lot about 'viruses' lately. You remem-   BBS's has entered The realm Of                 Too bad, but computers lack
ber, the kind that 'infect' your old     Russian Roulette! Once the virus has     even the simplest of immune
familiar .COM and .EXE programs          taken hold on your disk, it remains      systems! They're just not capable of
and cause schizophrenic behavior, or     dormant for hours... days... even        recognizing or dealing with viruses
worse! Trouble is, you don't usually     years, and when conditions are right,    by Themselves... they weren't
know when a virus has invaded your       it activates itself and does its dirty   designed for it. 'Anti-virus' programs
system until it's too late!              work! .                                  such as FLUSHOT can help, but
     According to Jackson's research,         These viruses sound like tough      must-be carefully matched to each
your computer can 'catch' a virus the    nuts to crack! Even the Pentagon's       virus; a different virus may slip
same way you or I would... by            worried! Can't anyone do something?      through unnoticed.
coming                                        Well, a virus is just a                  Lucky for us that Jackson's not
                                         self-replicating computer program        just a doom-sayer... he thinks he has
                                         which tacks a copy of itself on the      a solution. He's been pushing the idea
   Program                               end of a . COM or .EXE file. When
                                         an infected program is run, in effect
                                                                                  of a 'CRC Check' program as the best
                                                                                  general-purpose anti-viral defence,
                                         the virus program runs too and can
   raffle...                             infect more files, or transmit a copy
                                                                                  and I agree with him. That's why
                                         of the virus to another                                continued on page 2
      Help one of Canada's top
   chess players and possibly               WordPerfect v5.0
   win the accounting package
   Clan      Accountant.       The
   package is the prize in a raffle
                                            New kid on the block
   scheduled for the June 29
                                            By Mike Roy
   meetings of the OPCUG.
   Proceeds from ticket sales, at
   $2 minimum, will go towards
                                            WordPerfect version5.0 (WP) is the newest kid on the block in the
   blind chess player Donald
                                            word processing world. And like any new kid, it has a few teething
      The same meeting will
                                            The first problem I encountered was WP's refusal to install
   feature Nancy D'Amico of
                                            properly. The program kept identifying files it couldn't find. One in
   SirTech who will speak on
                                            particular was the spelling dictionary.
   accounting, and games. Plan
                                                                                               continued on page 4
   to attend this last meeting
   before the summer break.

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                      Page 1
$20 to $25 per chip
Micro-chip prices are on the increase
By Terance P. Mahoney                      $25 range. There are significant          almost 15 percent. The 640k AT
                                           shortages of all widely used and          clone is making a comeback as well
  Prices for DRAMS have been spi-          some not so widely used DRAMS             as the 512k model.
ralling upwards with no sign of early      e.g. (four x 64k). Market predictions        We thought the 640k AT had
relief. This week the lowest               vary, but no relief has been predicted    disappeared like the dinosaurs. One
wholesale level quote we received on       before the fall, if then. Some pundits    meg ATs had become the standard.
100ns 256k chips was just under $20        say no relief until next year.            Usually these were accompanied by
per chip. No significant quantities          How does this affect you? Com-          print spooling and ram disk software.
were available at this price. Many         puter prices have started to increase.    In some cases they had software
quotes were in the                         One well known manufacturer has           capable of using the additional RAM
                                           raised prices by about 10 per cent        as expanded (Lotus/Intel) memory. I
Disk - 52 is                               across the board. Prices on expansion
                                           products have started to rise. One
                                                                                     still think a 640k AT is a dinosaur. If
                                                                                     you expand memory in the future
                                           popular EGA board with eight 256K         you will have a handful of 64k chips
fully packed                               hips on it has increased in price by      you can
                                                                                                       continued on page 6
by Chris Taylor
Software Librarian

