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									Misconceptions of Instant Approval Credit Card
There are many misconceptions regarding the instant approval credit card schemes you find online. Most often people are mislead by these
misconceptions and make wrong decisions on their choice of cards.

Advertisements lure people to believe that they will be able to get a card even with a poor credit standing or with no credit history by applying online for
an instant approval card. On the contrary, it is not every one who applies online can get their card approved. You would still need your good credit
score; if you have good score you will know for sure that your application will be approved. The only difference between instant approval cards system
and offline system is that you will know the results instantly. Whereas in the offline system it takes a number of days before you know the status.

When you apply online from the personal information you provide the online system tries to access the central database of credit scores and if you
meet the requirements your application is approved. There are cases whereby people with good credit scores have denied cards and people with good
credit rates have got their credit cards. This happens when the online system has problem accessing the database.

Secondly, instant approved credit card does not mean instant credit cards. Online processing reduces the five to six weeks period that you may have
to wait if you apply through offline system through a sales person. However, the delivery of the card will not be instant like your pizza order. It would
take anywhere between 6 and 10 business days.

In spite of being a instant approved card, when you get your card through any credit card scheme, you need to undergo a telephonic identity
verification process when you get your card.

It is also been considered risky to apply for credit online. People hesitate to share their personal information online, to a certain extent this is a
legitimate fear. However, if you can find reputed companies to apply for your card online, then you will be safe. Reputed companies take care that the
personal information collected is handled carefully and the use secure pages. So if you should be thinking of applying for your instant card approval
online, do not hesitate.

Very often when people apply for a card online, they forget to check the other aspects such as annual subscription fee, APR rate, etc in their
enthusiasm to get their approval.

An Instant approval credit card saves lot time and paper work during the approval process. Do not be mislead by the many advertisements that you
find online regarding the instant approval credit card schemes. Make a thorough survey before you submit your online application. You require good
credit score even for applying for most cards online. If you have good credit standing your application will be approved within minutes.

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