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Perl Quick Reference Card Operator Precedence continued 87 tr Modifiers by ltj39095


									      Perl Quick Reference Card                                             Operator Precedence (continued)                                    87   tr/// Modifiers                                                156
                                                                            Associativiy     Arity      Precedence Class                            /c     Complement SEARCHLIST.
 version 0.02 – editor: John Bokma – freelance programmer Right                              3          ?:                                          /d     Delete found but unreplaced characters.
       DRAFT VERSION, check:                                                                                             /s     Squash duplicate replaced characters.
                                                                            Right            2          = += -= *= and so on
Backslashed Character Escapes                                           61
                                                                            Left             2          , =>
                                                                                                                                                    General Regex Metacharacters                                   159
\n Newline (usually LF)                 \0           Null character (NUL)
                                                                            Right            0+         List operators (rightward)
\r Carriage return (usually CR) \033                 ESC in octal                                                                                   Symbol Atomic Meaning
                                                                            Right            1          not
\t Horizontal tab (HT)                  \x7f         DEL in hexadecimal Left                                                                        \…     Varies     De-meta next nonalphanumeric character, meta
                                                                                             2          and
\f Form feed (FF)                       \cC          Control-C                                                                                                        next alphanumeric character (maybe).
                                                                            Left             2          or xor
\b Backspace (BS)                       \x{263a} Unicode, ☺(smiley)                                                                                 …|…    No         Alternation (match one or the other).
\a Alert (BEL)                          \N{NAME} Named character            File Test Operators                                                98   (…)    Yes        Grouping (treat as a unit).
\e Escape (ESC)                                                             -r File is readable by effective UID/GID.                               […]    Yes        Character class (match one character from a set).
                                                                            -w File is writable by effective UID/GID.
Translation Escapes                                                     61
                                                                            -x File is executable by effective UID/GID.                             ^      No         True at beginning of string (or after a newline,
\u Force next character to uppercase (“titlecase” in Unicode).
                                                                            -o File is owned by effective UID/GID.                                                    maybe).
\l Force next character to lowercase.
                                                                            -R File is readable by real UID/GID.                                    .      Yes        Match one character (except newline, normally).
\U Force all following characters to uppercase
                                                                            -W File is writable by real UID/GID.                                    $      No         True at end of string (or before any newline,
\L Force all following characters to lowercase
                                                                            -X File is executable by real UID/GID.                                                    maybe).
\Q Backslash all following non-"word" characters (quotemeta)
                                                                            -O File is owned by real UID/GID.
\E End \U, \L, or \Q.                                                                                                                               Regex Quantifiers                                       159-160
                                                                            -e File exists.
Quote Constructs                                                        63 -z File has zero size                                                    Quantifier Atomic Meaning
                                                                            -s File has nonzero size (returns size).                                *            No           Match 0 or more times (maximal).
Customary        Generic           Meaning                     Interpolates
                                                                            -f File is a plain file.                                                +            No           Match 1 or more times (maximal).
                                                                            -d File is a directory.                                                 ?            No           Match 0 or 1 time (maximal).
''               q//               Literal string              No
                                                                            -l File is a symbolic link.                                             {COUNT}      No           Match exactly COUNT times.
""               qq//              Literal string              Yes
                                                                            -p File is a named pipe (FIFO).                                         {MIN,}       No           Match at least MIN times (maximal).
``               qx//              Command execution           Yes
                                                                            -S File is a socket.                                                    {MIN,MAX}    No           Match at least MIN but not more than MAX
()               qw//              Word list                   No
                                                                            -b File is a block special file.                                                                  times (maximal).
//               m//               Pattern match               Yes
                                                                            -c File is a character special file.
s///             s///              Pattern substitution        Yes
                                                                            -t Filehandle is open to a tty.                                         *?         No             Match 0 or more times (minimal).
y///             tr///             Character translation       No                                                                                   +?         No             Match 1 or more times (minimal).
                                                                            -u File has setuid bit set.
