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Interpretation and Disclaimer
This brochure provides a generalized summary of District of Sechelt Sign Bylaw No. 456 only. The Sign Bylaw should be read to determine in the
intended meaning of an italicized word or phrase and for the complete regulations with respect to signs in the District of Sechelt. Where there is
an inconsistency between this brochure and the Sign Bylaw, the Sign Bylaw shall prevail.

A "Sign" is any device, object, structure, figure, writing, symbol, logo, emblem, picture, painting or the text or an illustration within a mural
depicting or advertising a business, service or product, illustration, or any combination thereof, which is affixed to or represented directly or
indirectly upon a building, structure or land, and which identifies, advertises or directs attention to any object, person, place, activity, condition,
organization, establishment or business in such a manner as to be visible to the public from any public area, including a highway, or the ocean.

                                                              Table 1
               Up to a total of two of the following types of signs are allowed on a premises with a sign permit:
Canopy/Awning signs in                    Directory signs of 0.3 square            Exposed Neon Tube Sign            Wall signs in all commercial and
commercial and industrial zones of 2      metres (3.2 square feet) for each        composed of exposed               industrial zones up to 3 square metres
square metres (21.5 square feet), a       business identified, to a maximum        illuminated neon tubes up to      (32.3 sq. ft.), maximum length of 6 metres
maximum length of 5 metres (16.5          overall area of 3 square metres          0.6 square metres (6.5 square     (20.0 feet), and maximum character
feet), and a maximum character            (32.3 square feet) and a maximum         feet).                            height of 0.6 metres (2 feet).
height of 0.60 metres (2.0 feet).         height of 5 metres (16.5 ft.).

                                                                                   Freestanding signs with a
Projecting and hanging signs in                                                    maximum height in certain         Window signs comprising less than
commercial and industrial zones up                                                 downtown areas of 4 metres        twenty-five (25) percent of the window
to 1 square metre (10.8 square feet)                                               (13.1 ft.) or 6 m (19.7 ft.),     area, up to a maximum of five (5) percent
and a clearance as specified in the                                                elsewhere in the District 7.5     of a building façade on which the window
Sign Bylaw.                                                                        m (24.6 ft). The maximum          is located.
                                                                                   sign area is 4 square metres
                                                                                   (43.1 square feet).
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                                                         Table 2
                      Signs Below Do Not Require A Permit, But Are Regulated As To Size And Location:
Address Sign up to 0.3               One Community notice board sign,         Display box sign                      Garage sale signs provided that
square metres (3.2 square            up to 2.0 square metres (21.6 square     Area up to 1.0 square metres (10.8    they are removed within 2 days
feet).                               feet), on a school, library, church,     square feet).                         after end of the garage sale.
                                     post office, or any other public
                                     building property.

Alarm Company Sign up to 0.10
square metres (1.1 square feet).
                                     One construction contracting sign
                                     per parcel, up to 1.0 square metres                                            Home Occupation Sign up to 0.3
                                     (10.8 square feet), and up to 2 metres   Portable signs located on a           square metres (3.2 square feet).
                                     (6.6 feet) in height.                    premises on which the business or
                                                                              activity is being undertaken up to
                                                                              0.75 metres (2.5 feet) in width and
                                                                              up to 1 metre (3.3 feet) in height.

Parking and traffic signs on         Hours of Operation Sign up to 0.5
private property up to 2 metres                                                                                     Political signs during elections,
                                     squares metres (5.4 sq.ft.).                                                   with signs located on private
(6.6 feet) in height and up to 0.5
square metres (5.4 square feet).                                                                                    property not over 1 square metres
                                                                                                                    (10.8 square feet), do not have a
                                                                                                                    height exceeding 1.8 metres (6.0
                                                                              Up to one real estate sign up to
                                                                              0.75 square metres (8.1 square
                                     Interpretive signs with a sign area      feet) on a parcel or premises.
                                     up to 1.0 square metre (10.8 square
Flags                                feet).
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                                                             Table 3
                                           The Following Signs Do Not Require A Permit,
                                         And Are Not Regulated As To Size And/Or Location
Governmental signs            Holiday Decorations customarily                 Special event banners with             Signs inside a building or
including those required to   incidental to or commonly associated with       removal within 7 days after the last   structure not visible from the
be placed by property         any national, local or religious season or      day of the event.                      exterior.
owners by the District.       holiday.

                                                      Table 4
           Signs Permitted Under Tables 1 To 3 Shall Not Include The Following Types Of Prohibited Signs:
The types of Backlit signs     Flashing sign                               Roof sign                         Third-party signs, except for a
or exposed neon tube                                                                                         governmental sign, community notice
signs prohibited in Section                                                                                  board, interpretive sign, and special event
12 of the Sign Bylaw.                                                                                        banner.

                                                                           Rotating sign
                               Freestanding sign with a height
Balloon sign
                               exceeding 7.5 metres.

                                                                                                             Other Prohibited Signs
                                                                                                             Signs located on or are attached to a
                                                                                                             communications dish or antenna.
Animated and/or Billboard
signs                                                                                                        Any sign containing indecent or obscene
                                                                                                             pictures, drawings, or words.
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The Basics of the Sign Bylaw
District of Sechelt Sign Bylaw No. 456 (the Sign Bylaw) governs the number, size, type, form, appearance, condition and location of
signs within the District of Sechelt.

       Only those types of signs permitted under the Sign Bylaw are allowed to be placed, erected or expanded.

       All signs shall be maintained in a safe, clean condition in good order, and not in an unsightly condition, and to comply with the
       British Columbia Building Code as applicable.

       You may make an application for a Development Variance Permit to be considered by the District Council to vary or relax
       provisions of the Sign Bylaw.

Design Requirements of Signs
The design of signs identified below in Tables 1 to 3 need to comply with the Sign Bylaw, including, but not limited to these criteria:

       Wall signs, hanging signs, projecting signs and freestanding signs that are not backlit shall incorporate relief in the form of
       recessed or raised letters, numbers.

       Signs shall not have individual letters, numbers or punctuation over 0.60 metres (2.0 feet) in height.

       Signs shall not have a length extending more than 60 percent of the premises’ front façade, nor more than 30 percent of the
       combined length of two facades of the premises, nor more than 20 percent of the combined length of three facades of the

Location of Signs
The location signs identified below in Tables 1 to 3 need to comply with the Sign Bylaw, including but not limited to:

       A freestanding sign shall be set back a minimum of 0.3 m (1 ft.) from any property line from an adjacent lot or public highway.

       Canopy / Awning signs, hanging signs and projecting signs shall have a clearance of not less than 2.2 m (7.2 ft) above grade,
       not less than 4.2 m (14 ft) above the grade of a highway

       Canopy/awning signs, wall signs, hanging signs, and projecting signs shall be installed within the middle two-third (2/3) of a
       business frontage.

Further Information
Please contact the District of Sechelt Planning Department, Second Floor, 5797 Trail Avenue, Box 129, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0.
Phone 604-885-1986; Fax 604-885-7591; Email The complete Sign Bylaw can be found at

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