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					                                   ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT

DATE:             June 10, 2009
TO:               Board of Supervisors
FROM:             R. David Laurrell, County Administrator R. David Laurrell 6/10/2009
RE:               June 15, 2009 Board of Supervisors Meeting

11:00 a. m.       Human Services Committee (Puckett / Shockley)
 1:00 p. m.       Call to Order, Invocation by Supervisor Shockley

     3:00 p. m.   Workshop with VDOT – Rt. 29 Corridor Update (Board Members & Planning
                  Commission (Board Multi-Use Room)
     4:00 p. m.   Workshop with Planning Commission (Board Multi-Use Room) – Electronic copy
                  of all material is attached below. Please bring your paper copies distributed on June
                  1st if you would like to use them.

July 6, 2009 Regular Meeting – Cancelled; Next Meeting – July 20th at 7 PM

                                     APPROVAL OF MINUTES

1.        May 18, 2009 - Regular Meeting
          June 1, 2009 - Regular Meeting


Don Austin, Residency Administrator


          The Residency Administrator will be present to receive any highway matters from the

Donald Hart, VACo President

3.        APPEARANCE – DONALD HART (10 minutes)

       Donald Hart, President of the Virginia Association of Counties, would like to address the
Board, introduce himself and provide a brief update on the activities that VACo is involved with.

RECOMMENDATION: No action is required.
                                    ADMINISTRATOR’S ITEMS

Kristin B. Wright, Staff Attorney

       (5 minutes)

        Chapter 16, the chapter on miscellaneous criminal offenses that also includes our noise
ordinance, is not normally updated in the spring. We updated our noise ordinance last fall to use
the “reasonable person” standard for determination for when the noise is too loud and eliminated
reference to use by the Sheriff’s Office of the sound level meter devices. In late April of this year,
however, the Supreme Court of Virginia handed down the decision in Tanner v. City of Virginia
Beach in which a noise ordinance similar to our new noise ordinance was struck down as too

         Staff has conferred with the Sheriff’s Office to determine whether new sound level meter
devices can be obtained and returned to service. The original request to eliminate reference to
them in the Code was in part because the devices had gone past their useful life. After determining
the devices could in fact be obtained, we have revised (summary included) the ordinance to return
it to the language in use prior to last fall’s revision: including use of the sound level meters. This
should eliminate any concerns that our noise ordinance could be found unenforceable pursuant to
the new case law. The amended text for Chapter 16 is available electronically in edit format with a
paper copy available in the County Administrator’s Office.

         Pursuant to the direction of the Board at the May 18 meeting, staff plans to advertise the
rest of the Code update for a public hearing to be held on July 20, 2009. There is plenty of time to
add Chapter 16 and the update of the noise ordinance to the advertisement for the Code as a whole.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the advertisement of a public hearing to update
Chapter 16 of the Campbell County Code for the July 20, 2009 Board of Supervisors meeting
with the other scheduled Code updates.

Alan Lane, Director of Management Services


        The Board of Supervisors adopted the FY 2010 budget at its May 18, 2009 meeting and
historically adopts the appropriations resolution during the second meeting in June of each year.
The appropriations resolution covers funding for the twelve-month period beginning July 1st and
ending June 30th of the following year and is based partly on funding authorized by the General
Assembly for state and state supported agencies. The Appropriations Resolution, Budget
Synopsis, PPTRA Resolution and Tax Resolution documents are attached.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Board adopt the Appropriations Resolution
for FY 2010 and approve the PPTRA Resolution for tax year 2009 (FY2010) along with the
Tax Resolution for tax year 2009 (FY2010).
Jason E. Stroud, Public Safety Deputy Director


        The provision of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) delivery in Campbell County has
experienced major changes during the past several years. EMS system changes and project initiatives
have been coordinated with the EMS Advisory Committee (EMSAC), Public Safety Committee and
Board of Supervisors, and have been carefully implemented to ensure the continued involvement of the
volunteer rescue squads as a core component of the pre-hospital patient care system in Campbell
County. While many improvements to better serve County residents have been made over the last
several years, we continue to experience lengthy response times throughout the County. Recently there
have been several response delays and/or no responses by volunteer rescue squads while the career-
staffed units were on other calls for service.

