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The Conestoga CADORA 2009 Dressage Shows me sanctioned as Silver competition member of Equine
Canada, 2685 QueensviewDrive, suite 100, ottatva, oN K2B 8K2 and are governed by the rules ofEC.
Equine Canada Statementof Principles

EquineCanada(EC), the national equestrian                                      to
                                           federationof Canada,supportsadherence
humanetreatmentofhorses in all activities under its jurisdiction.

EC is committedto:

   o   Upholding the welfare ofthe horses,regardless  ofvalue, as a primary considerationin all
   .   Requiring that horsesbe treatedwith kindness,respectand the compassionthat they
       deserve, and that they never be subjected mistreatment;
   o   Ensuringthat owners,trainers and exhibitors or their agentsuse responsiblecare in the
       handling,treatmentand transpofiationoftheir horsesplaced in their care for any purpose;
   o   Providing for the continuouswell-being of horsesby encouragingroutine inspectionand
       consultationwith health careprofessionals  and competition officials to achievethe
       highestpossiblestandards nutrition, health,comforl and safety as a matter of standard
       operating procedure;
   r   Continuing to suppoft scientific studieson equinehealth and welfare;
   o   Requiring owners,trainers and exhibitorsto know and follow their sanctioning
       organization'srules, and to work within industry regulationsin all equestrian
   o   Reviewing, revising and developingcompetitionrules and regulationsthat protect the
       welfare ofthe horses.

The standard which conduct or treatmentwill be measuredis that which a person,informed
and experienced generally acceptedequinetraining and exhibition procedures,
determineto be neither cruel, abusivenor inhumane.

         Rider                   Owner                                    Horse
                 License 2009EC SilverSpoftLicense
2009EC SilverSport                                                EC passportwith a current
                                                                    horselicense sticker
    2009OEFMembership               2009 OEF Membership
                              GENERAL RULES

l.  Every classoffered herein is coveredby the rules and specificationsofthe current rules ofEC
    and will be held andjudged in accordance      with the EC Rule Book. Equine Canada'swebsite
    is: www.equinecanada.ca.        Pleaseconsultwebsitefor changesto the rules for 2009
2. Judge's and Steward's decisionsare final.
3. ConestogaCADORA, host farms and all their volunteers and employees will not be held
    responsiblefor any loss, damageor injury incurred to person or animal while on the show
4, ConestogaCADORA reservesthe right to refuseentry to any person or horse and to govern
    all conditions the show grounds.
5. All protestsmust be submitted in writing to the show secretaryon the day of the show. A
    $100.00 cash deposit must accompanythe protest and will be forfeited if the protest is not
6. Passports   with a valid 2009 EC horse licensesticker must be handed in to the show secretary
    beforecompetition      numberwill be issued  andthe horseis allowedto compete.
7. Both owner and rider must be membersin good standingwith EC (Silver or Higher) and the
    OEF. Copies of EC and OEF cards for rider and owner must be submitted with the show
8. All riders must be wearing ASTI\4/SEI or BSI approved headgearwhile mounted. Seniors
    can wear Top Hats or Bowlers in the competitionring only.
9. Competition numbers must be wom at all times by the horse or handler, for identification by
    the steward,while on the show groundsor risk elimination from the show.
10. Any horse on the show grounds and not being ridden in the show must pay the entry fee of
     one class in order to receivea competition numberto be wom at all times for identification by
    the steward. All the same requirementsapply as to regular entrants (i.e. photocopiesof
     owner and rider EC and OEF cards).
11. Any horse enteredin any class at the competition may, while on the cornpetition grounds be
     selectedfor equinemedicationcontrol testing.
12. Riders must report, still mounted, to the steward or his/her appointee for a tack check
     immediately upon leaving the competition ring. The rider may not remove any equipmentor
     clothing before the stewardhas conductedtheir inspection. Failure to report for tack check
     will result in elimination from that class.
13. All tests available are from the CADORA Omnibus/DC Test Booklet or
 14. Hors Concours     entries will be acceptedifthere is spacein the class. Oncea horsehasshown
     Hors Concours is not eligibleto enterclasses
                       it                              competitively.
 15, There  will be no warm-up in or around the competition ring(s) or parking area at any time.
     Pleaseuse warm-up areasonly.
 16. A horse/ponymay compete in any two consecutivelevels and a maximum of four tests per
     day including the appropriatefreestyle.
 17. Dogs are not allowed on show grounds.
 18, Food selices are availableat all shows. Pleasedo not litter!
 19, An Emergency Plan, including relevant phone numbers will be posted at the show office.
     Pleasecontact the show office in case of an emergencyduring the show Veterinary and
     Farrierservices    will be on call.
 20, Entries must be signed by the PERSON RESPONSIBLE (A801.6) who must be an EC Sport
     License holder. Parentsand guardianscan sign their child's entry form without holding an
     EC Sport License provided they agree to abide by the rules and penalties contained in the
      Rulebook (A214.2) however the horseowner must hold a valid EC Spoft License