   As the deadline for the newsletter
                                           CHECKUP may solve virus problem
                                           from page 1                               CONFIG.SYS) to be checked each
approaches, the contents of Disk-52
                                            written his program, placed it the       time his computer is turned on, so
has growntomorethan500k. And the
                                           public domain, and called it              he's added this tine to his
documentation is not yet complete!
                                           CHECKUP.                                  AUTOEXEC.BAT fife:
Guess I have some editing to do.
   Anyway, look forward to SOME                  With CHECKUP, you can take a
of the following: an April fools trick     program's 'temperature'! CHECKUP              checkup -i checkup.lst
(slightly late) for your friends or        carefully examines your file and
enemies, a very nice backgammon            comes up with a number... very likely          The '-i' tells CHECKUP that the
game, a CHECKSUM program to                a different number for every file you     file CHECKUP.LST contains the
help detect if a virus has bitten you, a   try. Jot the number down! If you ever     names of the files he wants checked,
utility to compare files and show the      CHECKUP a file and get a different        such as:
differences on screen and in context,      number, watch out! Something has
and an arcade game where you must          changed in that file. Perhaps it's been       /
serve      some     very    demanding      infected by a virus.                          /config.sys
customers.                                       CHECKUP uses an advanced                /autoexec.bat
   Disk-52 also contains a very nice       CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)                  /dos/
program for slowing down your              Checksum algorithm which detects              /dos/
computer with a pop-up window for          missing, added or scrambled infor-
changing        the       speed,       a   mation.      The     number      which         When AUTOEXEC.BAT is exe-
calendar/appointment manager, a            CHECKUP calculates is derived             cuted, CHECKUP reports the CRC
utility that will graphically display      from close scrutiny of each and every     of the group of files in this way:
disk usage and technical stars, a byte     byte in your file! You can use it on
editor, a nifty replacement for the        document files too!                             42152 (23152 bytes checked)
boring old PAUSE command, some                   Jackson's been using CHECKUP
funny one liners, and a utility that       for a few weeks now. He has a                 The left-hand number (in our
can cross-reference any source code        number of strategic files (like           example '42152') is what you want to
or document.                                COMMAND.COM                        and                    continued on page 3

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                          Page 2
50 disk inventory

OPCUG library has interesting history
   In the May edition of the Ottawa        gant BASIC program to provide a nice            As I was sure many novices would
IBM-PC Users Group newsletter, a           menuing system for the monthly disks.        be confused by the 'No system' error
system failure destroyed part of the          I joined the club at Disk-15 in           message provided by DOS if they
article by Chris Taylor on the history     October, 1984, and got involved with         attempted to boot from the monthly
of the OPCUG library. Here is the          The library a month later. Mike              disk, I borrowed a technique from
complete article. We apologize for any     Schupan was sole librarian at the time.      Peter Norton. Norton found a way to
inconvenience this error may have          My job was to gather software. I was         use most of the boot sector to run a
caused.                                    not too good at that, but did manage         small program displaying a message.
                                           to come up with a few programs a             Try booting any monthly disk pur-
                                           month. As l became more proficient,          chased after February, 1988.
By Chris Taylor                            Mike let me take over more and more             The library continues to grow by
Software Librarian                         of the duties. I became the librarian at     leaps and bounds. The entire library,
                                           Disk-26 in November, 1985.                   which consists of The monthly disks,
   There is something about round             At that time the monthly disks had a      the specialty library and demo disks,
numbers that cries out for attention.      copy of IBM BASICA on them in                now contains more than 300 disks.
As this is Disk number 50, I would         order to run Gord's menuing system.          There are programs of virtually every
like to take a look at some of the         People with Clones would have their          type in the library. My thanks to eve-
changes that the software library has      computers hang-up if they booted             ryone who has made the library what it
seen during the past few years.            with the monthly disk, as it required        is today.
   Disk-01 was released in March,          the IBM ROM BASIC as well as the
1983. The librarian's name on The          BASICA on the disk. I decided to
monthly disk was missing until Barry       return to a batch file menuing system
Armstrong's name appeared at Disk05        starting with DISK-30 in April, 1986.
in October, 1983.                          A few utilities from the library were          Calendar ...
   At Disk-07, in January, 1984, Gord      used for control. It was a simple sys-           Meetings of the Ottawa
Hopkins and Mike Schupan took over         tem, small, and not too slow. Several          IBM-PC Users Group are held
as librarians. The library benefited       variations were used as different utili-       on the last Wednesday of the
greatly as Gord had come from the          ties became available.                         month except in July and
Northern Alberta PC Users' Group              When PC-Magazine published the              December. The Meeting are
and had brought their library with him.    Lotus-style menuing system SLASH-              held at the National Research
Also, Gord had written an ele-             BAR, I changed the format of the               Council Auditorium, 100
                                           monthly disks to use it. I was im-             Sussex Drive (Gothic Building
                                           pressed with it's small size, flexibility,     facing King Edward Avenue).
                                           ease of use, and speed. It has been            Memberships and club disks
                                           used since Disk-41 in May, 1987.               are available at 7:30 p.m. with
                                              Paranoia about virus programs               the regular meeting starting at
CHECKUP...                                 prompted the IBM-PC Users Group                8 p.m. Free parking is available
from page 2                                to drop the operating system from the          at the rear of the Gothic
                                           monthly disks. On the positive side,           Building.
remember. CHECKUP will always
                                           there will now be 40K more space
give the same number for the same
                                           available each month for useful pro-               The next meeting will be
group of files so long as the file names
                                           grams. Any disk purchased after                  on:
are in the same order, and so long as
                                           February, 1988 will not contain the
the contents or sizes of the files have
                                           operating system.
not changed. And a virus. any virus,
has to change files to replicate itself!
     CHECKUP will be available at                                                                 August 3 1.
the June meeting of the OPCUG on
Disk number 52.

