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									                                INCOME TAX
Drake Software, makers of income-tax software and much more, created this
comprehensive, informative Web site. 1040.com has the forms and information
you need to file both Federal and State income tax. Use teh provided calculation
tables to determine your vehicle depreciation or any moving expenses you may be
able to deduct. Look for recent changes in the tax laws, and find out which states
are common-law or community property to determine how that affects your
filing. http://www.1040.com

Electronic Filing Service Inc.
If you're confident about your tax return, and simply want a fast, easy way to file
electronically through an authorized IRS e-filing site, this is the Web site for you.
It's a no-frills service that files your returns, for a fee, and lets you track the status
of your return. You won't find tax tips and advice, and the only support provided
is for users who've run into technical trouble with their filing, so double check the
accuracy of your figures and deductions before filing here.

Ernst & Young LLP Tax Services
Although the folks at this company don't keep it a secret that they want your
business, they don't skimp on the free information available online, either, with
references that are both solid and anything but stuffy. From a 1040 "Survival Kit"
to a long page of "Tax Toons," this site can help you keep your sanity during a
trying time. Ernst & Young also maintains the related EY Taxcast
(http://www.taxcast.com) with news and links.

Essential Links to Taxes
This is an online gold mine of tax tips and information on income tax preparation.
Get assistance on a particular problem, learn the rules, check out the tax code,
find links to financial planners and tax preparers, and find forms from W-2 to
1040A. Learn about the latest deductions and find a place to file your online
return. This site offers a wide array of tax-related information in an accessible

Fairmark Press Tax Guide for Investors
This press offers up "the Internet's Plain Language Tax Guide," with more than
500 pages of tax advice targeted at investors from beginners to experts. You'll
find a guide to the Roth IRA, a mutual fund tax guide, an estimated tax guide,
information on custodial accounts for minors, an executive compensation section,
and more. In addition, there's reference material such as standard deductions and
taxes, and tax news geared at investors.

H&R Block Tax Center
H & R Block claims to have filed one out of every seven tax returns in the
country. Now that's experience! This site provides everything you'll need for
peace of mind at tax time. Prepare and file electronically for a faster return, and H
& R Block can also help arrange a bank loan against the anticipated return (fees
apply to both services, as does interest on the loan). Use the locator service to find
an office near you if you're not comfortable with e-filing, download necessary
forms, and read the latest tips all from this site.

IRS-The Digital Daily
The Internal Revenue Service has a Web site and, lo and behold, a sense of
humor. The overwhelming feeling one comes away with here is how did these
people ever get such a bad reputation? Sure, most of the hints are something
along the lines of ''pay early and often,'' but its Tax Regulations In English
actually lays out the tax code in plain talk. This site, where you can also get
forms, is easy to use and helpful. http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Jackson Hewitt is a national company specializing in online tax services including
e-filing both Federal and state forms). There are over 3,000 offices nationwide
and in the District of Columbia. Use the Office Locator to find an office near you.
And while you're clicking around this well-organized site, read the section on the
50 most overlooked deductions and see if you qualify for any of them. If you
have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download and print free federal or state tax
forms. http://www.jacksonhewitt.com/

Microsoft MoneyCentral Taxes
The Taxes section of MoneyCentral offers dozens of articles on topics including
how you can reduce taxes, avoid mistakes, avoid an audit, use your PC to handle
taxes, and find tax breaks through your employer. There's a "testing your tax IQ"
quiz-if you fail it, you should get professional help doing your return, or at least
keep reading-in addition to a tax estimator and a tax deduction finder. Download
a trial version of Microsoft's TaxSaver software, and get all the froms you'll need
to file from this site as well.

Money.com Taxes
This site, a division of Time, Inc. New Media, provides useful information on
new tax laws and how you might be able to take advantage of them. Follow links
to the online calculator to determine which of the current tax cuts translate into
less tax liability for you. Also read the section on which IRA is the right one for
your current income and your anticipated retirement needs.

National Tax Association
Visit the National Tax Association's Web site for the Tax News of the Day, links
to federal and state tax agencies, international tax resources, and information on
e-commerce and tax policy. You can read about and subscribe to the National Tax
Journal at the site, run a keyword search through archived issues, and find out
about NTA membership. The NTA was founded in 1907, and exists to futher the
understanding of and practice of public finance and sound tax theory.

