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                                                                GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
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                              2009-2010 CSS PROFILE HELP SHEET

Allocate 20 minutes to complete this form. To make the process easier it would help to have your 2008
tax return, current bank statements, and other financial statements on hand while you complete the CSS

The CSS code number you must enter for your form to be sent to our office at the Stanford Graduate
School of Business is 0265.

Several questions ask you to indicate your income based on specific time periods. When the CSS Profile
application requests annual or estimated year income (Section SI), please use calendar year information
(January 1 – December 31). We define summer as June 15, 2009- September 20, 2009. We define the
academic year as September 21, 2008 - June 9, 2010. Please use these dates for the summer and academic
year to answer questions on the CSS Profile application and be sure that you do not combine any income
source into more than one time period.

If you have not yet filed your income tax return or statement, you should estimate your income and other
tax data to the best of your ability in order to complete the profile by the suggested filing date. To assist
you in your estimation, you may want to use your prior year’s tax return and your end of the year pay
stubs or W-2’s.

Always include the gross, pre-tax, amount when listing income from any source. For second year
students, ESP income and SMIF should be included as income. Please complete all questions including
the supplemental questions in section SQ. Include summer wages in the question about your 2008
income even though you may also have reported summer income in #SR-110. It will not be double

Please convert all foreign income and assets to U.S. dollars.

If you are an international student and filed or will file a tax return in any country or if someone on your
behalf (e.g. Employer) filed or will file for you, enter in the equivalent information for each question even
if it is tailored to US citizens and their work situation.

If you plan to marry on or before October 1, 2009, please be aware that SQ-756 will ask for your
anticipated date of marriage. If you are currently not married but planned to be married before October 1,
2009, please do not include your prospective spouse’s information on the CSS Profile application.
Instead, please complete the Prospective Spouse Form which can be downloaded from the Financial Aid

Stanford will receive your data electronically approximately two weeks after you submit the form.

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                                                         GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
                                                                          Financial Aid

Problem/Issue     Question       What Should You Do
                  Help Code
Address and
Email                            Enter in as much of your information as you can.
Social Security                  International students: If you do not have a social security number,
Number                           please leave this blank.
CSS Code No.      Registration   0265 (Stanford University - Grad School of Business)

Income Tax        Registration   If you filed a non-US income tax form, choose filed a tax return for
                                 question 8. In question 9, choose “other non-US tax return”
Student’s Info                   For US Residents choosing their state of legal residence, pick the
State of Legal      SD-120       state in which you lived for most of the previous year or where you
Residence                        intend to file your state tax return.
Number of
Exemptions and      SI-100       If you will not file a U.S. Income Tax Return, please leave these
Deductions                       items blank.
                                 If you will not file a U.S. Income Tax Return, please convert the sum
Adjusted Gross
                                 of all income sources (i.e., wages, interest/dividend income, capital
Income from         SI-105
                                 gains, business income, etc.) into U.S. dollars. This should be the total
U.S. IRS Form
                                 income as indicated on your foreign tax statement, if applicable.
                                 If you will not file a U.S. Income Tax Return but did complete a
                                 foreign tax statement, please indicate the amount paid in foreign
Taxes Paid          SI-110
                                 taxes. This should be the total tax paid as indicated on your foreign
                                 tax statement, if applicable.
Earned Income                    Please be aware that most of our students are not eligible for an
Credit                           earned income credit.
Financial Aid                    Please be aware that typically our students do not have any taxable
Reported Income                  financial aid.
                                 List the gross value of assets when it asks for the worth. Do not
Assets             SA-110A       deduct amounts owed against the asset for consumer debt. Include
                                 accounts which you share with others.
                                 List the gross value of all retirement funds and pension plans. Do not
Assets              SA-105
                                 deduct possible tax liabilities for retirement funds.
                                 You may be asked for supporting documentation to verify the current
Assets            SA-120/125
                                 market value and the indebtedness of your home.
                                 You may be asked to provide a copy of the trust that indicates the
                                 value of the trust, the portion of the trust that includes your name as
Trust               SA-170       the beneficiary, and the terms of the distribution of the funds.
                                 If you enter an NA response to this question, you may still be
                                 required to provide additional documentation.

                                 When estimating medical and dental expenses, use expenses you
                                 incurred over the past year that will be repeated in the coming year.
                   SE-105        See IRS instructions for Form 1040, Schedule A for a comprehensive
                                 list of expenses to include. Do not include amounts that will be
                                 covered or reimbursed by insurance.
                                      518 Memorial Way  Stanford University  Stanford, CA 94305-5015
                                       Phone 650.723.3282  Fax 650.725.3328  finaid@gsb.stanford.edu
                                                        GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
                                                                         Financial Aid

Expected Annual                Summer 2008 (3 months)= June 16, 2008-September 21, 2008
Income from                    School year 2008-2009 (9 months) = September 22, 2008-June 10,
Work                           2008
Expected Annual                If you are an international student and your spouse or prospective
Income from                    spouse will not be able to work in the United States due to the type of
Work                           visa he/she holds, please explain in Section ES.
                               Enter total amounts. Examples of these types of aid include the Soros
                               Foundation and Fulbright Scholarship. Please indicate in section P if
Scholarships,        SR-150
                               you have already been awarded these funds or that you expect to
fellowships, etc.
                               receive them.
                               Typically, these are employer tuition benefits (we refer to these as
Tuition benefits    SR-155A
                               Forgivable Loans).
Gifts or Loans      SQ-633 &
from parents         SQ-634    You will need to specify whether this amount is a gift or a loan.
                               Only include spouse, children already born, and those for whom you
Household Info      SD-135B    will provide over 50% financial support during the 2007-2008
                               academic year.

Although our office may be able to assist you with basic questions, please contact The College
Board if you have questions about the completion of the application.

                                  E-mail: help@cssprofile.org
                                   Telephone: 305-829-9793

                                    518 Memorial Way  Stanford University  Stanford, CA 94305-5015
                                     Phone 650.723.3282  Fax 650.725.3328  finaid@gsb.stanford.edu