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Many Senior Executives believe that they do not need to go to a retirement
planning programme because as successful business people they will arrange
things for themselves using their own decisions and problem solving skills.
This is not always the case. Once work ends they tend to take over their new
working environment, exasperate and anger their partner who has effectively
been running the home for years. Most retirees, regardless of status fail to give
their retirement years sufficient thought. The Europa Academy’s 1 day
Retirement Planning seminar will discuss the new challenges ahead, and help
you make adjustments to your lifestyle that will make sure your retirement is
as successful as your career.

Programme Benefits
Retired Executives have around 2,500 extra waking hours to fill.The Europa Academy’s
1 day programme will outline ways of doing so.We release how important it is keep on
stretching you physically and mentally.

Who should attend?
The course is designed specifically for Owner Directors, Senior Executives and upper

Programme Overview
This informative 1 day seminar exploits retirement’s rich potential, offering a unique
cross-section of services that employers can reward the service of their most valuable
Aims                                                         Programme Duration
                                                             This is a 1 day programme.
On completion of the programme it is the intention that
all participants will have the ability to, and understand:

• Adjust to their new lifestyle                              Accreditation
• Address Health issues                                      Fetac Approval in Progress
• Taxation and Mortgages
• Investments
• Legal matters                                              Inclusive of tuition, documentation, morning coffee,
• Their new environment                                      lunch and afternoon tea, the full fee is €595.

Programme Contents                                           Booking Information
                                                             For further information and booking procedures or
Adjusting to a new lifestyle
                                                             to discuss any aspect of the Retirement Planning
• Goals and Routines                                         programme please contact Peter Finnegan, Sales
• Family and relationships                                   Executive at

• Time Management
• Working again?                                             Faculty
                                                             Course Co-ordinator:
Legal Matters
                                                             Stephanie Valla Black
• Wills and Trusts                                 
• Guardianship                                               Sales Executive:
• Power of Attorney                                          Peter Finnegan
State Retirement Pensions
Health and Welfare
• Stress management
• Exercise
• Diet

Living arrangements
                                                             Europa Academy,
• Safety and Security                                        Balheary Road,
• Moving or staying
                                                             Co. Dublin

Money management                                             Telephone: +353 1 88 39 200
• Money Matters                                              Fax: +353 1 88 39 250
• How to obtain financial advice                             Email:

Leisure and Learning
• Hobbies and Interests
• Travel and Holidays

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