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					                            FLORIDA REFINANCE
 These fees are to be used for good faith estimates only and are subject to change and specific
                                      lender requirements.
                              ALL counties EXCEPT Miami/Dade

Line 1101           Settlement/Closing Fee                               $395.00
                    (includes doc prep, notary, title exam)

Line 1102           Abstract or Title Search                             $300.00
                    (with owner’s title insurance policy)*

Line 1104           Title Binder Fee                                     $75.00

Line 1108           Title Insurance
                    (lender’s policy only)                               $5.75/1000
                    may be eligible for reissue rate, call for quote**

Line 1111           Release of Lien                                      $150.00 per lien

Line 1201           Recording Fees – (as needed)
                    Deed of Trust                                        $10.00/First page
                                                                         $8.50/Ea. Add’l
                    Power of Attorney                                    $34.00
                    Assignment                                           $14.50
                    Subordination Agreement                              $14.50
                    Recording of Release                                 $4.50 per lien

Line 1203           Doc Stamps Tax – Deed of Trust                       $.35/100 (All but Dade)
                    Intangible Tax                                       $.002 X Loan Amt

Line 1301           Survey - Survey Affidavit                            (No charge)
                    Borrower provides existing without changes
                    or new survey cost $185.00

Line 1303           Messenger/Overnights/Wire Fee                        $75.00-$100.00
                    Wire Proceeds Fee/ Overnight Payoff Fee              $35.00

*If borrower cannot locate or did not purchase Owner’s policy, a full search for $375.00 will
    need to be ordered.
**Exact premium subject to minimums and rate variation based on higher loan amounts.
Power of Attorney is acceptable; Fee - $75.00 plus recording.
Deed Preparation - $300.00 plus recording.
We need minimum of 3 Weeks notice for all Florida Transactions.
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