      l . Are acceptedon a first come first servedbasisuntil all riding times are filled or up to
          the closing date, whichever comesfirst.
      ) Complete entries include fully completedentry form, cheque (payable to Conestoga
          CADORA, signed liability waiver form, photocopies of the following: 1" page of
          Passport with Horse License sticker visible, rider and owner 2009 EC (Silver or
          higher) and OEF.
          Incomplete entries (missing documentation, photocopies etc.) will be charged a
          $15.00 fee and will only be acceptedif the missing documentationis provided prior
          to the closing date. Pleasenote that an incomplete entry will not hold a spot in the
          Late entries (entries received after the closing date) will be chargeda $20.00 lee and
          will only be acceptedifthere is room and the entry is complete.
          Chequesshould be made payable to ConestogaCADORA and be dated for no later
          than the show closing date. Post-dated     chequesare not acceptable. There will be a
          $30.00NSF fee for returnedcheques any reason.
      6. Entries will only be acceptedby the competition secretary by mail or in person.
          Electronic or faxed entrieswill not be accepted.

Entry Fees

$30.00per class

Admin Fees

$15.00         EntryFee

Cancellations & Refunds

   1. Cancellations be made,
                    can         with no penalty, to the showclosingdate.
   2. After the closingdatea vet/doctorcerlificate, offrcialletterhead,
                                                  on                                   to
                                                                        mustbe submitted
      the showsecretary obtaina credit. The vet/doctor
                        to                               certificate               within
                                                                    must be received
      10daysof the showdateor all entryfeeswill be forfeited.
   3. Cancellations madetheday of the showwill forfeit the entireentry.
   4. Conestoga   CADORA regretsthat refundscannotbe issuedfor classes        cancelledor
      oersonal scratches to inclement
                        due             weather conditions.

Show Secretary:                                      Show Coordinator:

StephanieSutton                                       Karen Carter
RR #22,4466  SideRoad10North                          Phone: (519)570-2375
Cambridge, N2C 2V4                                    Email: randcarter@sympatico.ca
P: (519)249-0877(519)658-9982
Email: abefirans@on.aibn.com

The Junior categoryis open to riders until the end ofthe calendaryear in which they tum 18.

                                                ofage or status.
The Open categoryis open to all riders regardless

The Adult Amateur category is designedfor those riders who are no longer juniors and who are
not eaming remuneration from teaching or training in the horse industry. Pleaserefer to EC
RulesArticle E 3.4.2 Amateur for further details.

Rins Size

All Silver technicaltestsand freestylesare ridden in a 20 x 60m ring.

Silver Freestvles

      1. All Freestylesare Open classes.
      2. In order to ride a Silver Freestyle the horse/rider must have obtained a minimum
         technicaltest scoreof 550% that level, at the sameor a prior competition.
      3. Competitors must provide 2 clean tapes or CDs (not used lor practice) to the show
         office2 hours prior to the start of the class.
      4. Freestylemusic must be labeled with the name of the rider and horse. Tapes must be
         rewoundto the beginning.


Ribbonswill be awardedto 6thplace in all classes.

If there is only one competitor in the class, the following percentagesapply to determine the

1"       60% or higher
2'd      57%to 59.9Yo
3'd           ro
         54%o 56.90/o
4th      5f/o to 53.9Yo

No ribbonsor prizes will be awardedfor scoreslessthan 5i%.

