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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

   - Find the headword and modifier in the sentences and text
   - Locate the information about computer specification on computer ads

A. Analyze the noun cluster in these sentences
    1. These memory chips are the ‘brain’ of the computer where you can store all data in the computer
    2. The most important electronic part of a computer is the motherboard.
    3. The computer mouse is a hand-operated device that lets you control more easily the location of the
         pointer on your screen
    4. A window is an area of the computer screen where you can see the contents of a folder, a file, or a
    5. Through the internet, the children can visit special online exhibitions created by world-famous
    6. Major TV companies have their own websites where you can find a wealth of information on TV
         shows and the activities of your favorite celebrities.
    7. The computer should have a large hard disk and a large amount of memory to run desktop
    8. STP software can be thought of as integrated word processing and graphics, with additional
         features to enable pages to be laid out in columns and illustration to be inserted.
    9. Java is a programming language originally designed for programming small electronics devices
         such as mobile phones.
    10. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a page description language used for creating webpages.
    11. Delphi is also a programming environment for developing programs for the windows operating
    12. The Yankee Doodle virus plays this American tune on the computer’s small internal speaker every
         eight days at 5 pm
    13. Video conference means a meeting between people that are long distance apart using cameras
         and display screen connected to a network to allow the people to see and hear each other.
    14. Trinitron which is created by Sony Corporation is one of best seller monitor with a high resolution
    15. Individual user can have a newsgroup – an internet discussion group made by people with a
         common interest who use an area on a computer server to display messages about their interest.

B. Read the text “How to Read a Computer Ads” and answer the following questions
    1. What is the memory size of this PC?
    2. What kind of memory is used in this PC?
    3. What storage devices are supplied?
    4. What size is the display screen?
    5. How fast is the processor?
    6. What is the capacity of the hard drive?
    7. Which operating system does it use?
    8. What multimedia features does the computer have?
   Find the computer ads in the newspaper or website, and cut or print it out. Computer ads could be
     notebook or desktop one.
   Locate the information about computer specification on that ads.
   Write on a piece of paper and SUBMITT on Tuesday, 18 march 2008.

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