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									--PRESS RELEASE--
March 12, 2008
Oxnard, CA

    Public Service Announcement
       FREE ONLINE TAX SERVICE FOR CALIFORNIANS, a native California business, offers FREE Federal and California
State Income Tax Returns to all California Residents March 27th through 28th, as a
Public Service. will provide absolutely FREE Federal and California State
personal income tax return construction and eFiling to all California taxpayers, who
are filing resident returns for the tax year 2007 and are providing California addresses
on their income tax returns. Taxpayers do not need to purchase anything or follow any
special steps other than beginning and completing the tax filing process on March
27th or March 28th. The taxpayers will enjoy the same system capabilities and
limitations that are offered to the fee based users as part of this public service offering.

There are no other limitations such as income, profession type, filing status, etc. to
qualify for this offer. Taxpayers can come to us directly at .
This public service offer will also be available through the California Franchise Tax
Board (FTB) website.

This novel public service is a part of our FreeTax by program.

The applicable rules for the FREE service qualification are as follows and these rules
will be strictly enforced.

   •    The public service offer is valid, beginning at 12:01 AM Thursday March 27,
        2008, and ending 11:59 PM Friday March 28, 2008 Prevailing Pacific Time.

   •    The qualifying return has to be started and completed and signed-off-on during
        these times. The returns that were started before the beginning time and those
        that are completed after the ending time will not qualify for this public service

   •    Paper returns or paper return copy fees, Bank Product (RALS, etc.) related
        fees, credit card convenience fees associated with Balance Due tax payments,
        and other items sold separately are not covered with this public service offer
        and are not required for qualification for the free offer.

   •    There is no redeemable cash value to this public service offer and the offer is
        void in all jurisdictions where it may be prohibited by law.
In addition, with the recent legislation passed by the Congress and signed into law by
President Bush, as a good corporate citizen is participating in the
implementation of the Economic Stimulus Payments (ESP). Eligibility criteria for
ESP include that the citizens must file tax returns. Some citizens, such as those
receiving payments from the Social Security Administration or Department of Veterans
Affairs payments may not be required to file tax returns otherwise. For those citizens, developed a special eFiling process to accommodate fast and
accurate construction and filing of such returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

This service is absolutely free of charge as part of our
FreeTax by program for those citizens who need to file returns
merely to qualify for the ESP and would not otherwise be required to file a tax return.
To qualify for this free service, the filers must first go to the IRS website at,,id=179739,00.html and then be referred to us from that
page by clicking on our name. is an IRS and Franchise Tax Board approved OnLine Tax Filing
Service that has been providing tax return construction and eFiling since the first
OnLine returns were filed in 1996. is a proud member of the Free File Alliance, LLC, providing
FREE tax returns and eFiling to millions of American taxpayers in partnership with the
IRS as well as contributing returns through partnership with the FTB, on the FTB's
website. This partnership makes free returns and eFiling available to low income and
underserved California taxpayers throughout the current filing season. uses the FTB’s high technology, Secure Web Internet Transfer
System (SWIFT) for the eFiling of the Personal California Income Tax Returns, and
communicates- with the IRS securely using the TELNET-S protocol for the Federal
and associated state returns.

Timur Taluy
805 644 9398

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