At the Table- 2006 Slow progress at the table

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					                               Hospital Professionals
                                At the Table- 2006
                    Public, Professional & Proud                               Issue 1 April 5, 2006

 Slow progress at the table
Your Hospital Professionals Division (HPD) central         Local Issues
bargaining team met in negotiations with the
participating hospitals’ team from March 27 through        This is a reminder to send in the local issues proposals
March 31. Both sides worked hard throughout the            tabled by both sides at the local level by April 7 for
week and slow progress is being made.                      vetting. Please remember to add the employee
                                                           definitions to your proposals if you do not already
The parties tabled their proposals early Monday            have this in your contract.
morning and began working immediately on the
non-monetary issues, a broad group that includes             Your HPD Central Bargaining Team 2006-08
definitions, job security, job posting, change of
schedule language and superior benefits.                     Yves Shank, Chair
                                                             Sudbury Regional Hospital—Local 659
The parties attempted to reach agreement on                  Leslie Sanders, Vice-Chair
definitions for full time, part-time, casual and             Lakeridge Health Corp—Local 348
temporary employees but were unable to do so,
largely because of the variations in existing                Sandi Blancher
language in local appendices.                                London Heath Sciences—Local 106

The parties have therefore agreed in a letter of             Connie Ferrara
understanding to move these issues to the local              Rouge Valley Health—Local 311
tables for this round only. This letter is being sent to
local presidents/highest ranking and staff                   Stephen Wallis
                                                             Guelph General—Local 231
                                                             Bryan Mitchell,
Next dates                                                   Mt. Sinai Hospital—Local 570

Our next bargaining dates are April 10, 11 and 12.           Boris Prus,
                                                             Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance—Local 141
Both parties have expressed a commitment to
reaching a negotiated settlement in this round. In           Researchers:   Michele Dawson Haber
case this is not possible, the parties have agreed to                       Gwen Jenkins
an arbitration board to resolve outstanding issues.          Negotiator:    Moya Beall
The Chair of the Board is Stephen Raymond, our
sidesperson is Cam Nelson and the participating                 Authorized by:
hospitals’ sidesperson is Roy Filion.                           Leah Casselman, President

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