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                                                    Ronald R. Bernt
                                                2003 Wexford Green Drive
                                                  Valrico, Florida 33594
                                                  Tampa 813/685-8737
                                                   Cell 813/695-4313

Product/System Engineering/Design                                                        R B DESIGNS, Valrico, FL
As President of a profitable Southeastern consulting company he assists companies in engineering the mechanical
components for new and established material handling products and systems. Products are diverse and range from
equipment used to make/handle wood products, cement, coal, fly ash, slag, synthetic gypsum, waste water treatment and
hazardous waste sludge incineration, to unique bulk material handling equipment, such as ash and clinker drag conveyors,
a 500 ft. long cantilevered ship loading cement conveyor. If needed he and his associates provide project management,
mechanical and/or electrical engineering and design. Utilizing project monitoring software and Auto-Cad 2006, project
status reports, proficient designs and detail drafting are made to a specific clients requirements. He recently specified and
requisitioned all the material handling equipment, plant compressed air and dust collection systems for the first and
second “green field” cement plants built in the U.S. since 1990.

Equipment Engineer/Project Manager                                            HUMBOLDT WEDAG, Norcross, GA
H-W is renown for its equipment designs used in mineral processing and bulk material handling industries. During his first
year with the company, he established the company's criteria for mechanical equipment selection. He was solely
responsible for the specifying, requisitioning, approving of drawings, and field problem solving of all the mechanical
components that led to the completion of a turn-key project that processed 20% more product than was required by the
contract. The multi-million dollar project was required to be built 160 feet vertically and included redundant systems
totaling over 40 belt conveyors and other material transfer points. Among the projects he managed was the fabrication
and installation of a 40 ft. long x 17 ft. Dia. ball mill, complete with drive, bearings and lubrication systems.

The equipment he designed and/or specified included belt conveyors, dust collectors of all sizes, fans and dampers of all
types, expansion and isolation joints, rotary and linear actuators, cyclones and separators, rotary and flap valves, screw
conveyors, belt and apron feeders, vibrating screens, crushers, belt conveyors, diverter gates, ducts and chutes, scales,
metal detectors, magnets, air slides and blowers, pneumatic conveying systems, and plant air and water systems.

Senior Systems Engineer                                                 POLYSIUS CORPORATION, Atlanta, GA
As senior systems engineer for a multi-national corporation, leaders in the design and manufacturing of cement plants and
bulk material conveying equipment, he had complete responsibility for the design, procurement and installation of all
pollution control, material handling, loading, storage and blending equipment. He received extensive training in Europe on
their methods and experience in these areas.

During the pre-contract stages, he determined the scope of supply, estimated sizes and costs, and directed the layout of
flow sheets for the bid package. He established systematic methods of handling these diverse work assignments to meet
tight schedules. After the award of the contract, he had full responsibility for the equipment specifications, purchase
requisitions, drawing approval, and the necessary follow-up during the erection and start-up stages.

He has obtained a full knowledge of the unique characteristics of all major US supplies of air pollution, waste water
treatment, material processing and handling equipment. He is well versed in cyclones, precipitators, baghouses, screw
pumps, pneumatic conveyors, air slides, belt and roller conveyors, homogenizing systems, bulk storage, train and truck
loading equipment, screens, scales, feeders, bucket elevators, pug mixers and continuous blenders, flow control and gate

Engineering Manager                             STOCK EQUIPMENT (MERRRICK CORP.), Lynn Haven, FL
Managed the Engineering and Quality Assurance Departments for a diversified design and manufacturing company known
for its coal, bulk material and radwaste handling equipment. Product lines include valves, weigh and volumetric feeders,
scales, radiation level detectors, cement storage, and conveying and dispensing equipment. The intended use of these

products require that they be designed and built in strict conformance to AWS, ASME, NEMA, as well as the company's
own specialized internal standards.

As Manager of Engineering, he was responsible for all design and industrial engineering activities performed by
departments under his control. The I.E. function included processing of shop orders, writing of specialized plate fabrication
procedures, determining methods of manufacturing, and setting time standards. Design responsibilities included
interfacing with other engineers and providing them with design suggestions to facilitate a better functioning and more
economically produced product. Support activities included computer operated machinery acquisitions, devising new
processes and building improvements related to expansion, maintenance, and energy and utility conservation.

As Quality Assurance Manager, he oversaw departments of Quality Control and Health and Safety. Quality control
responsibilities included audits, inspections, material control, calibration, non-destructive examination, welding
qualifications, and non-conformance reviews. The Health and Safety Officer's responsibilities included OSHA and EPA
regulations, radiation safety, a hearing conservation program, in-plant air quality, and toxic waste control and disposal.

Manager Manufacturing Engineering                          PEACHTREE WINDOWS & DOORS, Norcross, GA
Peachtree is this country's fastest growing manufacturer of residential doors and windows. He advised the Vice President
regarding the producibility of new products, improvements to existing design, materials most suited to accomplish
objectives, and best manufacturing approaches. He was responsible for directing the design, build or acquisition, and
start-up of traditional as well as advanced automation projects at 12 plants in 3 southern locations. The plants utilize a
broad spectrum of equipment, processing and assembling components made of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and glass.