""               qr//              Regular expression          Yes                                                                                  ??         No             Match 0 or 1 time (minimal).
                                                                            -g File has setgid bit set.
Note: no interpolation is done if you use single quotes for delimiters.     -k File has sticky bit set.                                             {MIN,}?    No             Match at least MIN times (minimal).
                                                                            -T File is a text file.                                                 {MIN,MAX}? No             Match at least MIN but not more than MAX
Operator Precedence                                                     87 -B File is a binary file (opposite of -T).                                                         times (minimal).
Associativiy       Arity       Precedence Class                             -M Age of file (at startup) in (fractional) days since modification.
                                                                                                                                                    Extended Regex Sequences                                       160
None               0            Terms, and list operators (leftward)        -A Age of file (at startup) in (fractional) days since last access.
                                                                                                                                                    Extension         Atomic Meaning
Left               2            ->                                          -C Age of file (at startup) in (fractional) days since inode change.
None               1            ++ --                                                                                                               (?#…)               No       Comment, discard.
Right              2            **                                          Pattern Modifiers                                                147    (?:…)               Yes      Cluster-only parentheses, no capturing.
Right              1            ! ~ > and unary + and unary -               /i       Ignore alphabetic case distinctions (case insensitive).        (?imsx-imsx)        No       Enable/disable pattern modifiers.
Left               2            =~ !~                                       /s       Let . match newline and ignore deprecated $* variable.         (?imsx-imsx:…)      Yes      Cluster-only parentheses plus modifiers.
Left               2            */%x                                        /m       Let ^ and $ match next embedded \n.                            (?=…)               No       True if lookahead assertion succeeds.
Left               2            +-.                                         /x       Ignore (most) whitespace and permit comments in pattern.       (?!…)               No       True if lookahead assertion fails.
Left               2            << >>                                       /o       Compile pattern only once.                                     (?<=…)              No       True if lookbehind assertion succeeds.
Right              0,1          Named unary operators                                                                                               (?<!…)              No       True if lookbehind assertion fails.
                                                                            Additional m// Modifiers                                         150    (?>…)               Yes      Match nonbacktracking subpattern.
None               2            < > <= >= lt gt le ge
                                                                            /g       Globally find all matches.                                     (?{…})              No       Execute embedded Perl code.
None               2            == != <=> eq ne cmp
                                                                            /cg      Allow continued search after failed /g match.                  (??{…})             Yes      Match regex from embedded Perl code.
Left               2            &
Left               2                                                                                                                                (?(…)…|…)           Yes      Match with if-then-else pattern.
                                |^                                          Additional s/// Modifiers                                        153
Left               2            &&                                                                                                                  (?(…)…)             Yes      Match with if-then pattern.
                                                                            /g       Replace globally, that is, all occurences.
Left               2            ||                                          /e       Evaluate the right side as an expression.
None               2            .. ...
Alphanumeric Regex Metasymbols                          161-162       Composite Unicode Properties                               168-169
Symbol Atomic Meaning                                               Property Equivalent
\0          Yes   Match the null character (ASCII NUL).             IsASCII [\x00-\x7f]
\NNN        Yes   Match the character given in octal, up to \377.   IsAlnum [\p{IsLl}\p{IsLu}\p{IsLt}\p{IsLo}\p{IsNd}
                                                                    IsAlpha [\p{IsLl}\p{IsLu}\p{IsLt}\p{IsLo}
\n          Yes   Match nth previously captured string (decimal).   IsCntrl \p{IsC}
\a          Yes   Match the alarm character (BEL).                  IsDigit \p{IsNd}
\A          No    True at the beginning of a string.                IsGraph [^\pC\p{IsSpace}]
\b          Yes   Match the backspace character (BS).               IsLower \p{IsLl}
\b          No    True at a word boundary.                          IsPrint \P{IsC}
                                                                    IsPunct \p{IsP}
\B          No    True when not at a word boundary.
