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To celebrate the 76th birthday anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Botanic Garden
Organization in cooperation with the Committee of Firefly in Thailand Project under HM Queen
Sirikit’s Initiative is organizing an International Symposium on Diversity and Conservation of Fireflies.
HM Queen Sirikit has contributed tremendously towards natural resources and environmental
conservation in the country. The Project on Study of Firefly in Thailand, started in 1997, is one good
example revealing HM the Queen’s interests and initiatives.

The Project has demonstrated a great number of fireflies and their distribution throughout the
country. However, information on species identification remains scattered, and conservation of
fireflies and their habitats is a true challenge.

It is expected that this symposium will be the assembly of an international group of experts to share
research results which will hopefully lead to useful recommendations for policies or practices toward
conservation of fireflies and their habitats. Moreover, the symposium will be a venue for individuals
who are involved in firefly studies and research to form a network at the regional and international


         To celebrate the 76th birthday anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit
         To assemble an international group of firefly experts for information sharing and discussion
         To promote research on firefly studies which lead to conservation effectiveness
         To develop a Firefly Network at regional and international level

Language:        The official language of the Symposium is English.

Venue:           The Botanic Resort, Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.


Registration fee:     100 USD (We also accept Thai baht)

Inclusive of
        Accommodation during the symposium (26 - 28 Aug 08)
        Coffee Breaks and meals during the symposium
        Transportation between Chiang Mai International Airport and Botanic Resort, QSBG
        Materials for the symposium

Located directly across from Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, the Botanic Resort offers 60 deluxe
rooms furnished in a blend of modern Thai designs, equipped with a large free-form outdoor
swimming pool.

Deadlines:              20 June 2008               for registration to attend the Symposium
                        30 June 2008               for submission of abstract
                        31 July 2008                for submission of full paper

Equipment:       Overhead, LCD, and slide projectors will be available.


Currency and rate of exchange:
The Thai currency is Baht (THB). The current exchange rates (as of May 2008) are approximately as

                 1 EUR = 48.90 THB,        or 1 USD = 31.70         THB


Suggested arrival dates in Chiang Mai: Sunday 24 or Monday 25 August 2008

Important notes on Airports and Airlines: Most airlines operate their International flights via the
Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Code: BKK). While the Thai Airways (TG) operates its domestic
flights via both Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and the Don Mueng International Airport (Code:
China Airlines, and Silk Air have direct flights to Chiang Mai International Airport (Code: CNX), from
Taipei and Singapore, respectively.

Arrival in Chiang Mai: Staff with workshop banners will be present in the arrival exit area.
Transportation from Chiang Mai International Airport to the Botanic Resort, Queen Sirikit Botanic
Garden will be provided. Pick-up schedules are as follows:

                                         Pick-up schedules

          Pick-up Time           For Thai Airways Flights         For Thai Airways Flights
                                    From Don Mueng                  From Suvarnabhumi
                                          (DMK)                            (BKK)
           09:00   a.m.                  TG 1106                           TG 102
           12:00   a.m.                      -                             TG 104
           14:00   p.m.                      -                       TG 616 and TG 110
           16:30   p.m.                  TG 1116                           TG 114
           18:30   p.m.                      -                             TG 116
           20:30   p.m.                      -                             TG 126
           23:00   p.m.                  TG 1124                             -

Note: Should you miss the arranged transport, taxis are available at the airport. The taxi fare to
Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden is around 700 baht.

* Important Note: Overseas participants, who will participate in the
excursion at Samut Songkram on 29th August, please take a careful
look at our suggestion on the flight number for the return domestic ticket
here below.
Departure from Chiang Mai:

Since the excursion to see mangroves fireflies in Samut Songkram requires traveling from Chiang
Mai to Bangkok, overseas participants are recommended to have their return flight (domestic) to
the Suvarnabhumi International Airport arranged to be on Friday 29 August 2008 with Thai
Airways flight TG 103 (depart CNX at 09:45 a.m.).

For participants who fly directly to Chiang Mai from Taiwan or Singapore, if you would like to join the
excursion in Samut Songkram, please buy a roundtrip domestic flight with the arrival date in Bangkok
to be on Friday 29 August 2008 with Thai Airways flight TG 103 (depart CNX at 09:45 a.m.).
And arrange for the return date to Chiang Mai as you wish.

After the excursion, transportation will be provided to KU Home (Kasetsart University Hotel) for
participants who stay overnight in Bangkok.
For those who have connecting flights back home from Suvarnabhumi International Airport on
Saturday 30 August, or Sunday 31 August, transportation from KU Home to the Suvarnabhumi
International Airport will be arranged free of charge.

Pre-symposium Program

Monday 25 August 2008: Tour of Doi Suthep Temple, and shopping at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

09:00 a.m.        Leaving the Botanic Resort by rented vans.

Fee:              10 USD/person for transportation cost.

                                         Symposium Program

Early Registration and Poster Preparation: 10:00-17:00 h, Monday 25 Aug in the hotel lobby.

