GPS – J2ME – PHP – ASP.NET by uqg17706


									GPS – J2ME – PHP – ASP.NET
 On the Cell Phone
      Map - View yourself using Google map on the cell phone
      Routes - Create multiple routes simply that can be stored and viewed on
       the website
      Zoom - Change zoom levels on the map
      Settings - All user settings can now be entered in the application and will
       be stored on the phone. On the Website
      Routes - Select routes to view from a drop down box and delete them.
      Auto Refresh - Set the map to refresh automatically every 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10
       minutes. If you are having trouble installing the stored procedures with
       PHPMyAdmin, Watch this 4 minute video. It should clear up all your
  ile-trail-explorer/ Mobile Trail Explorer is an
  application where user can view and record
  tracks using the mobile phone and GPS device
  (either external or internal). Recorded tracks can
  be exported in KML or GPX formats so that they
  can be viewed in Google Earth application.
  Mobile Trail Explorer is mainly targeted for
  recording biking, hiking etc. trails.

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