Canadian Forces Military Police “SAMPIS” project wins Silver at GTEC

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                        Canadian Forces Military
October 18, 2004
                   Police “SAMPIS” project wins Silver
                   at GTEC
                   GTEC (Government Technology Week) among other things recognizes
                   outstanding innovative IT system achievements by Government managers.
                   These awards are the most prestigious and highly coveted by Canadian
                   Federal government IT employees. Dozen of projects were nominated,
                   seven finalists were identified and the SAMPIS project came second. The
                   following synopsis of that award was published: “SAMPIS is the first ever
                   national bilingual records management data base and mobile dispatch
                   system for the Canadian Forces Military Police. SAMPIS serves 1,100
                   Military Police personnel and 100 Military Police cruisers in over 50
                   locations across Canada and abroad. This custom configured system was
                   delivered, complete with 5,000 person days of training, on time and
                   significantly below budget.”
                   Congratulations from Versaterm to all who made this ambitious project a

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