Freshman Orientation Syllabus by malj


									                                Freshman Orientation Syllabus

      Freshman Orientation is a semester long class that is designed to ease the transition from
middle school to high school. The class is centered on the Premier Go Program, which is a
how-to approach to help students:
      1. make positive choices under pressure
      2. improve communications with others
      3. measure change in their lives

The Go Program is powered by the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which will be
read during the semester. The Habits will be used not only in this class but will be applied to all
freshman academy courses. Major emphasis will be placed on organization, note taking,
reading, journal writing, volunteerism, manners and procedures that will increase each students
chance for success in high school.

      A student will receive a grade based on the following criteria:

Daily Assessment 50%- students will be graded daily on the rubric below
5 points - Has all materials for class and completes all assignments in a neat
      manner with complete sentences.

4 points -   Has all materials for class but work is not done in complete sentences.

3 points -   Has all materials for class and work is not complete.

2 points -   Has some materials for class and work is not neat or complete.

1 point - Has some materials for class but refuses to take part in classroom

0 points - Does not have any materials for class and refuses to take part in
      classroom assignment. Referral to Coach Collins.

Handout/test materials 30%

Volunteerism 20% - Each student is required to perform 2 hours of school service each six
weeks. This service can be completed during lunch or any day after school during the week.
The school service must be approved any staff member in the building and the person must
complete a time served paper. This service must be completed at school. No community
activities will be accepted.

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