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            Harbor Resources Update

                  June, 2007
                              Lower Bay Dredging Project

 Harbor     •The Corps thinks we should continue to pursue our $4.1 million project, for
Resources   which we have already requested Boxer/Feinstein/ Campbell support, in the FY
 Division   08 budget.

            •The Corps likes our pyrethroid strategy and would like the Coastal
            Engineering Research Center Laboratory to participate in our proposed new
            technology that may provide some benefit nationally.

            •The Corps will request $11 million for the full project in the FY 09 budget,
            which is currently under preparation. If we get the $4.1 million in FY 08, they'll
            modify the request.

            •The Corps will direct us on who to see and when to get the lobby going for the
            FY 09 request. It will require someone (an elected official?) to make a visit to

            •If we fail in getting the FY 09 request funded then Corps thinks the timing
            would be appropriate to request one final dredging by the Corps with a City
            takeover of the responsibility (per our option 2).

            •The first step in our lobbing efforts are to get George Domurant down from
            San Francisco Division to discuss the project. He is the first person that can
            say no to District's request for FY 09.

    Upper Newport Bay
     Dredging Project
              Balboa Island Beach Replenishment Project
            • The next phase of work will involve pushing sand to increase the
            dry beach at three locations on South and East Bayfront . The
            work will proceed from June 19 thru 22.
Resources          Dredge Site

                         Beach Replenishment Site

Win – Win
Intracoastal Dredging is
dredging 1000 cy from a
hazardous shoal in the City
Tidelands portion of the entrance
channel and replenishing the
City Beach at the South end of
China Cove.
                          Harbor Area Management Plan
Resources   • Harbor Resources staff met with Weston Solutions to get them
 Division   started on the HAMP preparation.
            • Commissioners Collins and Corrough have given valuable input
            and information was conveyed to Weston and will be included in
            their outline which will be presented for City approval in two
            • A Technical Advisory Committee will be formed soon to guide
            the HAMP team through the work effort.
            • The HAMP is part of a larger work effort called the Integrated
            Regional Watershed Management Plan (IRWMP). The IRWMP
            preparation contract has recently been awarded.
            • Larry Paul was hired to manage the day to day operations of the
            contract teams to ensure that they stay on track to give us the
            desired product.
            The Strategic Plan for Fiscal and Economic Sustainability for
            the City of Newport Beach includes eight major goals for economic
            development in the City is in being reviewed in draft form now:
            • Goal 1: Facilitate revitalization of the City’s older commercial areas;
            • Goal 2: Support efforts to optimize retail sales capture;

            • Goal 3: Facilitate the development of businesses that strengthen the
            vitality of the local economy;

            • Goal 4: Facilitate an economically viable and vital Newport Harbor;

            • Goal 5: Enhance the boating services of Newport Harbor;

            • Goal 6: Support careful expansion of visitor-serving businesses and

            • Goal 7: Seek methods to improve traffic flow and minimize the economic
            impact of traffic congestion;

            • Goal 8: Administer the development review and permitting processes in
            an efficient and customer friendly manner.
                                First Team
                                Hoag Regatta

 • Temporary docks
 attached to M Street Public
 Pier functioned well.
 • Event turned out to be
 and excellent public/private
 effort and we’d like to
 thank everyone for their
 exceptional cooperative
 team effort.
            First Team Real Estate Invitational Regatta for the Hoag Cup

 Harbor     • $400,000 was raised to benefit the Hoag Heart and Vascular
Resources   Institute.
               Capital Improvement Program Requests for FY 07- 08
                           For Harbor Resources Division
            Project                         Amount Budgeted
            Rhine Channel Wharf Public Dock         $240,000
            Rhine Channel Wharf Repairs             $330,000
            Public Dock Access Improvements         $140,000
            Mooring Masterplan Assistance           $100,000
            Eelgrass Mitigation Bank                $139,000
            Coastal Sand Replenishment Co-op        $100,000
            Balboa Yacht Basin Electrical Repairs   $ 65,000
            Balboa Parking Lot Equip. Replacement   $ 70,000
                                         Sea Lions

            • It is the season for the return of the sea lions. Six to seven
 Harbor     sea lions were observed within Newport Bay in May and about
Resources   15 to 20 sea lions are present thus far in June.
            • Harbor Resources and Harbor Patrol are focusing on
            moving/removing vessels like the one shown in this slide and
            making contact with vessel owners to install deterrent
            • We are also encouraging everyone to check their deterrent
            measures to make sure that they don’t easily accessible
            comfortable spots in the harbor.
          • We have been focused
          on preventing damage to
          vessels and docks and
 Harbor   deterring related sea lion
Resources problems.
            • Others in the community
            have a different view.
Resources   • Last Night the City Council approved:
                • Amendment to Weston Solutions Contract to perform
                additional pyrethroid and mercury analyses and develop
                contaminant management protocol.
                • Balboa Island Beach Study to evaluate beach erosion
                processes and potential solutions.
                • Coastal Commission / City MOU regarding 919 Bayside
                Drive and the Rhine Wharf Guest Dock.
                • Franchise with Balboa Island Ferry.

            • Harbor Resources, Planning, Revenue and City Attorney staff
            have completed a 95% review of the rewrite of Title 17. We are
            very close to bringing it to Council for approval.

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