Tuesday 26 Aug 2008

Morning (Day 1)

08:00-09:00         Registration in front of conference room

09:00-09:30         Welcoming address: Dr Weerachai NANAKORN, BGO Director
                    Report to Chairperson: Firefly Project Committee Secretary
                    Opening address: Minister of Natural Resources and Environment
9:30-10:00          Tea/Coffee Break, Press Interview
Session I           Diversity of Species and Habitats
                    Reminiscence of Firefly Study in Thailand: Dr Banpot NAPOMPETH (Committee
                    Member, Firefly in Thailand Project under HM the Queen Initiatives)
                    Species diversity of fireflies in Southern Province Sri Lanka: Dr Chitra
                    BOGAHAWATTE (University of Ruhuna Matara, Sri Lanka)
                    Environmental impacts on the seasonal abundance of Lampyrids in
                    Southern Sri Lanka: Dr Hemantha WEGIRIYA (U of Ruhuna Matara, Sri Lanka)
                    Luciola aquatilis, a new species of aquatic firefly from Thailand: Dr Anchana
                    TANCHAREN (Kasetsart University, Thailand)
                    Firefly Diversity in Payao Province: Ms Warakorn PINKANTAYONG (Naresuan
                    University, Payao Campus, Thailand)
12:30-13:30         Lunch

Afternoon (Day 1)

Session II:         Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Studies
                    A comprehensive phylogeny and systematics of Lampyridae: Dr Ming-Luen
                    JENG (University of Kansas, USA).
                    Embryo genesis of firefly-phylogenetic implication: Dr Hirobumi
                    SUZUKI (Olympus Corporation, Japan)
                    Using firefly fossils to date the origin of bioluminescence in the family
                    Lampyridae: Dr Marc BRANHAM (University of Florida, USA)
15:00-15:30         TBA: Mr Adam SOUTH (Tufts University, MA, USA)
15:30-17:00         Tea/Coffee Break, Poster session/discussion
18:30-21:00         Reception dinner at Botanic Resort

Wednesday 27 Aug 2008

Morning (Day 2)

Session III:        Biology and Behavior
08:30-09:00         TBA: Dr Sara LEWIS (Tufts University, USA)
                    Sexual selection, allometry and courtship in fireflies: Dr Fredric VENCL
                    (Stony Brook University and Smithsonian Institution)
                    Patterns of flash signal preference in North American Photinus and
9:30-10:00          Photuris fireflies and their implications for natural and sexual selection: Dr Cratsley
                    CHRISTOPHER (Fitchburg State College, USA)
10:00-10:30         Tea/Coffee Break
                    Defensive behavior of aquatic firefly Luciola leii: Assoc Prof Xinhua FU
                    (Huazhong Agricultural University, People Republic of China)
                    TBA: Prof Pingshih YANG (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

11:30-12:00         TBA: Mr Chiahsiung WU (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
12:00-13:00         Lunch

Afternoon (Day 2)

13:00-13:30         TBA: Mr René SPIERLING (University of Oldenburg, Germany)
                    A new rearing method and self-designed apparatus for pupation in aquatic firefly,
13:30-14:00         Luciola ficta: Dr Jen-Zon HO (Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute,
                    Rearing method for some terrestrial firefly species: Mr Wirat SOMMITR (Queen
                    Sirikit Botanic Garden, Thailand)
14:30-15:00         Tea/Coffee Break
15:00-17:00         Tour of QSBG and Entomology Lab
17:30-18:30         Dinner
18:30-21:00         Firefly Excursion in the Garden

Thursday 28 Aug 2008

Morning (Day 3)

Session IV:         Tourism and Conservation
                    The Synchronous firefly (Photinus carolinus) of the Great Smoky
                    Mountains National Park: Ms Lynn Frierson FAUST (Firefly Enthusiast, USA)
                    Firefly conservation and awareness in Malaysia: An NGO perspective: Mr Sonny
                    WONG (Malaysia)
9:30-10:00          TBA: Mr Stefan INEICHEN (Glowworm Project, Switzerland)
10:00-10:30         Tea/Coffee Break
                    Local community participation in ecotourism and conservation of fireflies at Kloong-
10:30-11:00         Chantaburi: Mr Sommai SABHAKOON (Mangrove Research Station, Chantaburi,
11:00-11:30         TBA: Dr Anchana TANCHARERN (Committee Member, Firefly in Thailand Project
                    under HM the Queen Initiatives)
11:30-12:00         Introduction of the excursion site (Samut Songkram) and its diversity of firefly: Ms

                      Sommai CHOENRAM (                             Firefly in Thailand Project under HM
                      the Queen Initiatives)
12:00-13:00           Lunch

Afternoon (Day 3)

                      Second Firefly International Network Meeting
13:00-16:00           In association with: Parque Biologico de Gaia (PBG), Porto, Portugal
                      and the Belgian Firefly Survey (
17:00                 Closing, Photo Session
18:00-21:00           City Tour

                                          Excursion Program

Excursion:      Samut Songkhram Province to see mangroves fireflies

Excursion fee: 200 USD (2 nights in Samut Songkhram + 1 night in Bangkok)
                 100 USD (2 nights in Samut Songkhram)
Inclusive of
        Accommodation during the excursion
        Transportation (by bus and boat during excursion)
Not including
        Domestic Airfare (Chiang Mai-Bangkok)

Friday 29 Aug 2008                                              Program
        07:30                 Leave QSBG for Chiang Mai International Airport
        09:45                 Depart Chiang Mai by TG 103 for Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
        11:30                 Picked-up at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
        13:00-14:00           Lunch on the way. Arrive at Samut Songkram, check in at the accommodation
        18:00-21:00           Excursion by boat to see mangrove fireflies
Saturday 30 Aug 2008
        06:00-08:00           Morning Floating Market
                              Return to Bangkok and sightseeing along the route.
                              Overnight in Bangkok at KU Home.
Saturday 30- Sunday
                              Departure of Participants. Transportation will be arranged for the
31 August 2008
                              Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Weather:         August is in the rainy season in Thailand. During the rainy season, the maximum
temperature in Chiang Mai is over 30° C. For Bangkok and its vicinity such as Samut Songkhram
(the excursion site), August is a fine month and has less rain than in the North.


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