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                              Page 3
Clip-art graphics included

Major improvements added to new version
from page 1                                 key while F1, used as the HELP key in        then PAGE PREVIEW shows the
It seems that in its haste to market        many programs, was the CANCEL                results of the changes. This feature also
WP v5.0, the programmers had                key. WP v5.0 has changed all that.           offers both 100 and 200 per cent views.
renamed the spelling file but               Yes, it still offers the older v4.2 set-up   To move from page to page, you
forgot to tell anyone. WP kept
looking for WP{WP}EN.LEX                                                                         use the PgUp or PgDn keys.
and all I had to offer was                                                                           WP v5.0 offers a choice of
WP{WP}UK.LEX (a British                     ... WordPerfect v5.0 has                             screen measurements. For
spelling dictionary). The solution                                                               example, it
                                            answered the needs of writers                           Defaults to inches and iden-
is to copy WP{WP}UK.LEX to
a blank disk, rename it
                                            and word processors with a host                      tifies the position of the cursor
WP{WP}EN.LEX and then send                  of features...                                       by inches from the top and the
it back into WP.                                                                                 left margins of the page. It also
                                                                                                 offers the same style of meas-
                                                                                                 urements       in    centimetres,
                                                                                                 points and the older WP v4.2
   A toll-free call to WP's Canadian
                                                                                                 method, ie: line number and
distributor, JB Marketing, provided
some of the answers for the other
files. The service representative           but the ALTERNAT.WPK file                    cursor position in the text that will be
suggested removing all of The WP            changes Fl to the HELP key and F3            appreciated by typists and word proc-
v5.0 stuff from the hard disk and then      becomes a REPEAT key (sound fa-              essing operators.
doing a manual installation (a:\ copy       miliar?). There's also another optional         Getting started in WP v5.0 is rea-
*.* c:\ wp50) of the six major disks,       keyboard file for the IBM enhanced           sonably easy. There's both a separate
ie: WP 1 and 2, the Speller, the            keyboard.                                    book full of lessons that corresponds
Thesaurus, the Learning disk and the          Other Changes to the function keys         with the tutorial files on the learning
Fonts/Graphics disk. Having done            include: SETUP for identifying where         disk or you can use the on-screen
that, WP settled down and began to          backup files are stored, etc., STYLE         tutorial which gives you a good, basic
operate properly.                           for style sheets and GRAPHICS, yes           instruction in the program. The
                                            graphics, for clip-art graphics included     owner's manual comes in the familiar
                                            with the program. There's 30 of them         three-ring format plus there's two
   While there are those who detest         including a pencil, a clock, a map of        keyboard templates, one for the stan-
complex programs with complex               the U.S.A., a flag, a gift wrapped           dard IBM keyboard and the other for
keyboard commands, WP v5.0 had              package, etc. Depending on your              the enhanced keyboard and a quick
come a long way from v4.2.                  printer, you can incorporate these           reference card showing all the key-
   Because it's loaded with features        graphics into your text. It's a type of      board commands.
such as 'page preview', 'graphics' and      low level PageMaker program.                   WordPerfect v4.2 has become one
'style sheets', it's easy to see why it       Microsoft Word users will recognize        of the most popular word processing
gobbles up 384k and why WP Corp             the PAGE PREVIEW feature of WP               programs      in    North     America.
recommends installing the program on        v5.0. It does what the name suggests.        WordPerfect v5.0 offers more fea-
a hard disk. Its ancestor, WP v4.2 used     When entering this mode, a page              tures, has corrected some of the short-
only 205k.                                  appears with text on it to show what         comings found in v4.2 and now offers
Keyboard changes                            the text will look like in the final         a logical, powerful approach to word
   One of the biggest changes is an         document. If a letter is too high on the     processing. Yes, there's the odd bug
optional            keyboard        file,   page or if you want to reformat the          but so far The bugs have been more of
ALTERNAT.WPK, which allows the              margins to improve the appearance,           a minor nuisance instead of a major
user to change some of the function                                                      problem. This new kid can hold its
keys. WP v4.2 had the bad habit of                                                       own.
using Function key F3 as the HELP

