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                 Tricky Busines
                of Busines Gift
                Soon, business owners and managers across the country
                will ask themselves the same question: What can we use as
                business gifts?
                    They’ll also ponder who to send gifts to and, perhaps most        to put thought
                vexing, what the return on their gift investment is?                  and effort into
                    Our assortment of holiday gift ideas can help you select          your gifting.
                something for the key names on your list. Pinning down the            Customers
                answer to the ROI question, however, is a trickier proposition.       are more likely to
                    “There are two very real reasons to buy business gifts that       remember unique gifts,
                are not necessarily warm and fuzzy,” says Leah Ingram, an             especially those that show
                etiquette specialist and author of Gifts Anytime: How to find         them you are familiar with what
                the Perfect Present for Any Occasion (ASJA Press, 2005). “One is      they do or care about, says Eugene
                obviously to thank someone for their business through the year.       H. Fram, the J. Warren McClure research professor of
                The other is to make sure you remain top of mind.”                    marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.
                    Experts agree that connecting any business that you get to a      “You ought to know what your best clients had for breakfast,
                gift that you sent out is next to impossible. Still, it’s important   and your gift should communicate that,” Fram says.

                Classic Concepts Done Differently
                Create a great impression of your company by giving
                traditional gifts with a creative twist. The Leed’s in-house
                designers are dedicated to producing just that. Choose
                from classic items like the Cutter & Buck American Classic
                Ice Bucket and Glass Set, a Futura Pencil Cube Clock or the
                Reflections 11/2-inch digital photo frame/clock combination.
                For information on the full Leed’s line, circle 240 on the
                FastFax form at the back of this issue or call Lindsay Hoylman
                at 866-LEEDS-24, Ext. 2383.

                                                                                      The Gold Collection
                                                                                      For the holidays and beyond, these are the chocolates that
                                                                                      keep tradition alive — deep darks, silken milks, mouth-
                                                                                      watering white chocolates — all here in a luscious range
                                                                                      of subtle flavor sensations, from beloved pralines, to dense
                                                                                      ganaches, creamy caramels and succulent fruits. Available
                                                                                      for giving in assortments that range from the thoughtful
SaleSForce XP

                                                                                      token to the generous gift. For more information, circle 246
                                                                                      on the FastFax form at the back of this issue, or contact Mary
                                                                                      Mikus of Godiva Chocolatier at 866-888-6095.

   38                 TRAINING/INCENTIVES/MEETINGS FOR SALES TEAM LEADERS                                             
Double Duty Stocking Stuffer
Fitz and Floyd, a name renowned in hand-painted
ceramics, has created a whimsical dual-purpose treat that
makes a unique and affordable holiday gift. Stand it up
and it’s a cake plate, flip it over and it becomes a delightful
chip and dip set. It will put a smile on anyone’s face.
For more details, circle 235 on the FastFax form at the back of
this issue, or call Kathy Butler of Fitz and Floyd at 972-353-7739.

                                                                      Times Square 2008 Hurricane
                                                                      This New Year’s Eve marks the 100th Anniversary of
                                                                      the fabled ball drop in New York City’s Times Square.
                                                                      Just as the turn of the Millennium was celebrated
                                                                      with a spectacular crystal ball by Waterford Crystal,
                                                                      so too will this event include a newly designed ball
                                                                      for this occasion entitled “Let There Be Light.” The cut
                                                                      reflects a stylized radiating sunburst. This pattern will
                                                                      be replicated in a nine-piece
                                                                      collection of Waterford
                                                                      giftware and barware.
                                                                      Most iconic in its
                                                                      fully round ball
                                                                      appearance is the
                                                                      8-inch Footed
                                                                      Hurricane retailing
One-Size-Fits-All Incentive Solution                                  at $395. Other items
Foot Locker is the No. 1 retailer of athletic footwear and            in the collection,
apparel in the United States and Canada. In addition                  including the LED
to Foot Locker, the GiftCards are redeemable at                       lit ball ornament and
Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports and                 the 15-inch World Globe,
Footaction. Foot Locker GiftCards can be redeemed at                  retail from $95 to $15,000.
more than 3,200 locations in the USA and an additional                For more information, circle
150 locations in Canada (excluding Quebec). Foot Locker                238 on the FastFax form at the
                                                                                                                                  September/October 2007

