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asteroids and comets


									                            Differences asteroids and comets

Asteroids are the debris remaining stones and other solid objects. The asteroid is due at
the time a lot of big-bang rock fragments and other substances that are not unified. solid
objects together into planets, while still in the form of small pieces that do not blend
called Asteroid. Asteroids rarely come out of its orbit that lies between the planet jupiter
and mars. but if an asteroid hit the planet is very big impact.

Comets are celestial bodies which consist of helium, mother of ice, dust, carbon
monoxide, and soil. different from asteroids, comets are not solid objects but the object
75% of gas. comet tail comes from substances in the comet that vaporized because the
heat of the sun. belt comets from the outer orbit in our solar system. more precisely
between Neptune and Pluto. The most famous comet is Halley's comet. This comet came
76 years to visit our solar system. This comet was never hit anything.

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