       These issues along with staff’s recommendation for improvement, which included short term
adjustments in schedules, changes in dispatching protocols, committing to scheduled shift coverage by
volunteer crews, and further augmenting the career providers with additional staff were presented to the
EMSAC at their regular meeting on June 1st. Implementing the County’s more vigorous Recruitment
and Retention program is also being targeted to provide additional support.

         The EMSAC plans to meet again on June 25th to implement changes to help continue to
improve EMS response times in the County. Toward that end the Public Safety Committee directed
staff to obtain Board input and approval to hire an additional six career EMS responders to be brought
on board in a fashion as determined by the EMSAC.

RECOMMENDATION: The Public Safety Committee, EMSAC and staff recommend the
Board of Supervisors provide approval for six additional EMS responders to be filled at the
appropriate time as recommended by the EMSAC, contingent on the ability to “self fund”
the additional employees through the EMS revenue recovery program.

Clifton M. Tweedy, Deputy County Administrator


       The Phase I Master Plan construction project is going well. This plan includes construction
of a new Maintenance Building to replace the existing building; building a new Citizen Services
Building that will house the Commissioner of Revenue, Treasurer, Community Development, and
Real Estate and Mapping; completing a major addition and significant renovations to the
Courthouse; and constructing minor renovations to the Haberer Building and Agricultural Services
Building. The project is more than one-half complete.

       Attached is a spreadsheet summarizing the costs incurred and outlining the anticipated
additional items need to be covered by the contingency established in the project budget.

RECOMMENDATION: After receiving this report staff will answer any questions the
Board may have. No action is required.
R. David Laurrell, County Administrator

8.     PROPOSED 2010 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA (10 minutes)

        Each year staff presents the Board with a proposed list of legislative items for
consideration. The adopted legislative priorities are forwarded to the Virginia Association of
Counties for inclusion in the Association’s annual statewide legislative priority list. Copies are
sent to our area legislators and a meeting is scheduled with them in late November/early December
to include the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, County Administrator and Deputy County Administrator
to discuss the Board’s priorities. Please find attached the proposed 2010 Campbell County
legislative agenda that will be reviewed at the meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Board adopt a list of proposed legislative
items to be forwarded to VACo and area legislators.


        Campbell County is a member of the VML/VACo/APCo Steering Committee that
addresses negotiations on electric power rates used for public entities. Because of the discussions
over the past year with the VML/VACo/APCo Steering Committee, a recommendation has been
made to execute contracts with APCo for a three-year period beginning July 1, 2009. The
negotiations resulted in a $1.5 million reduction in rates statewide for FY 2010, which translates
into a per kilowatt reduction of $.00237. For FY 2011 and FY 2012 respectively the reductions
statewide will be $1.75 and $2.0 million respectively.

        In order to take advantage of these rate reductions localities are required to execute a
current contract with the power provider (see-attached letter). Paper copies of the contract are
available in the County Administrator’s Office for review.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Board authorize the County Administrator
to execute the 3-year contract with APCo as negotiated by the VML/VACo/APCo Steering

10.    BUY AMERICAN RESOLUTION (5 minutes)

       At the request of Isle of Wight County, the Virginia Association of Counties has asked
Virginia localities to consider adopting a “Buy American” resolution in using Federal stimulus
funds being provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

       Please find attached a cover letter and draft resolution asserting that Campbell County will
take every opportunity available to expend ARRA stimulus funds received on American services
and American made products. The materials, goods and services produced in the United States
and purchased with public funds will immediately help struggling American families and stabilize
our greater economy. Campbell County should make every effort to maximize the impact ARRA
funds have on Campbell County businesses and citizens, as well as businesses and citizens
throughout America.
RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Board adopt the attached draft resolution
supporting the use of ARRA funds on American services and American made products
whenever possible.


       A group of citizens in the Altavista District have requested from the area Supervisor that
the County assist with the disposal fees of tires that were illegally dumped along the Staunton
River. The cost for disposal will be approximately $250 if the tires are taken directly to either the
Regional Landfill or the end disposal site at Emanuel Tire in Appomattox. Pick up and
transportation arrangements will be made separately and will not be done by the County.

       If the Board authorizes expenditure of the funds staff with work with the property owners
and the transporter to make arrangements for disposal at the site that has the lowest cost.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Board consider authorizing staff to pay the
disposal fees for tires removed from and adjacent to the Staunton River by the citizens group
in an amount not to exceed $500.

       a.)    APPROPRIATIONS
              Appropriations are included for your review. The majority of the appropriations are
       year-end settle up transfers to balance accounts for items already approved by the Board.


