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									Dear Participants,

Just a few points to note before you depart your stations for Abuja via

Late Arrivals

We have made arrangements for those of you coming in late on the 4 th April
to be accommodated at The Temperance. You will be on the first flight
(0700) to Abuja on the 5th. The Flight to Abuja from Lagos is normally 50
minutes. In Abuja, we have arranged to convey participants to the Hotel,
where you have reservations.

Transfer to Abuja

For those who are coming in good time, Protocol Officers are on standby to
facilitate your quick transfer to the Domestic Wing of the Airport for
onwards flights to Abuja. Arrangements have been concluded to transfer you
to the Hotel from the Airport.

Change of Hotel

Please note that the venue of the meeting has been changed to the Chelsea
Hotel in Abuja from the Bolingo Hotel Abuja. All participants will be
accommodated at the same hotel of the meeting.

Visa at the Port of Entry

A few of you come from countries without Nigerian Embassies. Please note
that we have contacted both the Airlines that would fly you to Nigeria as
well as the Nigerian Immigration Authorities to allow your passage and that
you will be granted visa at the port of entry. Copies of such letters have been
sent to you by email as attachment.


The weather condition in Abuja is slightly warm and humid. It’s the raining
season and occasional rains may occur. For weather conditions in Abuja,
please visit for
more information.

The Nigerian currency is the Naira (N), official exchange fluctuates from
time to time, but generally remains stable at N135.00 to $1.00. Please
consult Hotel Reception for more information.

Workshop Materials

Expectedly, there are several workshop preparatory materials for your kind
perusal. While most are English, we are doing our best to ensure, the core
documents are available in all the workshop languages. We have indeed sent
some of the materials to you as attachment by email. Our translators are
working overtime to translate some of the core materials that are yet to be
circulated. I will circulate the materials as soon as they are ready.

Find more information on the workshop site

Kindly contact me as soon as possible if there are problems.

Vitalis Ortese 234 802 340030
Programme Officer

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