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									     Fax4Email – Hosted Fax to Email Service
                           More Accessible Achieve Cost Savings Increase Security of Information                 Electronic Storage

       “Fax4Email converts inbound faxes to email, providing
       access fax messages from any location via your inbox”

     What is Fax4Email?
     Communicating with the people who are important
     to your business happens all day every day, via a
     variety of methods. With the ever increasing
     demand on time and resources, being able to unify
     these methods can really help you manage your
     communication challenges more effectively.
     Fax documents are still one of the last remaining
     business communication methods which are not
     traditionally electronically received and stored. Not
     any more!
     Fax4Email is a simple concept, yet delivers
     significant benefits to the business and users alike.
     Using Britannic’s Fax4Email service inbound faxes
     will be sent direct to your email inbox.
     Fax4Email increases the accessibility to your fax
     messages, if you can access your emails, you can                 Fax messages converted to email via Britannic’s hosted service
     access your faxes. Britannic’s Fax4Email makes
     fax communication as convenient as email.

     How does it work?                                                Why use Fax4Email?
     As Fax4Email is a hosted service you do not need                 Fax4Email allows significant cost reductions and
     any additional hardware, software or telephone                   makes the process of receiving faxes quick, easy
     lines. All you need is an email address.                         and secure.

     Britannic Technologies will assign you a personal                With Fax4Email you can now manage and store
     fax number (0871). This number is registered with                your fax documents the same way you store and
     our service, along with your email address. We link              manage other electronic files on your PC. This
     your Fax4Email number to your email address, all                 provides the users and business with increased
     fully managed via our centrally hosted secure fax                security of information and an audit trail of fax
     platform.                                                        communication.
                                                                      As working practices change Fax4Email provides
     Thereafter, every time you are sent a fax message it             you with the ability to unify your communications into
     will get automatically converted into an email (with             a single point (email), accommodate home workers
     attachment) and sent out to your email address.                  and enhance security and resilience.

Britannic Technologies   Britannic House   Merrow Business Park   Guildford   Surrey   GU4 7WA    T 0845 056 2000   W
     Fax4Email – Hosted Fax to Email Service
                           More Accessible Achieve Cost Savings Increase Security of Information                   Electronic Storage

     Benefits of Fax4Email
     Immediate Notification                                               Cost Reduction

     It can be frustrating waiting for your fax to arrive, they           By introducing Fax4Email into your business you
     can often sit in the tray waiting for collection, or                 will realise a number of cost savings. There are no
     indeed delivery. People are exceptionally busy and                   set up costs, or any ongoing service/rental
     can ill afford the time to stand by the fax machine                  charges.
     waiting for their fax message. With Fax4Email you                    As all emails are now directed straight to your
     will receive immediate notification by email that your               email inbox, a fax machine is no longer required for
     fax has arrived.                                                     inbound faxes. This also offers the possibility of
                                                                          reducing the number of telephone lines required.
     Increased capacity
                                                                          There are also the associated costs that come with
     Traditionally fax numbers and fax machines are a
                                                                          a fax machine. These include aspects such as
     shared resource amongst a company or department.
                                                                          toner, paper and maintenance.
     This can be frustrating for both the sender and
     recipient who can often experience a busy line, just
                                                                          Resilience & Business Continuity
     when they need to send / receive that all important
     fax.                                                                 By removing the need for the physical fax machine
                                                                          people trying to contact you will no longer
     With Fax4Email you can create as many fax numbers
                                                                          experience a busy tone and there will no longer be
     and connections (via email) as you need –
                                                                          problems such as paper jams or the machine
     accommodating personal fax numbers and group fax
                                                                          running out of toner or paper.
     numbers. Unlike traditional fax, Fax4Email will
     enable you to receive multiple messages to your fax                  If for any reason you cannot access your premises
     number(s) simultaneously, without your senders ever                  you can access your faxes via email from
     getting busy tone.                                                   anywhere. If required we can even link your fax
                                                                          number to an alternative email address ensuring
     Portable & Accessible                                                continuity.
     Today our workforce has become more mobile,                          Electronic Storage & Retrieval
     requiring access to communication any place and at
     anytime.                                                             As the fax messages are received electronically
                                                                          they can be easily forwarded on to colleague within
     It is also becoming increasingly common for workers                  the business and stored and retrieved
     to work remotely (in satellite offices, from home etc)               electronically. There is no longer the need to either
     and can not be near the physical fax machine.                        store paper faxes within filing cabinets, or indeed
     With Fax4Email you can access your fax messages                      scan faxes in manually.
     irrespective of location. This provides an ideal
     solution for staff working from home, the field or                   Enhanced Security
     across multiple offices. Using Fax4Email your callers                Some information you receive may be of a
     will never get busy and you can access your fax                      confidential nature, by receiving the document
     messages from any email client, anywhere in the                      electronically means there is less chance it will end
     world.                                                               up in the wrong hands. It also creates an audit trail
                                                                          for reference at a later date.

     Key Features
                                                                              •    Secure
               •   No set up charges                                          •    Flexible
               •   No service/rental costs                                    •    Supports home working and mobile access
               •   No cost to receive the fax                                 •    Personal fax number
               •   No fax machine required to receive                         •    No busy lines
               •   No additional phone line needed                            •    No paper jams
               •   Personal fax number                                        •    No toner or paper
               •   Quick and easy to set up                                   •    Audit trail

          Contact Britannic Technologies to set up your Fax4Email service on 0845 056 2000
Britannic Technologies   Britannic House   Merrow Business Park   Guildford       Surrey   GU4 7WA   T 0845 056 2000   W

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