0 interest credit card balance transfer by rickman2


									               Save upto 100%
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   Transfer your balances from your Other Bank
          Credit Card to your ICICI Bank
              Credit Card and enjoy a
                 0% interest rate*

                       BALANCE TRANSFER REQUEST FORM
                                                       (Statement Based Request)
 I would like to avail of the balance transfer facility available currently on the ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Upon approval of
 my request, kindly issue a demand draft favouring my Other Bank Credit Card, and debit my ICICI Bank Credit Card
 Account accordingly.
 My ICICI Bank Credit Card Account number :

 My Other Bank Credit Card number (the card from which balance needs to be transferred) :

 My Name (as it appears on the Other Bank Credit Card) :

 My Other Bank Credit Card expiry date (optional) :                       MM                                 YY

 Amount to be transferred (in figures ) : Rs.

 Amount to be transferred (in words ) : Rs.

    I have enclosed an attested copy of my latest Other Bank Credit Card Statement along with this form (please tick)

 Date of application :

 Card holder’s signature :
*Terms & Conditions
   To avail of Balance Transfer facility, a self attested (signed) copy of your Other Bank Credit Card Statement should be enclosed
   along with this Application form.
   To be eligible for the program the minimum amount that can be transferred from your Other Bank Credit Card account to your
   ICICI Bank Credit Card account is Rs 2,000/-.
   The maximum amount that can be transferred is up to 90% of the available credit limit on your ICICI Bank Credit Card account as
   on date of acceptance of your application.
   If the amount to be transferred as mentioned in the application form exceeds 90% of the available Credit Limit on the date of
   acceptance by ICICI Bank, ICICI Bank will automatically transfer only an amount equal to 90% of your then available credit limit, as
   authorised by you in the application form.
   Under the Balance Transfer offer the credit Limit on your ICICI Bank Credit Card will be blocked for the amount, which has been
   ICICI Bank shall send the demand draft, favouring the Other Bank Credit Card for the approved transfer amount, to your mailing
   address, within three working days of the approval.
   ICICI Bank reserves the sole right to accept or reject the application form without assigning any reason whatsoever. Also, the
   approval is subject to the performance on your ICICI Bank Credit Card at the time of request received. ICICI Bank shall not be held
   liable for any service charges or late payment charges debited to your Other Bank Credit Card Account due to a decline or a delay
   in execution of your Balance Transfer request.
   You should continue to make payments to your Other Bank Credit Card account until you receive the confirmation in their
   future statement that the amount has been credited.
   Service charges will be charged at the then prevailing Balance Transfer rate as decided by ICICI Bank from the date the draft is
   The 0% interest rate is applicable only to the transferred amount for a period of 3 months, from the date of booking of the balance
   transfer. The regular rate of interest will apply on any outstanding balance after the expiry of this tenure.
   Kindly note: All fresh purchases (retail and cash) will be levied with applicable interest rate from the date of purchase for all card
   holders who have an outstanding Balance Transfer amount in their ICICI Bank Credit Card account. Thus, up to 52 days interest
   free period will not be valid on retail or cash purchases for cardholders who have a Balance Transfer amount in their account.
If you need to transfer balances from more than one card, please call the ICICI Bank 24 Hour Customer Care Centre at the
number listed below and we’ll be glad to send you additional forms.
Please Mail the Balance Transfer Form and the above mentioned document to the following statement :
                           ICICI Bank Credit Card Operations, PO BOX 7931 Tulsiwadi P Mumbai 400 034.
      For any further correspondence please write to us at ICICI Bank Limited, 24 Hour Customer Care Centre, PO BOX NO. 20,
          Banjara Hills, P Hyderabad - 500 034. E-mail us at : customer.care@icicibank.com OR Call us at : 1600 345 3499
                                 For additional information log on to cards section of www.icicibank.com
            Registered Office : ICICI Bank Ltd.“ Landmark “, Race Course Circle, Vadodara - 390 007, India.
                                                           Code: NT03

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