FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Natural Anthems five experimental groups by akgame


									                           Dangerous Curve
                           1020 East Fourth Place
                           (500 Molino Street #102)
                           Los Angeles, CA 90013



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PDF and photos:

Natural Anthems: five experimental groups sing and play anthems

(in order of appearance)

Missincinatti (Jessica Catron and Jeremy Drake)
Anni Rossi (voice and viola)
Alessandro Bosetti (voice and laptop; from Berlin)
Non Credo (Joe Berardi and Kira Vollman)
Esperanza (voice, accompanied by Jesse Berent and Sammy K)

at Dangerous Curve <>
an Experimental Exhibition and Performance/Live Art Space

Saturday, September 30, 2006
8:00 p.m.

1020 East Fourth Place
(500 Molino Street #102)
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
Los Angeles, CA, September 16, 2006 - Take these five soloists/groups and have them play
music and sing anthems for actual and/or imagined places. That’s the idea Jerry Drake (of
the legendary experimental music series line space line) had for this eclectic lineup of
musicians: Missincinatti (Jessica Catron and Jeremy Drake) Anni Rossi (voice and viola),
Berlin’s Alessandro Bosetti (voice and laptop), Non Credo (Joe Berardi and Kira Vollman), and
Esperanza (voice, accompanied by Jesse Berent and Sammy K). As conceptual glue, during
intermissions, we will play national anthems from around the world in full MIDI glory. All
this happens amongst the sculptures in Sky Burchard’s exhibit “No Point Takes Up Space,”
from a wonderful world of video games.

The concert starts at 8:00 p.m. and costs $10.00. We’re located at 1020 East Fourth Place,
between Molino and Mateo Streets, in the back of the 500 Molino Street Lofts, #102, between
the Fourth Street Bridge’s (the bridge on the LA River side of downtown) two on/off ramps.
See our website <> for directions, pictures, and updates.

Details on the performers:

Missincinatti (Jessica Catron + Jeremy Drake) makes sounds you’d hear at that place down the
street from your house, past which you walk sometimes---that place behind a chain link fence,
that’s covered bits of trash and overgrown fennel and clumps of dirt, and where a family of
mice lives.

Jessica Catron <> is a freelance cellist based in Los Angeles,
California. Over the last seven years, she been devoted almost entirely to new music,
composition, experimental sound, and improvisation. She’s performed around the world,
most recently at the Seattle Improvised Music Festival, Vancouver’s Sonic Boom Festival, the
CEAIT Festival at REDCAT, the .sound. series at the Schindler House, the Indiana Lotus
Festival, Boston’s NEMO Festival, California WorldFest, the Getty’s Friday Night Series and
Summer Sessions, la Festival de Musica Contemporanea in Bogota, Colombia, and the Lincoln
Center’s Out-of-Doors Festival. She has also done many recordings and soundtracks, including
original music for Paramount Classics’ “Mean Creek,” and Sony Pictures’ “Levity” and “The
Covenant.” Currently, she’s working with Carla Bozulich on “The Night Porter.” She’s also in
The Microscore Project, an ongoing chamber-duo with violinist Johnny Chang, the pop band
Dreaming Ferns, the vocal quintet VOCO, and Missincinatti with guitarist Jeremy Drake.

Jeremy Drake <> is an improvising guitar player, concert
organizer and educator living in Los Angeles. He used to organize the much-missed weekly
improvised music concert series, line space line, with musicians Chris Heenan and David
Rothbaum. In 2004, he was nominated as a best new-genre/uncategorizable artist in the LA
Weekly Music Awards. He currently curates for SASSAS and is all over town, including on the
Disney Hall stage with Glenn Branca and about 80 other guitarists, and nearby at’s James Tenney extravaganza. His releases can be found on the
Experimental Musical Research and Reify Recordings labels.

Anni Rossi
Anni Rossi (voice and viola) studied violin and piano as a toddler, thanks to her grandmother.
After 15 years of classical violin training, she happened upon a viola, causing her departure
from the traditional symphony towards her untamed song project. She attended Cal Arts for
one year, studying with the likes of Mark Menzies, Vinny Golia, and Susan Allen. She has
toured her compositions since early 2005, over the United States, Canada, Japan and, most
recently, Europe. She released her debut album, “Scandia” in the Summer of 2004. Her next
album, “Afton,” is due in early 2007.

“Viola player gone mad from beautiful melodies to abrupt squeals, Anni Rossi has been
astonishing audiences all over the U.S. and now Europe. At the age of 21, she has toured with
acts such as The Gowns, Gang Wizard, and most recently The Dead Science and Carla
Bozulich...She is a solo performer who coaxes her own odd sounds both from her instrument
and her voice. Whimsically strange and poppy, Anni Rossi performs her craft of
improvisational ballads.” --Art Prostitute Magazine
Alessandro Bosetti
Alessandro Bosetti (voice and laptop) does things “roughly reminiscent of songs, kind of
almost spoken, abstract songs.” He says, “Maybe it’s just their duration that make them
song-like, maybe they are just ‘pieces.’ Maybe they are not songs at all.” He is “an untrained,
passionate singer” who makes music out of conversations.

He usually uses his voice and a laptop, projecting the sound produced around the audience.
He wears headphones, through which he receives signals to which he reacts. “Often I
misunderstand them [the audience],” he says, “Often I can’t really control what I sing, because
the headphones separate me from the environment.”