The position required that he determine, justify and implement approaches to manufacture new and old products through
the analysis of production reports, department needs, and upper management directives. Proposals were presented, and
projects were approved, managed and implemented on an on-going basis. A sampling of the projects included the
substitution of non-corrosive precolored snap-in plastics for aluminum extrusions, mechanisms, advanced rollforming and
bending systems, and sophisticated wood and metal mills and saws. He established the Corporate Hazardous Waste
Management Plan.

His extensive background in manufacturing and years on the plant floor have allowed him to introduce advanced materials
and manufacturing methods to an industry previously known for its resistance to the complexities of state-of-the-art labor
saving components and techniques.

Lead Engineer                                                CARBORUNDUM CORPORATION, Knoxville, TN
As Lead Engineer of this large manufacturer of air and water pollution control equipment servicing municipal and industrial
water treatment facilities, fossil fuel generating plants, steel mills, kaolin production, and numerous other facilities, his
responsibilities included the design and requisitioning of all mechanical and electro-mechanical components. Functioning
as Lead Engineer, he assigned, scheduled and reported the status of jobs, prototypes, and research projects. He
designed the mechanicals and supervised the erection of one of this country's first on-site sulfur dioxide removal test

In the area of water pollution engineering, he was solely responsible for developing the standard mechanical components
for rectangular dissolved air flotation systems, rotary drum screens, sludge bag closures, and separator tanks. These
designs were composed of large motors, reducers, chains, sprockets, special valves, automatic conveyors, linkages,
levers, special bearings, and torque limiting devices.

In the area of air pollution engineering, he has done complete system calculations for large custom baghouse design;
sized and specified fans, poppet and louver dampers, operators; utilized material handling equipment of all types;
designed grid sheets, bag attachment methods, and shaker mechanisms; created pneumatic and hydraulic systems;
specified surface preparations and coatings.

Senior Applications Engineer                                         NORDSON CORPORATION, Norcross, GA
Company is the world's leader in the manufacturing of equipment used in the dispensing of hot melt adhesives. As Senior
Applications Engineer, he discovered, promoted and implemented new applications for utilizing the company's vast array
of standard components and systems. His exposure to the customers' problems and familiarity with manufacturing
methods allowed him to suggest improvements to existing components as well as specialized hot melt adhesives
equipment. These applications included book binding, packaging, laminating, bonding, seam sealing, and potting.

Project Manager                                                             ROBOT SYSTEMS INC., Norcross, GA
RSI is known as a leader in manufacturing consultation and the design and building of advanced automation systems.
Although especially known for its robotic systems, a large share of its projects are the "hard automation" type. Consulting
services are routinely provided in the areas of product development and market analysis.

Prior to the receipt of an order, he made initial contact with the customer, providing advice on selecting the ideal materials
to be used to insure marketing directives, and designing products for cost reducing extruding, molding and automated
assembly techniques. Upon receipt of the contract, he acted as customer liaison, developed the project organizational
plan, scheduled its tasks and milestones, supervised the design, build and install efforts. He introduced computerized
project monitoring techniques, and his follow-up gained inside information regarding future sales leads and assuring repeat

On numerous occasions, he assisted the educational services department by giving potential customers lectures and
seminars on robotics and advanced automation. His extensive background in mechanical design, engineering
supervision, manufacturing techniques, and a close working relationship with vendors throughout the eastern U.S. gained
his projects the reputation of being the most successful undertaken by the company.

Senior Machine/Tooling Engineer                                       ITE ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, Tucker GA
Managed the design, manufacture, acquisition and installation of all machines, tools, dies, fixtures and expansions for the
company's on-going cost reduction, product improvement and maintenance programs. Developed project status, reporting
techniques and preventive maintenance programs utilizing personal computers and readily available software. He
purchased and installed the largest press currently in use in the Southeast.

Among the machine designs he is most proud of are strip and sheet metal feeding and stacking. Another is an original
automated machine that performs nine separate machining operations, producing a close-toleranced part every 2.5
seconds. The entire machine is air and hydraulically driven and controlled by a sophisticated pneumatic circuitry utilizing a
complex coolant system and including a supervisory system that reports both operator and machine efficiencies.

Chief Engineer                                                           PRESRAY CORPORATION, Pawling, NY
Company engineers and manufactures nuclear safety equipment and special handling devices. As Chief Engineer, he
worked closely with prime engineering companies and customers directly, helping them write specifications and insuring
component link-up as well as providing facts and opinions on feasibility of various designs.

To insure proper design control from inception through final shipment of the products, he wrote engineering and shop
procedures, installation, operation and maintenance manuals, and supervised a department of responsible engineers,
designers and draftsmen.

He wrote specifications under ASME, ASTM, AISC, MIL-STD, AWS, and Aluminum Association codes. He proved
equipment soundness through structural, seismic, accident, thermal, and fatigue analysis by standard hand calculations
and finite element analysis. He set up identical model testing to provide documented evidence of equipment feasibility and
reliability. He is well versed in flat plates, straight and curved beams, pressure vessels, slosh effects of fluids, sealing of
large areas, and handling of items through remote control.


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