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                                Page 4

IBM, the PC and the computer marketplace
by Jackson Hibler                             cajoling and stroking that small but vital     pand and proliferate the machine. It
OPCUG                                         link in the marketing chain. IBM               was The fact that lots of equipment and
                                              realized early on that it would pay them       software could be seen accumulating
    Conventional wisdom would have it         to go one-on-one even many-on-one              around the machine that brought in the
 that IBM is The master marketeer.            with these people. They did, and the           customers still jaded from the failure of
 And indeed, if success in the personal       results are history. This was big              CP/M. This machine was open ended;
 computer field is to be taken as             marketing, no doubt, but not mass              it had a future! Suddenly it wasn't going
 sufficient evidence, who can argue?          marketing. What IBM was about to get           to be just 50,000 units a year anymore...
 But having 'given the name' to the PC        into with the PC, however, was a mass          an embarrassment of riches that seems
 arena does not mean IBM is the               market.                                        to have concerned IBM more with the
 master player therein. Lets look back a         IBM may have now convinced itself           embarrassment than with the riches.
 bit:                                         that the personal computer's 'time had             At the moment, there appear to be
   When IBM introduced the PC in              come' and they just happened to be at
1981 their marketing people projected         the right place and time in 1981...
sales of about 50,000 a year over the         nonsense! The PC's 'time' had come a
first five years. In fact they sold a whole   couple of years before with the
order or magnitude more in those first        maturation of CP/M... people were
five years... some 3,000,000. Now you         ready to buy a PC! But that operating
would think that they would have              system's 'device independence' had not            The PC population
revised their marketing thinking in the       triggered easy transportability of
face of such results. But have they?          programs and expansion equipment                  is estimated to be
Perhaps not.                                  between machines as had been hoped...
                                              disk      formats       under        CP/M
                                                                                                      close to
                                              proliferated... it was still 'Babel' in the          11,000,000...
                                              personal computer market place.
    PC sales were
   ...                                        Customers? "No, thank you."
                                                 Back then some very bright people in
   projected to                               the Entry Systems
                                                 Division of IBM decided to                  some 11,000,000 PCs, XTs and ATs
   reach 50,000                               standardize the operating system and           out there and IBM has sold some 40 to
                                              disk format (to start); but most               50percentof`them. You'd think they
   units a year                               importantly,       they     opened      the    would be delighted, right? Nope.
                                              architecture of the machine to allow           Instead they grind their teeth over the
                                              expansion of the hardware as well as           6,000,000 PCs they didn't get to sell...
                                              the software. The idea probably wasn't         as if they would ever have got to sell
  First of all, The PC was just a blip in     to open the market to competitors so           their pile without the presence of the
a much larger chart of endeavor back          much as to open the machine to                 other clone makers that legitimized the
then. The mainframe and mini arena            third-party       sources      of     parts.   market. I contend that without the
was where IBM concentrated its                Paradoxically it was opening the               clones, IBM would have been right
efforts. Its marketing strategy and           machine to competition that really             about selling 50,000 a year. Apple, with
knowledge really related to that field...     'made' the machine! You don't see a            superior equipment, operating system
and still does. Of prime importance           'standard' develop unless it is darned         and software has endured a long costly
were the several thousand 'information        handy for a very large number of               battle to establish itself in the market.
systems managers' that made the               players. An open architecture let add-in       But IBM Looks to Apple with envy for
computer buying decisions and then            manufacturers and, later, 'clone'              its closed architecture and stranglehold
sold their decisions to management.           manufacturers enhance, ex                      on its market niche.
IBM has concentrated on selling to                                                                                 continued on page 6
those individuals: coddling,