He sees as his themes voice, language, misunderstandings, sound-anthropology, aesthetics,
tone languages, conversations, headphones, geography, relational unspoken languages,
feedback (in behavior and physics), no-control, handicap, and imitation or mimetic behaviour.

“Italian-born Alessandro Bosetti is the modern-day musical eclectic-eccentric. Through field
research and interviews, Bosetti crafts abstract compositions rich in context and harmony.” --

“... idiosyncratic and radical in its dislocation of the physical instrument from familiar musical
contexts.” --Julian Cowley, The Wire

“...he really knows to capture my attention. Great stuff.” - Vital Weekly

Non Credo
Non Credo <> is the duo consisting of Kira Vollman and
Joseph Berardi. She’s a singer, he’s a drummer, but their musical palette extends well beyond
the scope of their primary instruments. Their unique sound falls solidly into the RIO (Rock In
Opposition) camp. Utilizing Kira’s remarkable vocal range and a musical landscape of bass
clarinet, percussion, and unusual samples, they lead the listener on a journey with many
detours and dark alleys along the way. Be prepared to get seasick, beaten up, thrown in jail,
fall in love, contract an STD, have your heart broken, your wallet stolen, get shanghaied, hog
tied and crucified.

Kira Vollman is a breathtaking vocalist with the voice of a fallen angel. “My patience threshold
is pretty low”, she reveals. Perhaps this explains her tendency to jump from style to style and
sound to sound. Never without an absurdist’s dark sense of humor, she is an ace at role-
playing. Vollman also plays bass guitar, clarinets, keyboards, and other assorted devices, and
supplies the lyrics for Non Credo’s evocative textures. Aside from Non Credo, Vollman has
been involved in several musical projects and bands in her home town of Los Angeles. She was
a member of the improvising chamber ensemble Fat and Fucked Up, she toured and recorded
with Kid Congo Powers band, Congo Norvell, performed frequently with musical scavengers
Stay Home, recorded with slop-rockers Thelonious Monster, and sang with microtonalist Kraig
Grady. She is active in the LA improv scene, having worked the likes of violinist Jeff Gauthier.
She is also in a vocal duet with Kaoru, called Punishment Cookies.

Joe Berardi began life as a member of the ground-breaking avant-pop band The Fibonaccis.
Since then, he has been involved in a wide assortment of projects and bands. As a drummer,
his unique style and use of miscellaneous percussive objects and found sounds within the
traditional drum kit have made him a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene. He is a member
of surf-spy experimentalists Double Naught Spy Car, the metałfound-objects-percussion
group The Obliteration Quartet, the bent blues band The Mentones, Megan Mullally’s Supreme
Music Program. He also plays keyboards with WeilłEisler worshipers, the Eastside Sinfonietta.
Berardi has been the drummer/percussionist of choice for a diverse group of notorious
performers, including recordings, tours and collaborations with such notables as: Stan
Ridgway, Rufus Wainwright, Ann Magnuson, Lydia Lunch, James White and the Blacks,
Congo Norvell, Donovan, Pixies’ Frank Black and Joey Santiago, Algerian vocalist Rimitti (with
Robert Fripp and Flea), Kristian Hoffman, Stew, The Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Motor
Totemist Guild, Nels Cline, and microtonalist Kraig Grady.
Esperanza (voice), who will sing songs with music and lyrics by experimental bassist Drew
Schnurr and herself, has the evolved soul of an artist that can channel something way larger
than herself. That’s the best thing we can say about any artist. She is a long-time favorite who
sounds especially good in Dangerous Curve’s boomy space. When she takes the mic away
from her mouth and just resonates the room, she can make grown men cry. (We’ve seen it!)
You’d never know she once broke her neck in a car accident. Her vocal coach Ron Anderson
allowed the woman who sang worse after studying at the best opera school in the country to
find her real voice.

Jesse Berent (guitar) is a recent graduate of USC’s StudiøJazz guitar program. He plays wide
variety of rock, blues, jazz, and folk styles, performing throughout the Los Angeles area with
various jazz and rock bands. He has also performed on numerous film and television
soundtracks and is a featured performer on the Fox Channel reality show “The Princes of
Malibu.” He helps run Hollywood’s House of Blues’ acclaimed outreach and education

Sammy K <> is a Grammy nominated
musician who’s played internationally with The United States Air Force Band of Flight, The
Walt Disney Company, Dolphin and Sea Wind Cruise Lines, Show Choir Camps of America,
and Cedar Point. He’s led his own band to three consecutive Best Band awards in the Down
Beat Magazine international competition. Currently based in Los Angeles, Sammy K has
performed with the best of the best: Bob Hope, The Coasters, The Stars of the Lawrence Welk
Show, Jon Hendricks, The Platters, Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Steve Turre, The Mills Brothers,
David Pomeranz, Kate Miner, Dave Brubeck, The Ink Spots, and The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra.
He has appeared on the Emmy-Award-winning “Wayne Brady Show,” on “Ally McBeal” with
KC and the Sunshine Band, and in the film “The Fast and the Furious.” His clients include:
The Walt Disney Company, Ferrari, NBC, The Hal Leonard Publishing Company, Much Music
Television, the Six Flags Corporation, Daimler-Chrysler, ABC, the international Toys for Tots
campaign, and CBS. He is in high demand by songwriters in Los Angeles and New York, and
he can be seen on stage or heard in the studio with a wide variety of pop, country,
contemporary Christian and Jazz artists. If you listen closely to your television or radio, you
can hear him driving the world-famous Los Angeles Laker Band.


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