Nerd World-Taxes
Most of the Nerd World Media sites offer solid, useful, and comprehensive
information on the topics at hand, and their Taxes site is no exception. Whether
you're looking for changes to the tax code, how much you can deduct for child
care, or where to download obscure forms you weren't able to locate at the Post
Office, look no further. The site contains plenty of links to tax preparation
services, and while you're there nominate your favorite nerd in the Nominate a
Nerd area at the bottom of the page. Winners get their nerdy lifestyles highlighted
at the site, as well as a Nerd World t-shirt.

Tax Analysts
This comprehensive news site provides the latest worldwide tax information.
Wondering about the rumors in Washington concerning a possible tax cut? Read
articles, analysis, and commentary here. You can find out about regular tax
discussion groups and subscribe to documentation of their meetings to keep up
with what's going on. You'll also find links to articles about the history of
taxation, details of proposed replacements to the current U.S. Federal tax, and
much more. http://www.tax.org

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
University of Northern Iowa Accounting Professor Dennis Schmidt is Webmaster
of this informative, comprehensive tax site. In addition to links to on-line tax
preparers, information for international filers, tax tips, articles, tax forms,
software, and much more, you'll also find quick links for state tax information.
There are links to state agencies and tax issues for all 50 states, the District of
Columbia, and Guam. This site would be a great place to start, and finish, your
taxes this year. http://www.taxsites.com

Tax Foundation
This non-profit, nonpartisan site collects data and information about Federal,
State, and local taxes (and has since 1937). The data is used to answer questions
such as what group shoulders the largest federal tax burden? The smallest? Find
out how current tax proposals and the plans of presidential candidates will affect
your income tax bracket, read commentary by economists, and order Foundation
publications. Some food for thought: the Foundation points out that in 1904 when
Oliver Wendell Holmes called taxation "the price of civilized society," federal,
state, and local taxes added up to about $20 per person, and that today the "price"
is $10,298 for each man, woman, and child in the country.

Tax Help Online
Created by the author of the book, "How to Get Tax Amnesty," Daniel J. Pilla
hopes this Web site will help lower your tax liability. Informative and up to date,
you'll find information about surviving a tax audit, preventing tax problems in the
first place, protecting your business, and much more. The site's Ask The Expert"
feature lets visitors present tax professionals questions about their current tax
situations and any problems they may be having with the IRS.

Tax Library
The Tax Library is a graphically simple site that offers a well-arranged supply of
practical tax tips and information. If you're nearing the end of the tax year and
realize you won't be able to pay the taxes you owe, check out the Tax Library's
inventive but legal "Two Creative Ways To A Penalty For Underpayment." Click
the "Twelve Tax Myths Debunked" link to clear up some of the rumors you've
heard around the water cooler, or find out more about Roth IRAs by clicking
"Considering a Roth IRA?" http://www.cyberhaven.com/taxlibrary

Tax Logic
Tax Logic is an online alternative to hunting down the right forms, working a
pencil to the nub into the wee hours, and not knowing with certainty that you're
getting back all that you should. This online service guides you through a
worksheet, and then a Tax Logic professional calls you back to go over
everything with you. The fees are calculated by the form, and there's a helpful fee
chart on the site--so no surprises. Tax Logic accepts Visa, AE, MasterCard, and
Discover. Your hard-copy forms will be mailed to you for your signature and
traditional mail filing in 48 hours, or you can opt for free E-file.

Tax Problems: Audits, Tax Bills and More
This site is part of Nolo.com, a self-help law center. Here you'll find useful,
practical information about general tax concerns. Additionally, if you're going
through an audit or an appeal with the IRS, you'll also find invaluable advice and
resources in the "How To Deal With The IRS" section. Read the interesting
statistics about fellow citizens' filing habits in the "Cheating, Fraud, and Other
Tax Crimes" area, and glean some useful information about filing options
throughout the site.

The Tax Prophet
If it's possible to make taxes and information about taxes interesting, Robert L.
Sommers, attorney at law, has done it. The self-styled Tax Prophet has taken at
light-hearted approach to a very serious subject, taxes and the U.S. Tax Code, and
has fashioned them into something understandable. There's an informative section
for foreign investors who have to pay taxes in the U.S. Visitors to the site can also
access his FAQ section that is an archive of his bi-monthly column that appears in
the San Francisco Examiner (Sunday, Business Section).