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                                    Page 5

IBM and the personal computer marketplace
from page 5 The operative                   dard architecture, and ultimately it      just remain another incompatible
word is niche!                              seems, inherit it!                        machine on The fringe of the standard
   So now IBM is trying the Apple             I wonder if IBM realizes how close      PC world... sold to old information
route with the Microchannel PS/2            they are to 'betting the company' on      systems manager groupies and darned
architecture; and the CP/M route with       the Microchannel PS/2? Sure, the          few others.
a 'device independent'... really meaning    market is bigger now and IBM will get        There's an old adage from the stock
a slightly, but significantly, differ-      to sell a lot of 'them no matterwhat      market: "Bulls can make money. Bears
                                                                                      can make money. But pigs get
                                                                                      slaughtered. " I don't think it is yet
                                                              they do. But if the     time to buy IBM's stock again... or a
                                                              Microchannel PS/        Microchannel PS/2 either!
 Both IBM and Apple picked                                    2 is to take off like      P.S. The day after the above article
 different routes for their products                          the original PC did,    was filed, the Globe and Mail (May 31,
 and the jury is still out on naming                          the      competition    1988) reported that IBM and Chips &
                                                              MUST adopt the          Technologies have jointly agreed that
 the winner...                                                architecture. Per-      licences or royalties will not be asked
                                                              haps the smart          of C&T for Their 'clone' components.
                                                              marketing people in     This is understood to include C&T's
                                                              IBM know this: But      PS/2 chipset. It is still mooted,
                                                              the talk is ail         however, that IBM plans to charge
                                                                                      royalties to actual PS/2 'clone'
ent version for each individual ma-                                                   manufacturers. I wonder, did IBM
                                            about 'licensing' the PS/2. Is IBM
chine... OS/2 operating system.                                                       blink... or just wake up?
                                            really trying to reopen the clone
Meanwhile, Apple is struggling to
                                            kitchen with royalty nibble rights? If
'open' its machine with the MAC II,
                                            that works, IBM may well get to have
and the 'device independent' CP/M
                                            its cake. But if the competition isn't
withers for lack of devices! Funny, isn't                                             Remember, there's no
                                            encouraged to crowd around the table
it. Instead of dominating its standard,                                               OPCUG meeting in July. Next
                                            real soon now, IBM may have to dine
leading it and floating ever higher on                                                meeting - Aug. 31.
                                            alone: the Microchannel PS/2 will
top of a mass of clones, IBM has let
companies like Compaq and AST lead
development of the stan-