                                                                    IsSpace [\t\n\f\r\p{IsZ}]
\cX         Yes   Match the control character Ctrl-X (\cZ).         IsUpper [\p{IsLu}\p{IsLt}]
\C          Yes   Match one byte (C char) even in utf8 (dangerous). IsWord [_\p{IsLl}\p{IsLu}\p{IsLt}\p{IsLo}\p{IsNd}]
\d          Yes   Match any digit character.                        IsXDigit [0-9a-fA-F]
\D          Yes   Match any non-digit character.
\e          Yes   Match the escape character (ASCII ESC, not \ ).     Perl also provides the following composites:
\E          —     End case (\L, \U) or quotemeta (\Q) translation.    Property     Meaning                                      Normative
\f          Yes   Match the form feed character (FF).
                                                                      IsC         Crazy control characters and such                       Yes
\G          No    True at end-of-match position of prior m//g.
                                                                      IsL         Letters                                                 Partly
\l          —     Lowercase the next character only.
                                                                      IsM         Marks                                                   Yes
\L          —     Lowercase till \E.
                                                                      IsN         Numbers                                                 Yes
\n          Yes   Match the newline character (usually NL, but CR
                                                                      IsP         Punctuation                                             No
                  on Macs).
                                                                      IsS         Symbols                                                 No
\N{NAME}    Yes   Match the named char (\N{greek:Sigma}).
                                                                      IsZ         Separators (Zeparators?)                                Yes
\p{PROP}    Yes   Match any character with named property.
\P{PROP}    Yes   Match any character without the named property.     POSIX-Style Character Classes                              174-175
\Q          —     Quote (de-meta) metacharacters till \E.             Class Meaning
\r          Yes   Match the return character (usually CR, but NL      alnum Any alphanumeric, that is an alpha or a digit.
on Macs).                                                             alpha Any letter. (That's a lot more letters than you think, unless
\s          Yes   Match any whitespace character.
                                                                              you're thinking Unicode, in which case it's still a lot.)
\S          Yes   Match any nonwhitespace character.                  ascii Any character with an ordinal value between 0 and 127.
\t          Yes   Match the tab character (HT).                       cntrl Any control character. Usually characters that don't
\u          —     Titlecase next character only.                             produce output as such, but instead control the terminal
\U          —     Uppercase (not titlecase) till \E.                         somehow; for example, newline, form feed, and backspace.
\w          Yes   Match any “word” character (alphanum plus “_”).     digit A character representing a decimal digit, such as 0 to 9.
\W          Yes   Match any nonword character.                               (Includes other characters under Unicode.) Equivalent to \d.
\xHEX       Yes   Match the character given one or two hex digits.    graph Any alphanumeric or punctuation character.
\x{abcd}    Yes   Match the character given in hexadecimal.           lower A lowercase letter.
\X          Yes   Match Unicode “combining character sequence”        print Any alphanumeric or punctuation character or space.
string.                                                               punct Any punctuation character.
\z          No    True at end of string only.                         space Any space character. Includes tab, newline, form feed, and
\Z          No    True at end of string or before optional newline.          carriage return (and a lot more under Unicode.) Equivalent
Classic Character Classes                                       167          to \s.
                                                                      upper Any uppercase (or titlecase) letter.
Symbol Meaning              As Bytes                  As utf8         word Any identifier character, either an alnum or underline.
\d     Digit                [0-9]                    \p{IsDigit}      xdigit Any hexadecimal digit. Equivalent to [0-9a-fA-F].
\D     Nondigit             [^0-9]                   \P{IsDigit}
\s     White                [ \t\n\r\f]              \p{IsSpace}      You can negate the POSIX character classes by prefixing the class
\S     Nonwhitespace        [^ \t\n\r\f]             \P{IsSpace}      name with a ^ following the [:. (This is a Perl extension.)
\w     Word character       [a-zA-Z0-9_]             \p{IsWord}
\W     Non-(word character) [^a-zA-Z0-9_]            \P{IsWord}

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