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                              Consumers Able to Take Advantage of Tax Debt Relief

       By SEOP
       Dated: Aug 15, 2008

       Estimates indicate that more than 25 million taxpayers owe more than $200 billion to the IRS. For many,
       this has created a tremendous amount of stress from which they see no recovery. Tax debt relief services
       are now providing a much needed reprieve.

       Orange, CA, – When back taxes are owed to the IRS, many taxpayers suddenly find themselves caught up
       in a whirlwind which they feel powerless to stop. Not only might they experience wage garnishments, but
       they are also typically subjected to penalties and possibly even liens. These issues can make it even more
       difficult for them to pay the taxes they owe and can haunt them for many years to come.

        Tax debt relief services provide taxpayers with solutions for resolving the debt they owe. The methods that
       are used are typically quite effective in assisting taxpayers with settling their back tax liability. While many
       people are not aware of it, they have the legal right to resolve their tax debt for less money than they might
       think possible. A number of taxpayers have discovered that they have been able to resolve their back tax
       issues quickly and easily, providing them with the opportunity to move forward with their futures without
       back taxes looming over them. works with taxpayers to find workable solutions for settling their tax bills. This is
       accomplished by reducing tax debt, putting an end to wage garnishments, preventing liens, and eliminating
       interest and penalties.

        About Tax Relief ASAP has a long history of negotiating successful resolutions to
       tax problems on behalf of candidates qualified under IRS guidelines.

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