                                                 Medicine for your computer
                                                 Stabilant 22 is a prescription chemical that provides an ounce of
Micro-chip...                                    prevention or a pound of cure. Stabilant 22, a 'Byte Product of the
from page 2                                      Year', is a contact enhancer, lubricant and cleanser. Prescribed in
throw away. These chips will have cost           small doses, this $35 wonder drug is known to cure parity errors,
you about 30 percent of the cost of              flaky drives and many contact related difficulties. Sufficient
256k chips today, but if you use disk            dosage is supplied to solve problems for many years. P.S. Try it on
caching or memory swapping software              your VCR or stereo connections. For a prescription call your bulk
you gain more than that in utility.              purchasers and ask Terry, Tim or Suzanne (225-2630 or 226-
  When you expand you will pay retail            2615).
prices for chips. Chips already installed
in computers are purchased at the
manufacturing level to volumes of
100,000 or more.

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                               Page 6
The Aliens are coming!
Software librarian picks favorite game
By Chris Taylor                           ROUND42, found on Disk-33. It's an          round. You must kill all the aliens in
OPCUG                                     arcade-style game that requires a CGA       each round before advancing to the
                                          (Color/Graphics Adapter). It will run       next.
  I'm often asked what is the best disk   on a composite monitor, but to enjoy           The arrow keys let you move any-
/ game / utility / program in the soft-   it in all its glory, a color monitor is a   where on the screen. Your arsenal
ware library. A very difficult question   must.                                       consists of an unlimited number of
to answer. But I can pass on some            As the name implies, the game            bullets and a very limited number of
comments on some of the programs I        provides 42 rounds of battle. The type      phasers which are guaranteed to take
Re.                                       of enemy (alien ships, of course) and       out an alien. The aliens have a non-
  One of my favorite games is             the way they act changes with each          ending arsenal of bombs.
                                                                                         Not all rounds are unique. Every
                                                                                      fourth round is a 'warp' round, where
                                                                                      you must manoeuvre though a narrow
                                                                                      path. Not counting duplicates, there
1988 IBM - PC Club Executive                                                          are actually 19 unique alien killing
                                                                                      rounds. The author saved the prettiest
                                                                                      round for last.
President                           Harry Gross                       7337989            If you manage to survive all 42
Past President                      Anne Moxley                       5924933         rounds, don't expect any congratula-
Treasurer                           Mike Luckham                      8323829         tions. It all starts over at round 1 and
                                                                                      the easy rounds are eliminated. I only
Secretary                           Eric Clyde                        7492387         found one extra unique round in play-
Membership Chairman                 Claude Jarry                      5213366         ing a total of 101 rounds (my personal
Meeting Facilities                  Stu Moxley                        592 4933        best).
Publicity                           Gord Hopkins                      828 3834           The game is fast paced and tricky.
                                                                                      For those with 'turbo' computers or
Software Librarian                  Chris Taylor                      7231329         80286/386 processors, check out the
Software Assistant                  John Ings                                         program 'WHOA!' on Disk-52. It will
Newsletter Editor                   André Cyr                         5615207         allow you to slow down your com-
Newsletter Team                     Ted Havrot                        733 2710        puter and enjoy the game.
                                    Jackson Hibler                    8364863
                                    Mike Luckham                      832 3829
                                    Marc Riou                         733 2092
                                    Mike Roy                          7440047
BBS Sysop                           Bruce Miller                      7451151
Bulk Purchasing                     Terry Mahoney                     2262615
                                                                                        Look for a special mem-
                                                                                        bership survey coming
                  Special Interest Groups                                               in July. Members will be
                                                                                        asked their views on the
PCjr                                                                                    club's bulletin board
Enable                              Bob Laidlaw                       995 3708          service, the newsletter
PC/AT                               Gord Hopkins                      828 3834
                                                                                        and the club's dues
Packages                            Eric Clyde                        7492387
Whole Bit TV Show                   Sandy Shaw                        733 5088

Ottawa IBM-PC Users Club                                                                                            Page 7

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