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					Hardware Specifications
From an architecture standpoint, the License 2000 back office application consists of a single
database server, while the front end MyLicense application consists of two system components:
1) the MyLicense Web server, and 2) the MyLicense database server. The table below describes
the function of each component.

        Component                                            Description
License 2000 Database Server     This is the database server that contains all of the licensing,
                                 accounting, person, complaint and other related data for License
                                 2000. It runs on a variety of OS and database platforms
                                 including Windows 2000, NT, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP Unix,
MyLicense Web Server             This is the Web server that actually contains the MyLicense
                                 application code. It runs on a Microsoft Windows 2000 server
                                 with IIS and Dot.Net and typically resides in the DMZ of state
                                 networks. It uses Web Services (SOAP) to request and present
                                 data from the MyLicense database. Additionally, this server
                                 host services that move data between MyLicense and License
                                 2000 (or other back office system). It utilizes industry standard
                                 XML, SOAP and Web Services to perform these tasks.
MyLicense Database Server        This is the data store for MyLicense. It is a Windows 2000
                                 server. The MyLicense database is a subset of the data that
                                 exists in License 2000.

    Hardware Specifications

License 2000 and MyLicense require certain hardware and software components to support the
implementation. The servers are sized based on the requirements of each project. The table below
identifies the recommended minimum equipment configurations.

 System Component            License 2000           MyLicense Web          MyLicense Database
                           Database Server               Server                    Server
                        800 MHz /512K            Pentium III 800 MHz       Pentium III 800 MHz
Server Hardware
                        Pentium III (Single      processors, 512MB         processors, 512MB
                        Processor)               RAM, and RAID-5           RAM, and RAID-5
                        512MB SDRAM              disk storage.             disk storage.
                        Redundant Power
                        RAID 5
                        Tape Backup Drive
                        MS SQL Server 7.0                                  MS SQL Server 7.0 or
Sever Software                                   Microsoft Internet
                        or higher                                          higher
                                                 Information Server
                        Oracle 7.0-8.3                                     Oracle 7.0-8.3

The following is the recommended workstation configuration for License 2000:

                Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
   266 MHz Pentium II (or equiv.) CPU
   128 MB RAM
   Network access
   Microsoft Word 97 SR-1/2000
   150 MB available Hard Disk space
   Color monitor