There will be a Champion and ReserweChampion awardedper level on the completion of that
level. To be awardedChampion, the combined scoresof the 2 tests must be ovet 60%o,

Silver Dressage Championships

              regarding SilverDressage
For information       the                       please
                                     Championships          the          at
                                                      contact Co-ordinator

Phone: (905)938-5138
Email: knahirniak@sympatico.ca
ShowDate: July 25, 2009
ClosingDate: July 17,2009 8:00pm
RidingTimes: July 23'd6-1Opm  Stephanie Sutton(519)65S-9982 www.conestogacadora.ca
Location: Brookside EquestrianCentre(no stalls availableat this location)
Judge: Marilyn Dietrich
Steward: Pat Davis
Junior                        Open                              Adult Amateur
Training Level Test 1 & 3     TrainingLevel Test I & 3          Trainins Level Test 1 & 3
FirstLevelTest 1 & 3          First Level Test I & 3, First LevelTest 1 & 3
SecondLevel Test 1 & 3        Second Level Test 1 & 3 Second            Level Test 1 & 3
                              Third Level Test 1 & 2
                              Fourlh Level Test 1 & 2

Directions:Brookside        Centre Trussler
                   Equestrian     493        RoadKitchener5I9-742-3107
             o FromHwy 401 takeHwy 8 Kitchener/Waterloo
             o TakeHwv 7/8 Westexit towardsStratford
             a   Take TrusslerRoad exit (approx.6km) and go South (left) onto TrusslerRoad
             a   Brookside is the 2noand 3'o drivewav on the risht hand side

ShowDate: August29, 2009
Closing             21,
       Date:August 20098:00pm
RidingTimes:August27'" 6-1Opm  StephanieSutton(519)6        or
                                                    58-9982 ww\ry'.conestosacadora.ca
Location:TravisHall Equestrian      (no             at
                              Centre stallsavailable this location)
Judge:Joanne White
Steward:Barbara Wile
Junior                       Open                        Adult Amateur
Trainins LevelTest2 & 4      TrainingLevelTest2 & 4      Training Level Test 2 & 4
FirstLevelTest2 & 4          First Level Test 2 & 4 First Level]'est 2 & 4
     Level Test2 & 4
Second                        Second Level Test 2 & 4        SecondLevel Test 2 & 4
                              Third Level Test 2 & 3
                              Fourth Level Test 2 & 3

Directions:TravisHall Equestrian
                               Centre #3 Rockwood
                                     RR            (519)843-4293
             o TakeHwy 124Norlh from Guelph WellingtonRd 29
             o Turn left on WellingXon 29
             o TakeWellingtonRd 29 to Eramosa 30
             o Turn right ontoEramosa 30 first farm on right handside
                                    SILVER ENTRY FORM
                 CONESTOGACADORA 2OO9

N JR ! OPEN tJ AA                lJR I OPEN tr AA                 Passporl#
Name:                            Name:                            Name:
Phone:                           Phone:                           Phone:
Cell:                            Cell:
Email:                           Email:
JR Dateof Birth:

                  OFFEREDAT EACH SHOW

'SEN'T:I '   l                                                     Admin Fee:             $ 10.00
OEF                     !        n                                 DrugFee:                $5.00
EC                      n        n                                 DC Levy:                $7.00
1" Page Passport        tl       !                                 LateEntry(S20):
LiabilityWaiver         tl       n                                 lncompleteFee ($15):
Cheque                  n        n                                 TOTAL:

I herebycertify that every horse,rider andior driver is eligible as enteredand agreefor myself
and my representative be bound by the Constitutionand Rules of Equine Canadaat this
competition. It is hereby recognizedthat all equestrian  spofts involve inherentrisk and that no
helmetor  protectiveequipmentcan protect againstall foreseeable      injury. I herebyacceptthis
risk and hold harmlessEC, the competition,their officials, organizers,agents,employeesand
their representatives. hereby declarethat I have read,understandand agreeto adhereto the
rules and resulationsincluded in the Prize List.

Signature Rider
         of                                       Signatureof PersonResponsible
(parentor guardianifrider is ajunior)

In the eventthat                                (entername ofjunior rider) participatesin an
Equine Canada sanctioned            whereapproved
                          competition                     is
                                                  headgear required  forjunior, he/she
                                                  helmet. It is understood juniorsnot
will weara properlyfitted,ASTM, SEI or BSI approved                       that
       this             wiil
meeting requirement not be allowedto compete these at    competitions.

Signature parent/guardian

SendEntriesto: Stephanie   RR
                      Sutton #22,4466Side                        ON
                                          Road10North,Cambridge, N3C
               N3C 2V4 Questions?            aberlrans@on.aibn.com

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