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									                                            Chapter 5
                                 Listing Presentation Packages

                                 What Do Sellers Want?
  A buyer
  Top price
  Quick sale
  Someone to take charge
  Someone to handle details
  Someone to lean on
  Someone to be a go-between in negotiations
  No lawsuits

                                   Listing Presentation Book
  Used as a tool to help you explain to a potential client the benefits of working with you to sell
  the client’s property
  Should address the seller’s wants and needs
  Should be customized for the seller and the seller’s property

                                  Listing Presentation Book Topics
A listing presentation book should include:
   Why list with a real estate licensee
   Why list with your broker/you
   CMA materials
   How you would market the property
   A conclusion/request for listing

                                Additional Presentation Topics
Information that may be included:
   Estimated Seller’s Proceeds
   Company Brochures
   Sample purchase agreement form
   Staging tips
   Showing tips

                                  Personalizing Presentations
  A presentation is most effective if it is all about the sellers
  Tailor your message to the sellers’ property and their concerns and values
  A good first impression is a customized cover page with the sellers’ names, property address,
  and picture of the property

                                      Letter of Introduction
  Another opportunity to add a “just for you” custom look

                                          Why List?
  The Why List section should explain the reasons why it is in the seller’s interest to employ a
  real estate licensee
  Remember What Sellers Want and address those needs
                                    Services Sellers Receive
  #1 reason sellers for not using real estate salesperson to sell their property is commission
  Presentation material should stress the services and benefits the seller will receive for the fee

                                 Matching Services to Needs
  What service can a real estate licensee offer for the following needs?
    Help find a buyer for home
    Help sell the home within a specific time frame
    Help seller to price home competitively
    Tell seller how to fix up home to help sell it for more
    Help with paperwork/inspections/preparing for closing

                                      Emphasizing Service
  Setting price
  Tips for getting top price
  Marketing plan
  Qualifying buyers
  Negotiating contracts

                                 Why List with Us? Section
  The Why List With Us section should explain the reasons why the seller should choose you
  and your broker
  Emphasize the features that make you and your broker different from the competition

                                        Why list with us?
Factors you may emphasize:
  Size of your firm
  Market share
  Office location
  This is your neighborhood
  How you market
  Company image
  Your experience
  Your enthusiasm
  Your availability
                                  Comparative Market Analysis
  CMA is an analysis used by real estate licensees to help sellers determine a proper listing
  price for their property
  CMA uses principal of substitution: a buyer should not pay more for a property than the price
  for an equally desirable substitute

                                CMA: Information Needed
A CMA analyzes price based on prices for properties that:
  have recently sold
     indication of market price
  are currently listed
     seller's competition
  have a recently expired listing
     losers that did not sell

                                         Sources of Comps
  Broker's records
  County assessor's office
  Title companies
                                            CMA Process
  Find properties similar to seller's property
      "comparables" or "comps"
  Make adjustments to sales price or listing price based upon differences between comp and
  seller's property
      For example: # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, square footage, garages, fireplace,
      If comp has better feature, reduce price of comp to get subject property price
      If seller's property better, increase comp price

                                      Properties Recently Sold
Important information for analysis:
  original listing price
  number of days on market
  sales price

                                    Properties Currently Listed
Important information for analysis:
  original listing price
  number of days on market
       if longer than average, may indicate overpricing
  current listing price
                                     Expired Listing Properties
Important information for analysis:
  original listing price
  listing price adjustments
  number of days on market
  why property did not sell
       seller not motivated
       poor marketing
       poor condition or location

                                         CMA Conclusions
Licensee should indicate a range of value for the seller's property
Seller should understand:
      the higher a property is priced above comparables, the less likely it will sell
      higher list prices lengthen time required to sell
      pricing the property competitively results in a quicker sale
                                 CMA: License Requirement
Real estate licensees can, in the normal course of business, prepare valuations without real
estate appraiser’s license
Must include statement:
   “As a real estate licensee, I am performing this valuation estimate in the ordinary course
   of business as a real estate broker or salesperson, and this valuation estimate cannot be
   used in a business lending decision.”

                                Estimated Seller's Proceeds
Used to show seller the net dollar amount the seller will receive from the sale of the property:
   Sales price, minus costs of sale and amount of any liens on the property
Better to estimate closing costs slightly on the high side and use a range of price.

                                Estimated Seller's Proceeds
                                CAR® Form Text, page 151

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