               When the Landfill transitioned to a regional system some of the heavy equipment to
       be used to complete various projects including building ball fields was kept. Two pieces of
       equipment are track loaders for use by the in-house construction group. Having two
       loaders available has proven to be very beneficial since it allows staff to concentrate on
       getting a single large project done when the weather is good or doing two small jobs at
       different sites. Both loaders are in good to excellent shape, but the older loader is in need
       of having the undercarriage replaced. At their March meeting the Public Works Committee
       agreed the undercarriage should be replaced and funds should come from other savings
       within the 515 fund budget. Included are a spreadsheet of the bids received and a transfer
       of appropriation to move funds into the Maintenance/Repair Heavy Equipment line to pay
       for the replacement of the undercarriage.


              When Campbell County became part of the Region 2000 Services Authority’s solid
       waste management effort last July it was agreed to pay settle-up costs for various items.
       The net total owed to the Authority to complete the final settle-up is $58,244.06. (An
       explanation of the settle-up items with most of the amounts owed and a supplemental
       appropriation are included.)
       a.)    Approve the Appropriations.

       b.)    Award the bid for replacement of the undercarriage of the track loader to
              Carter Machinery Co., Inc. in the amount of $18,548.50. Also, approve the
              transfer of appropriation attached to move the funds into the
              Maintenance/Repair Heavy Equipment line item.

       c.)    Approve the attached supplemental appropriation and authorize the final
              settle-up payment to the Region 2000 Services Authority to complete the
              transition to regional solid waste management.

                               MATTERS FROM THE BOARD

13.    A few minutes will be scheduled at each meeting to discuss matters from the Board.

       *Please note item #28 outlining the upcoming Fire/EMS Assessment process.
       *Please note item #32 inviting you to the annual volunteer appreciation day in October.
       *Please note items #34 and #35. These are the draft agreements with Appomattox County
        for the provision of water through the Rustburg to Concord water line.

                                     CLOSED MEETING

14.    Staff is requesting the Campbell County Board of Supervisors enter into a Closed Meeting
in accordance with the following:
           ◊ Section 2.2-3711 (A)(3) of the Code of Virginia to discuss matters related to the
                acquisition or disposal of real property for public purposes. This discussion is
                related to acquisition of the Altavista Armory.
           ◊ Section 2.2-3711 (A)(7) of the Code of Virginia to discuss legal matters related to
                Altavista EMS.
           ◊ Section 2.2-3711 (A)(7) of the Code of Virginia to discuss legal matters related to a
                number of public nuisances.

3:00 P. M.                   WORKSHOP WITH VDOT

15.    VDOT has been working on the most recent U.S. 29 Corridor study and would like to
present the current input and ideas. Planning Commission members have been invited to attend
(agenda attached).


16.     Joint Work Session on Comprehensive Plan Process - Agenda and supporting documents
are attached electronically. (Public Information Meeting sign in sheet and comments.) (Other
Public Comments.) Please bring your paper copies distributed on June 1st if you would like to use

                          AGENCY MINUTES AND REPORTS

17.   Department of Social Services                              April 15, 2009
18.   IDA                                                        March 9, 2009
19.   Quarterly Meeting Notes with Altavista Town Council        June 2009
20.   R E Lee Soil and Water Conservation District               April 23, 2009
21.   School Board                                               May 4, 2009

                                   INFORMATION ITEMS

22.   Comcast Channel Changes                                    May 29, 2009
23.   Central VA Disabilities Services Board Letter              May 26, 2009
24.   Copy of Treasurer’s Report                                 FY09
25.   Copy of Undesignated Cash Balance                          May 2009
26.   Copy of Undesignated Fund Balance                          May 2009
27.   Expenditure / Revenue Summary                              May 2009
28.   Fire/EMS Needs Assessment Meeting Announcement             June 25, 2009
29.   R E Lee Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Plan   FY 2009 – 2010
30.   Rezoning and Special Use Permit Actions                    FY 2009
31.   School Board – Change in Meeting Dates                     June 2, 2009
32.   Volunteer Appreciation Day Invitation                      October 19, 2009
33.   VDOT – FY 2010 Revenue Sharing Process                     May 28, 2009
34.   Water Purchase Contract – Final Draft – Appomattox County June 2009
35.   Water Purchase Contract – Appomattox County – Provisional June 2009