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					                     Jordan Commons Condominium Assoc.

                             Monthly Meeting Minutes

                                       30 July 2009

Jordan Commons website:

Approved Deck Stain: Cabot Pacific Redwood #2009.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

   Board members present: Ray Woolrich; Mary Ann Huska; Bob Woolf

   Northeast Property Group Manager: Chris Myers

Minutes of the June 2009 meeting: No changes.

   Motion to accept: Ray Woolrich; 2nd Bob Woolf. Motion passed.

Financials of the June 2009 meeting:

 Questions from the Board were provided to NPG via e-mail and will be answered by

   Motion to accept: Ray Woolrich: 2nd Mary Ann Huska. Motion passed.

Old Business:

 There is still an unresolved issue with the door seal in the ladies restroom, outside
door at the pool house.

o   Action item NPG: Repair properly (third attempt).

New Business:

 The water company needs to close and lock the doors for their meters on the side of
Bldg. 2, and on all doors at Jordan Commons. When left unlocked, they blow open and
are damaged in the wind.

o   Action item NPG: Write letter to the water company.

 Reviewed claim of Unit #17 for water damage from dishwasher or water supply.
Damage was internal to the unit and not an Association responsibility under Association
rules or CT Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA).
   Bldg. #10: Significant siding bulging on the back side.

o   Action item NPG: Investigate and provide estimate to repair.

   Unit #6: Now owned by Jordan Commons Condo. Assoc.

o   Unit has been inspected by the Board for rehabilitation prior to renting and/or sale.

o Possibilities: Rent; rent with option to purchase; sell when mortgage insurance
available, during more advantageous real estate market conditions.

o   Carpet has been cleaned. Unit requires painting, reinstalling fixtures and lighting.

   Action item NPG: Provide cost estimates.

 Snow plowing and landscape contract is being negotiated with the current contractor
(Hayes, Inc). Will go out to general bid if satisfactory response not received by 14 Aug.

o   Action item NPG: Work with Hayes and prepare to go out to bid.

   Note: Weeding has been a constant issue.

 Note: After the mulch was spread, the shrubs were trimmed. The ensuing raking of
the trimmings removed some of the recently spread mulch.

   Action item NPG: Discuss weeding and mulch raking with Hayes, Inc.

   Bldg #4: Bldg number sign down.

   Action item NPG: Repair Bldg #4 sign.

 Bldg #5: Two outdoor light bulbs burned. Left entrance: Left bulb; Right entrance:
Right bulb.

o   Action item NPG: Change bulbs.

   Bldg. #12: Debris on Association grounds needs to be cleaned up.

o Unit owners are requested to assist where able to keep the grounds presentable.
There are a few bad apples, but most care about their homes. When you see someone
throwing trash on the grounds, either address it with them or report them to NPG for
further action.

   Action item NPG: Pick up large items.
 Decks: Unit owners who desire to put a gate/opening from their decks must, per
Association Bylaws and Waterford Town Building Code:

 Provide gates for all openings in Association decks, and stairs with handrails where
required by Town Building Code.

 Have their building plan approved by the Association Board and the Town Building

 Gate top must be the same height as the deck railings, and blend in with the rest of
the deck.

   Board approved gate and stair plans are available from NPG.

   Obtain building permit from the Town of Waterford.

 Work and workmanship must meet Town Building Code and be consistent in
appearance and stain with current decks.

Directors Reports: None

NPG Reports:

 There have been no more problems with Bldg. #10 regarding the extensive cracking
problems repaired last year. The problem had been inspected by a civil engineer who
detailed a solution. The repairs have been determined to be a success over time. This
issue is closed.

 There have been reports of units #35 and #128 hanging laundry out on their decks.
This is not permitted per Association Bylaws.

o   Action item NPG: Address this issue with the unit owners.

   Correspondence:

o From unit owner #58: Corrosion of garage door. How is this problem going to be
resolved? Who is responsible for the cost?

   Action item NPG: Obtain advice and costs from garage door company(ies).

 The Board and Chris to meet after the meeting to inspect representative examples of
this issue.

Unit owner issues:

   Window cleaning:
o Call Chris at NPG to be put on list of interested unit owners; a minimum of 10 units
are required to obtain a price break for those units on the list.

o Or, unit owners may call: Windows-n-More, L.L.C. at 235-2395 on their own. This
company is not endorsed by the Jordan Commons Association, but unit owners who have
used them report positive results. This information has been added to the Association’s

 Unit #156 not picking up after their dog’s daily deposits on Association property.
Note that Association Bylaws require unit owners to pick up after their pets.

o   Action item NPG: Contact unit owner.

Motion to adjourn: Ray Woolrich; 2nd Mary Ann Huska.

   Meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.