GRAYSON CLUSTER
                SCHOOLS FOUNDATION

                 GRANT APPLICATION

                        MISSION STATEMENT
To enhance the quality of public education for the students in the Grayson
Cluster of schools by providing funds which enrich and extend educational

   Please note: funds will not be awarded for the following: projects
     or equipment that can be funded by the lottery or school system,
     travel expenses or field trips for individuals/clubs/ organizations,
     ongoing expenses such as memberships, magazine or CD
     subscriptions, reference materials such as dictionaries,
     thesauruses or encyclopedias, computer software, expendable
     supplies, club or booster organization expenses or funds, child
     specific items (such as a personalized book for the child to take
     home), shipping costs (these should be covered by the school), or
     taxes, etc. (Remember, the school system is tax exempt and there
     should be no sales tax incurred.) For a list of projects funded by the
     Foundation, contact Diane Schatell.

   Please complete all sections and questions using the Times New
     Roman font with 12 pt. Please limit answers to space provided.

   Please contact Diane Schatell if you have any questions regarding the
                  Diane Schatell
                  678-518-6941 (Phone)
                  678-518-6975 (Fax)
               GRANT APPLICATION
          Grayson Cluster Schools Foundation
I. Basic Information
      Name of project or request:
      Name of individual(s) requesting grant:
      Your position or job description:
      Affiliated with which school:
      Request is for the school year ______-______.
II. Amount of request from the Grayson Foundation          $
      A. Is additional funding being requested or received from other sources, and/or is
      there a possibility to receive matching funds from another source? __________

      If the answer to the above question was yes, who are the other sources, and how
      much funding is being requested or received from them?

      B. Have you received a GCSF grant in the past? If so, please list grants and
         provide a progress report on the status or outcome of the project.
III. Grant Request Information
          A. Describe your project and the specific purpose for the grant requested? In
             addition to listing specific AKS goals, etc., please clearly describe, in
             language that a non-educator can understand, what it is you would
             like to do.

          B. Which Grayson Cluster School will benefit from this grant and how many
             participants will be involved with, and impacted by, the project?

          C. How will your use of funding provide opportunities to enrich, extend or
             supplement the education of Grayson cluster schools, students, or staff
             members beyond the expected standard?
D. Explain the connection to local school goals.

E. Explain the enhancement to student performance/achievement.

F. Explain the inspiration for continued lifetime learning.

G. Is there the ability for this project to be repeated or to serve as a model
   program? ________ If the answer is yes, explain.
H. Please itemize a list of expenses. If there are multiple items, they should
   be listed separately with their individual costs and a brief description, if
   necessary, for clarity. Do not include shipping or taxes.

I. Additional Information that may be helpful in evaluating this request:
IV. Expectations
      All grant recipients are expected to turn in documentation on expenses incurred to
      the respective school bookkeeper. In addition, recipients will be invited to
      participate in the spring meeting of the Grayson Foundation Board to share
      successes and outcomes attributed to the grant received.

V. Submittal
     Applications should be submitted by email, interoffice mail, or hand delivered to:
     Diane Schatell
     Grayson Cluster Schools Foundation
     Lovin Elementary
     Fax – 678-518-6975
     Email address:

Contact information for applicant:

I affirm that I have read, and understand, the cover sheet, and that all information
submitted is correct to the best of my knowledge.

(Signature of applicant)

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