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This is an excellent condition 2002 WRX Wagon (5MT). It has just under 68,000 miles
on the odometer but is UNDER WARRANTY until October, 2008 or until 100,000
miles (whichever comes first). The oil has been changed every 5000 miles with Mobil 1
full synthetic since I bought the car at approximately 11,000 miles. It has never been in
an accident.

NADA trade-in value is $12,375 with none of the mod’s detailed below. Read the
description, take a look at the pictures at this link ( and make
me a reasonable offer. I’m a reasonable guy.


WRB Blue. Paint is in good shape for Subaru paint. That is to say, it shows some
sandblasting from road debris on the front and behind the wheels but is very good
otherwise. If I were keeping the car I’d have a couple dings fixed and probably price a
re-spray for the front bumper/lip, side skirts and possibly the hood. But I’m a

Car has a custom installed Orciari body kit. This includes a front lip, rear lip (molded to
the rear bumper for a fully integrated look), side skirts, upper grill with side trim and
mesh insert, lower mesh insert below bumper.

Front emblem is a blue Subaru “I” that replaced the stock “star” emblem. All rear
emblems have been shaved/removed except for “WRX”. Front side markers replaced
with clear “black chrome” aftermarket markers.

Windows have been tinted to approximately 15-20% rear and 30-35% for front doors.

Headlights have had the “Koji” treatment where the chrome, except for the reflectors, has
been blacked out.

STi replica mesh covers are installed over the fog lights and painted to match the car.

Antenna has been shaved from the A-pillar and replaced with a Fuba-style rubber antenna
mounted on the rear of the roof just in front of the hatch.

The overall look is clean and distinctive. You won’t find another wagon with the Orciari
kit because it was designed for the sedan and was customized to this car. The antenna is
very VW GTI-like and is a vast improvement over the factory manual antenna mounted
in the A-pillar.

ASA LW5 “Licensed by BBS” 17 x 7.5” wheels at a weight of 17.2 lbs/wheel. One
wheel has been curbed but was cleaned up and touched up. You’d have to be pretty close
to see the damage but it isn’t perfect.

Tires are nearly new (less than 5K miles) Falken Azenis ST115 215/45-17. These are the
very quiet Falken performance tires that are easily good for 25K miles. This is the
second set of these tires I’ve had on the car and I LOVE them. Road noise? What road

This combination has a very similar look to the O.Z. Racing Superleggera wheels and
provides a very quiet ride along with excellent dry and wet traction. I will buy these
same tires for my “new” car when the existing tires need replacement.

Brakes & Suspension

Stock struts and springs.

Whiteline rear 22mm swaybar.

Whiteline solid front endlinks.

Mr. Josh ( solid rear endlinks.

Replica STi front strut bar.

Front brake pads are Carbotech Bobcats with stock pads in the rear.

Brake fluid is ATE Type-200 Hi-Temp running through…

Goodridge braided stainless steel brake lines.

Upgrading from the wagon’s stock 17mm rear swaybar significantly decreased the car’s
tendency to understeer from the factory. That, coupled with the solid endlinks, causes the
car to be much more responsive and turn-in is greatly improved. As for the brakes,
they’re much better than those on my ’05 Forester XT and a VAST improvement over
stock. The pedal is solid while providing excellent feedback and the car stops RIGHT


KartBoy short shifter.

Mobil 1 full synthetic transmission and differential fluids since 11K miles.

The shifter is a no-brainer for any Subaru fan as it reduces the factory throws by 40%.
I’ve detected no clutch slippage at all and the car pulls strongly in all gears. The
synchros are in perfect shape and a downshift to 1st gear can be done at 15-20mph. This
car has never been on a drag strip and has no idea what a track is.


Turbo XS manual boost controller set to 15.5lbs.

Factory intake silencer removed.

Samco intercooler Y-pipe.

Mobil 1 full synthetic oil every 5K miles since 11K miles on engine.

Yoshio-tuned ECU (early ECUtek competitor).

Car is fast and smooth. It accelerates strongly in all gears and has an aggressive intake
growl without being obnoxious or overly loud.


Custom installed front seat heaters with Hi/Lo switches stealth mounted in console.

Custom upholstered adjustable headrests. 2002-2003 WRX headrests are not adjustable
(fore and aft) and are simply too far back to actually rest your head on. Adjustable
headrests from a Subaru Legacy were sourced and upholstered in matching fabric. The
result is a terrific solution to a nagging problem and makes for a more comfortable ride.

Custom installed S2000 starter button (real S2000 button) in stock cigarette lighter
location. Works as follows: Insert key and turn to “Run” position, push in clutch pedal,
push starter button. Key alone will not start car without pushing button. Wiring is
completely reversible and properly done. This has been working perfectly for over two

Stock cigarette lighter relocated to passenger side of console.

STi replica aluminum shifter trim painted gloss black.

Factory Carbon Fiber Console and window switch plate trim package.

Factory Subaru armrest extension.

Factory Subaru upgraded speaker package with underseat subwoofer.

Superb aftermarket cup holders mounted on both rear doors and front passenger side of
Fresh factory floor mats front and rear (less than 10K miles).

The car’s interior is in very good condition and has been well cared for. With the
addition of a number of convenience add-ons (heated seats, adjustable headrests, better
cup holders, armrest extension, upgraded speakers) as well as some appearance
improvements (S2000 starter button, STi shifter trim, Carbon Fiber console trim, fresh
floor mats)