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To-Do List by tyndale


									                        To-Do List
 1. Make photocopy of passport and send to:
                  Rose International Ministries
                  1191 Rabe Way
                  Carson City, NV 89701

         If you cannot have it to Rose International by Monday, 19
         October, then bring it with you.

 2. Send release to Rose International Ministries if you
    have not already done so.
 3. Send email containing emergency contact information
    and health issues I need to know about to:
 4. Bring U$5 for entry into Nicaragua.

                      Packing List
You may check your bag if you prefer. I always carry my bag
 onto the aircraft so I know it will arrive. Either way you
 are limited to NO MORE than 35lbs. This weight restriction
 is due to the domestic flight to Bluefields. You may also
  carry a personal item (i.e. small back pack, purse, hand
                         bag, etc.).

 1. Your signed PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 2. Bible
 3. Note book, pens or pencil
 4. Money for any food, etcetera that you may purchase
    while traveling, and for anything you might want
    outside of meals like snacks, sodas, bottled waters,
    etc. (avg. price soda U$.75, water U$1). If you find
    something to buy in Nicaragua or their airport, you
    will want to carry money for this as well.
 5. Clothes – we are gone for 8 days and 2 travel days –
    shorts are acceptable during the day. As before,
    modesty, Biblical awareness, cultural awareness, and
    your personal walk will determine what you will pack.
    I would recommend nothing shorter than the “old”
    finger tip rule or below mid-thigh. No shirts that
    show undergarments!
 6. There will be at least three church services. Girls
    pack enough skirts/dresses for church (no shorter
    than the knee). Guys pack pants and decent shirts.
 7. Bath Towel
8. Shower sandals if you prefer
9. All liquids and gels must be less than 3oz if
    carrying on and they must fit, sealed in a 1 quart
    zip top bag!!!
10. Hand sanitizer is always a good idea for new
11. Mosquitoes are controlled by the local authorities
    and world health organizations, but they cannot kill
    them all. If you are concerned about mosquitoes bring
    bug spray. If you are concerned about malaria, there
    are tablets available at pharmacies that are to be
    taken as directed.
12. Camera if you desire
13. I may have left things off of this list!!! Think
    about what you would pack for any trip you might
    take. In the event of forgotten items, things can
    always be purchased there.
14. Leave a jacket or sweater with whoever will pick you
    up returning home. It is that time of year.

  **Final comment – it rains in Bluefields…A LOT. Keep
  this in mind.

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