GiftCards are also redeemable online and via their catalogs.          back of this issue, or call Terry Loury
For more information, circle 237 on the FastFax form at               of Waterford Wedgwood USA at
the back of this issue, or call Dennis Borst of Foot Locker           800-933-3370, Ext. 4544.
Gift Card Sales/PMG at 800-690-5996 (or e-mail giftcards@                                                                                                                   39
Light Up the Holidays
This series of Victorinox lighting products uses the highest
quality materials and most innovative lighting technology
available. Precision optics and efficient, long-lasting LED
lamps provide illumination brighter than any incandescent
flashlight of equal size. The red rubber grip option is new for
2007, joining the popular knurled aluminum grip. For more
information, circle 236 on the FastFax form at the back of this
issue, or call Victorinox Swiss Army Inc. at 800-243-4066.

Just Rewards Gift Cards
With six different Just Rewards® themes, there’s a card for
any holiday gift or year-end recognition need – attendance,
congratulations, safety, appreciation or achievement. A
unique alternative to retail gift cards, Just Rewards cards are
redeemable online from Quality Incentive Company’s Awards
Collection. Recipients select what they want from hundreds
of valuable, name-brand gifts. For more information, circle
 241 on the FastFax form at the back of this issue, or call Jeff
Sheridan of Quality Incentive Company ( at
800-621-9745, or email
Digital Memories
Follow the trend toward personal-sized entertainment gifts
for executives. Digital picture frames from Philips allow
users to view photos directly from memory cards without
a PC. They can display a single photo or run a slideshow
of favorite images. Choose from the Philips swappable
color frame model or the solid wood model. For more
information, circle 239 on the FastFax form at the back of
this issue, or call Pamela Baldwin of Almo Corporation
( at 215-698-4013.
                                                             Sweet Idea
                                                             This new line of holiday greeting cards from
                                                             NouveautesUSA can be customized with your corporate
                                                             name, logo and image, plus there’s a special spot inside
                                                             for custom-shaped chocolate (the possibilities are
                                                             limitless). It’s a memorable – and affordable – way to
                                                             thank key clients for a great year! Four-color custom
                                                             work is provided with minimum orders. For more details
                                                             and other ideas, circle 242 on the FastFax form at the
                                                             back of this issue, or call David Little of NouveautesUSA
                                                             ( at 973-882-8850, or e-mail
HolidayBusinessGifts                                                                       CASE STUDY

 Holiday Cheer of a Different Sort
 Oh, the holidays: they conjure up visions of glistening trees, gifts piled upon more
 gifts and…house fires?
     The U.S. Fire Administration reports that the incidence and severity of house fires
 increase significantly during the winter holiday season. Many of them are caused
 by children playing near or with open flames.
     To show employees that it cares about their safety away from work, a
 pharmaceutical company gave each worker a Kidde Home Safety kit at the annual
 holiday party. The kit included a Fire Sentry Smoke and Fire Alarm, a
 Carbon Monoxide Alarm and a Fire Extinguisher. A card was inserted
 into each gift that read, “Happy Holidays to you and your family.”
     It was one of the most well-received gifts the company had
 ever given to its employees and an excellent way to show that
 executives cared not only about the employees but their families
 as well. Safety, after all, is the sort of holiday cheer that many
 people don’t think about until it’s too late.
     For creative gifting ideas like this, circle 243 on the FastFax form
 at the back of this issue or call Top Brands Inc. ( at
 800-431-2127 (or e-mail
                                                                                   CASE STUDY

A Gift Idea That’s Definitely
Not Corny
Brand Institute Inc., a Miami marketing firm, sends thousands of customized
popcorn gifts from The Popcorn Factory to customers at the holidays and
uses them as a marketing tool throughout the year when it wins a new
account or lands a new project.
    “We stick with The Popcorn Factory year after year because they are
so efficient and put me totally at ease,” says Christina Dettore, Director
of Customer Relations at the Brand Institute. Dettore says she especially
appreciates that within 10 minutes after placing an order she receives
confirmation that the gift is on its way. “The reliability is almost proactive,”
she says.
    The Popcorn Factory creates personalized tins, samplers and towers
of goodies, utilizing customized lids, tins and ribbons with your name,
greeting or logo.
    For more information, circle 244 on the FastFax form at the back of this
issue, or call The Popcorn Factory Business Gift Services at 800-323-2676.
Visit to see the diverse product line.

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