Tax Resources
This site is a collection of links to other Web sites that offer information about
taxes. Look here for a variety of general resources and tools--it's a somewhat
academic look at paying taxes. There are links to sites that offer tax tips, advice,
and e-filing, but this site provides information about updates to tax laws, links to
preparers, and information about how to get forms. It's a comprehensive, well-
ordered site, but don't look here for tax-filing information at 11:43pm on April
15. http://www.taxresources.com

Tax Tips & Traps
This Web site is the home page of Avery, Cooper & Company, Certified General
Accountants, of the Northwest Territories, Canada. You'll find thorough tax
information for corporate and personal taxes, for businesses just starting out or
those who didn't make it this year. Whatever your tax needs, you can find links to
resources and services, in addition to contact information for Avery, Cooper &
Company. The site offers ordering instructions for a video entitled "Tax Tips and
Traps" that some will find helpful.

Tax Tips and Facts
Roger A. Kahan, CPA, from Randolph, Mass. is a member of the Mass. Society
of Certified Public Accountants. This Web site is designed to help filers out
during tax season. There are lucid arguments as to why you need a CPA, as well
as practical tips for filers that are updated each week. The state tax information is
specific to Massachusetts, but recaps of changes in Federal tax law apply to all
users. In addition to putting in a plug for Intuit's Quick Books 99, Mr. Kahan's
office is an authorized support center for Quick Books, and he encourages people
to call with questions and problems. http://www.rak-1.com

Tax World
Tax World offers a variety of information about taxes from the very practical to
the esoteric. You can find links to tax preparers, access & download forms, and
find sites where that are approved for e-filing. You can also read the about the
historical justifications for our current tax policy as well as constitutional
arguments against a Federal income tax. Read current studies by the Brookings
Institute, and see the effect of currently proposed legislation on tax-paying
citizens. http://www.taxworld.org

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
This site is home to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an
association with over 330,000 members. Primarily designed for members, the site
features information about further educational opportunities, seminars,
publications, and a variety of links to online resources for CPAs. There are
reviews of various tax software, and a special section for Accounting Students
who may be interested in joining the AICPA, and the many benefits to doing so.
If you need help using any of the site's areas, click the Site Tutorial link in the
bottom-right corner. http://www.aicpa.org

The Center for Financial and Tax Planning Inc.
Tax services provided on this Web site are designed to aid with overall financial
planning. Users will find practical information and links to IRS pages for
downloading necessary tax forms. You'll also be able to access a TaxTalk bulletin
board with current information on a variety of tax issues. If you want to throw
your two cents in with whatever you owe in taxes, jump into the online chat room
TaxChat. Test your tax knowledge with the Tax Game, which asks you tax
questions and displays the percentage of the questions you answer correctly.

Intuit, the makers of Quicken, TurboTax, and various accounting and tax-
preparation software, provides this comprehensive, easy to navigate site. You can
prepare and file your taxes electronically right from this site, and then track the
status of your return. Find information specific to users of Intuit's software (like
technical support and product update news), as well as general tips and guidelines
for all taxpayers. Browse the latest IRS publications, or visit the Tax Center for
even more helpful information.

U.S. Tax Code On-Line
John Walker, a programmer in Switzerland, has undertaken the monumental task
of putting the entire United States Tax Code online. Not only that, but Mr. Walker
has a search option that allows users to search for key words in the Tax Code
since the document is so enormous and downloading it in its entirety takes not
only a great deal of time, but also memory. In fact, the volume would print out
onto over 6,000 sheets of paper!!

Uncle Fed's Tax Board
This site is an excellent, one-stop shop for taxpayers. If you're looking to prepare
and file online, look no further. If you need assistance, advice, or more
information, Uncle Fed provides that too. Read about changes in the tax code and
how they affect your return. Read the latest General Accounting Office's activities
involving the IRS. With the exception of your W-2s, you'll find nearly everything
you'll need or want in order to file your tax return here on this comprehensive
site. http://www.unclefed.com
Universal Tax Systems
Universal Tax Systems makes software for tax professionals who use Windows or
DOS. The company's TaxWise software can handle federal and state tax returns,
and users can add specialized TaxWise modules to customize its functions to
include business and corporate tax as well. UTS' other major product,
FormsCOMPLETE, is a library of federal and state tax forms. The Links button
in the right margin of the home page is a "starting point for continuing
education," and gives you access to hyperlinks to the IRS, Social Security, and
state departments of revenue. http://www.taxwise.com

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