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tax problem


									                                                                                           Coming to or
                                                                                        leaving Australia –
                                                                                           Is there a tax


                                                                               Outlines the key tax issues advisors need to
Taxation Institute of Australia
                                                                               be aware of that affect people either leaving
PO Box H185, Australia Square, Sydney NSW 1215
                                                                               Australia to work overseas or coming here
Fax: +61 2 8223 0077
                                                                               temporarily or permanently.
For information please contact our membership department:
                                                            0275IP/08 or call +61 2 8223 0060
                                                                                  1    CPD HOUR
Coming to or leaving Australia –                                    Coming to or leaving Australia –
Is there a tax problem?                                             Is there a tax problem?
                                                  1   CPD HOUR
                                                                    Order Form Tax InvOICe
Filmed 14 March 2008, national Convention 2008
Presented by Megan Field FTIa - Deloitte                            This document will be a tax invoice for GST when fully completed and you make a
                                                                    payment. Please retain a copy for your records. ABN 45 008 392 372 ACN 008 392 372
The workforce is becoming more and more mobile, and with
the war for talent in Australia, businesses are attracting more     Name
individuals to Australia both on short-term assignments and
permanent relocations. With this comes a range of tax issues        Membership no. (if applicable)
that affect people coming to Australia and also those leaving
to work overseas for a period of time.                              Signature

Advisors need to be aware of the range of tax issues that           Date of signature
affect people either leaving Australia to work overseas or
coming here temporarily or permanently.                             Company

This presentation looks at some of the domestic factors to be       Mailing address
addressed when leaving and coming to Australia including:
■ Capital Gains Tax and how it applies to:
    - temporary residents                                           Telephone (w)                                  (h)

    - taxpayers leaving and coming to Australia permanently.                     (m)                               (fax)
■ Superannuation and the tax implication of:
    - departing temporary residents
                                                                    * It is essential you provide your email address for online subscriptions
    - bringing super to Australia.
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 Taxation Institute website at              Cardholder’s Signature

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