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					                                         Continuously Improving your Business

                                   Advanced CSS Techniques

ESI Training Services:        It's been some years since web layouts started to move away from the
Practical Implementation      use of tables, adopting CSS layouts, now in widespread use. However,
Courses                       many layout artists still have problems working with this standard:

                              • Simple layouts are easy to design, but complex ones require much
                                experience, so many designers never try rich designs.

                              • Sometimes trying to design complex layouts and/or rich graphical
                                decorations makes the underlying HTML/CSS code cluttered with
                                unneeded elements and hardly modifiable.

                              • Poor understanding of selectors and redefinition makes CSS files
                                grow bigger than needed, slowing down navigation and thus, user

                              This course provides some techniques and good practices to make
                              designing with CSS easier, overcoming common problems.

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                                                                             Benefits of the Course
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                            Practical Implementation Courses: Advanced CSS Techniques

             Who Should Attend?
             This course is intended for those involved in website layout and design, who wish to improve their CSS skills:
             • Web layout artists
             • Web designers
             • Web developers

             Benefits of the Course                               This course provides participants a deep knowledge of the CSS
             standard, and its best use and application. Participants will be able to design and develop more complex and flexible
             layouts, improving them in many ways: cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, reduced size (faster downloads),
             easier maintenance...

             Participants must have a basic knowledge on CSS elements and properties.

             Presenters                  The instructors that present this course have several years of experience in CSS design
             of websites, and training web developing teams, for both public and private organizations.

             The duration of the course is 16 hours, usually divided in 3-4 days, depending on client's availability.

ontinuously Improving your Business         Continuously Improving your Business            Continuously Improving your Business      C
                     Practical Implementation Courses: Advanced CSS Techniques

      Key Topics
      CSS optimisation:
      • (X)HTML element redefinition
      • Use of own definitions (id's and classes)
      • Selectors

      • Pros and cons
      • Most used hacks
      • Creating layouts without hacks

      Liquid layouts:
      • Liquid vs static layouts: pros and cons
      • Use of relative units: layouts for different screen resolutions

      Advanced lists, tables and forms:
      • Advanced redesign of these elements

      Advanced layout techniques:
      • Rounded corners
      • Vertically centered elements
      • Image galleries
      • Shadows
      • Image replacement
      • Useful tips & tricks

      Practical exercise

Continuously Improving your Business          Continuously Improving your Business   Continuously Improving your Business
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