; 2008 QUEST FOR HEALTH Ive been holding my stomach in almost my
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2008 QUEST FOR HEALTH Ive been holding my stomach in almost my


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									                                               2008 QUEST FOR HEALTH
                                                SEPTEMBER 2008 NEWSLETTER

I’ve been holding my stomach in                 create a program which would interest me
                                                in strength training again, and I have him
almost my whole life. As a child, my
                                                make me a new one every 3 months or so
mom and I lived with her family for some
                                                to keep me challenged and motivated. I
time, and one or two of her teen brothers
                                                quit coffee for 2 weeks in May, but found I
(my uncles) had Playboy pinups on their
                                                was still foggy brained anyway and
bedroom walls. This is my earliest memory
                                                decided to restart for clarity of mind! I did
of “media influence” regarding body
                                                more gardening and lots of weeding, and
image, and I remember looking at these
                                                used the weeding metaphor for
shrines to the female form and envying the
                                                eliminating unnecessary obligations in my
beautiful flat stomachs they all had. The
                                                life and nurturing/tending what was
relevance of this will become clearer to
                                                important to me. Along the way, a couple
you later as you read on.
                                                of angels gave me books that were very
                                                meaningful for me. The first one is “A New
Some fairly personal health stuff I’m going
                                                Earth” by Eckhart Tolle – thank you Eric
to share with you …
                                                Peters! Eric is a local and very
In January ’08 (right around “resolution”
                                                experienced yoga therapist, and you can
time!) I was looking at turning 40 this year
                                                find out more about him at
and had to start making some changes in
my life. I wasn’t sleeping well, and had
                                                The second book is “The Introvert
dark circles and the beginnings of bags
                                                Advantage” by Marti Laney – thank you
under my eyes. My face was puffy, I was a
                                                Lianne! These books taught me that:
few pounds overweight, and often felt
                                                   •   I need to live in the Now and to live
bloated and “thick in the middle”. My                  Now with acceptance, enthusiasm and
upper body was achy and tight, and I had               enjoyment
to do massage on myself quite frequently           •   it’s a common human affliction to have
especially after a day’s work. I acquired              mind chatter and to always be looking
red, flakey bumps around my nose, was                  to the future for happiness (ie: I’ll be
quite annoyed that I had to take                       truly happy when I finally have that flat
medication for cholesterol issues, and                 stomach)
some mornings I had a very subtle rattle in        •   it’s okay to take breaks and have quiet
my lungs when I inhaled deeply – odd for               time for myself
                                                   •   I finally now understand why too much
a non-smoker, yes? Recent blood work
                                                       noise bothers even me, a hearing
indicated my kidneys were functioning at
                                                       impaired individual!
only 63%, yet ultrasound results showed
                                                Another angel is my friend Bill, who came
them as being normal. Many little things
                                                to see me with “proof” of how effective
were adding up and I didn’t like the way it
                                                Tim Wu’s treatments are. Tim is a
was heading.
                                                Traditional Chinese Medical Therapist
                                                http://uniquetherapy.com/tim/ whom I’ve
First thing, I enlisted a terrific exercise
                                                seen for 6 sessions, and on his advice, I quit
physiologist and personal trainer, Jonathan
                                                coffee again and switched to red tea. I
Chant of http://fitnessforfreedom.com/ to
                                                also cut back wine consumption from 4
                                                  2008 QUEST FOR HEALTH
                                                   SEPTEMBER 2008 NEWSLETTER

glasses a week to 1 or 2, and am taming            the effect of it on the people I work on
my sweet tooth yet again. Tim’s been               every day. Heck, I even did a newsletter
teaching a group of us qigong (chee-               on the diaphragm back in March! To
gong) lessons at Bill’s new business centre        experience the difference in myself is
http://www.shaklee.ca/billmcburney and             another thing altogether. Many of these
I’m finding this, this, THIS! to be the most       musings in this article have come from
life and health changing thing of all, and         mind wanderings in my daily hour of
probably what I’ve been seeking for a              focused breathing – which means that I
long time. There is a lot more to the              still have a ways to go in controlling the
qigong lessons than what I’ll get into here,       mind!
but the fundamentals are about                     A new client asked me recently if getting
breathing. Tim says that when you control          regular massages will make her more
the breathing, you control the mind. So            “healthy”, and I had to explain that
I’ve been practicing for an hour a day,            vibrant health, vitality, and energy is a
and it took me almost a week to realize            combination of many parts, often what
that I was mainly chest breathing, which is        seem like puzzle pieces. As humans, the
why I felt so light headed afterwards,             basic pieces are the same, but might look
couldn’t get a regular rhythm going                different for each individual. Look
during, and my neck, shoulders and left            carefully at the quantity and quality of
arm felt so tense! When it finally occurred        what you’re ingesting for food, drink,
to me to push my belly out as far as I could       chemicals, alcohol and medications. Are
with my diaphragm to fill my lungs (instead        you getting regular exercise? Are you
of raising my chest), I was amazed at how          managing your stress? This means cutting
relaxed my shoulders, arms and neck                back on obligations and dealing with
became. What?!?! Push my belly out?                other stressors where possible, NOT just
But I’ve been holding it in all my life, trying    coping with them. And of course, how are
to achieve that flat, maybe even                   you breathing? Practice makes perfect in
concave look!) But the proof was in how            all these areas.
much less effort breathing was and more
rhythmical, and the hour flew by faster            I hope that story of my journey this year
                                                   motivates you, or helps you in yours. There
instead of dragging on forever. I’m
                                                   are many messages I wished to convey in all
beginning to notice and correct my
                                                   this, but an important one is this:
breathing patterns accordingly throughout          If you keep seeking, you will find; and if your
the day as well, but it’s still not easy or        ears and heart are open and listening, you will
automatic after a lifetime of doing it my          hear. We have the answers within us (which
way. I realize now that I was taxing myself        we tend to ignore or doub), and so the
additionally by chest breathing while              universe sends people our way to help guide
doing physical labour as a therapist! As an        us. In the meantime, as my 40th birthday
RMT, I know intellectually that chest              draws ever closer, I’ll continue to contemplate
breathing takes a lot of work and effort for       my navel, but with more acceptance,
many muscles to lift the ribcage, and I feel       enthusiasm and enjoyment.

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