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									    Ridding the Body of Anaerobic Cells With Protocel

There are many alternative cancer treatments showing great success that are based on
well-established scientific principles. One of these principles -- the anaerobic cell
principle -- was first put forth in the 1930’s by Dr. Otto Warburg. Dr. Warburg was a
brilliant German scientist who received a Nobel Prize for his work on cell dynamics. He
demonstrated that the prime difference between cancer cells and normal healthy cells is
that healthy cells are ‘aerobic’ and cancer cells are ‘anaerobic.’ In a nutshell, Warburg
proved that all of the normal healthy cells in our body use oxygen as their primary source
of energy and all cancer cells of any type use glucose (via a process called ‘glycolysis’)
as their primary source of energy.

Dr. Warburg’s principle that cancer cells differ from normal healthy cells by being
anaerobic is a key concept for anyone dealing with cancer to understand. And more and
more people are using this principle to overcome their cancer. For instance, one of the
most successful alternative methods being used by hundreds of people with cancer today
is based on this very principle. It is a self-administered liquid formula called “Protocel.”

Protocel and the Anaerobic Cell

Protocel is a non-herbal, non-toxic formula that is currently being sold as a dietary
supplement. No claims are made as to its use for cancer or any other disease, but many
people are choosing to use it as their method for overcoming cancer because Protocel rids
the body of anaerobic cells. It does this by interfering with their energy conversion

Cancer cells produce energy for themselves by using an anaerobic process called
glycolysis. This involves the fermentation of sugar. By contrast, normal healthy
(aerobic) cells of the body use oxygen to burn energy from fats, proteins, and sugars.)
Using oxygen is a very efficient method and produces high amounts of energy-carrying
ATP (a key compound in the transport of energy within the cell). Using glycolysis, the
way cancer cells do, is a much less efficient method, and cancer cells produce much less
ATP. Thus, any slight interference in this process depletes cancer cells of the energy
they need to survive.

On a biochemistry level, the details are complicated. But, in a nutshell, the daily use of
Protocel affects cancer cells much the same way that leaving your car lights on with the
engine off will affect your car battery. After a while, the battery goes dead because more
energy is going out than is coming in. All the healthy cells in a person’s body are left
unharmed when they use Protocel because normal healthy cells are aerobic and utilize a
different, much more efficient process for obtaining energy. But cancer cells gradually
die off like little car batteries as a person uses Protocel over time. In fact, they lose
energy to the point where they can’t even hold their membrane together. This process of
the cell membrane breaking down is called ‘lysing.’ As cancer patients use Protocel,
their cancer cells gradually lyse and simply fall apart, breaking down into their harmless
protein components.

Since anaerobic cells may play a role in other conditions as well, such as multiple
sclerosis, arthritis, Crohn’s, viral conditions and other chronic disorders, Protocel can
help people with a variety of health challenges. However, some of the most remarkable
recoveries have been with cancer of all types.

History of Protocel

Protocel was initially developed by an American chemist named Jim Sheridan, who
intended it as a cancer treatment and worked on the formula from about 1936 to 1990. As
a teenager, Sheridan had hoped and prayed to be able to help find a cure for cancer. Then,
during his graduate studies at Carnegie Tech, the basic concept of this formula came to
him. He diligently spent the rest of his life perfecting the formula, testing it for decades
on laboratory mice with cancer. Later, he gave the formula away to people with cancer
whom the medical establishment had given up on. The human response was phenomenal
and many people with late-stage metastasized cancer were achieving complete

Jim Sheridan wanted the price of his formula to always remain affordable for the average
person, so he did not sell out to pharmaceutical companies that would have charged
exhorbitant prices for it. In 1990, the National Cancer Institute finally agreed to test
Sheridan's formula with its stringent laboratory procedures, using a variety of cancer cell
lines ‘in vitro’ (in petri dishes). The results were fantastic and showed that the formula
worked better than any chemotherapy on all cancer cell lines tested. These cancer cell
lines included leukemia, non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, colon cancer,
central nervous system cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, and kidney cancer.

Protocel and Cancer Patients

But the NCI and FDA chose not to pursue this potent cancer formula, even though
official tests proved it worked. So it is now being sold as a general health supplement.
The good news is that it is easy to use and only costs about $50 to $75 dollars a month!
The bad news is that M.D.’s cannot legally prescribe it to people with cancer, so those
using Protocel must do so primarily on their own. But, for the most part, using Protocel
is extremely easy. You just drink about a quarter teaspoonful of the formula four or five
times a day, spaced out around the clock as evenly as possible. This formula is a true gift
for elderly people and young children who may not be able to handle some of the more
difficult requirements of other alternative approaches, such as taking mountains of pills,
enduring intravenous treatments, performing detoxification procedures or following strict
dietary changes.

Examples of people who have used Protocel successfully for cancer are impressive. For
example, one 3½ -year-old girl had most of her malignant, life-threatening brain tumor
surgically removed when she was about two. Her surgeon, however, was not able to
remove some parts of the tumor that had infiltrated into inoperable areas. The girl’s
parents refused the risky conventional follow-up treatments of radiation and
chemotherapy and chose to give her Protocel instead. Through using only Protocel, this
little girl became cancer-free.

Another small child with leukemia had not responded to the chemotherapy given her and
doctors were recommending a bone marrow transplant. Instead, her mom gave her
Protocel alone and soon her tests were showing her completely clear of cancer.

An older woman in her 80’s took Protocel for her aggressive, malignant bowel tumor that
could not be completely removed surgically. She felt she was too old to undergo
chemotherapy, so she went on Protocel instead to get rid of the rest of her cancer. Within
about a year, all her tests pronounced her cancer-free.

Although not everyone using Protocel achieves a full recovery, there have been countless
remarkable success stories that have been reported from people who have used the
formula and completely recovered from their breast, prostate, lung, kidney, bladder,
brain, and other types of cancer! More and more people are choosing to use this amazing
formula to help them get well. All we can hope for is that, at some point in the future, the
FDA will decide to approve it for use as a cancer treatment as well as for many other
chronic health conditions that involve anaerobic cells.

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