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									                      Ryerson University Introduces
                      Retirement Planning Seminars

We are pleased to announce the launch of retirement planning seminars for members of
the Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan. These seminars are designed to help our
employees prepare for this important phase of their lives.

The first set of seminars are intended for those who are 45 years and older. They will
focus on income planning for retirement; investment planning; tax planning. The
seminar will be conducted in two sections with each lasting about 3 hours in duration.
Spouses will be welcome, and for this reason, the sessions will probably start at 4pm.

In order to schedule presenters and locations, we are asking you to please return this
form to the Pensions & Benefits Unit if you would like to attend. We will then contact
you with the dates and times of the sessions. Every effort will be made to
accommodate date preferences.

    Yes, I would like to attend the Pre-Retirement Session
    Yes, my spouse will be attending

Day of the week preference  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday

Name (please print)

Topics I am interested in: ___________________________________________



Sessions targeted to those under 45 years of age will be announced at a later date.

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