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					                       UH—MAIN CAMPUS
                                                                                      ISSUE: FALL 2008

                                           T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O U S T O N
                                           FAC ULT Y S E N AT E UP DAT E —
                                           FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                           NOVEMBER 15, 2008 http://www.uh.edu/fs

                                              UPDATE FROM THE FACULTY SENATE PRESIDENT
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                             WYNNE CHIN
                                        Welcome to the Fall            for faculty. It acts as an       you feel needs to be ad-
                       3                2008 issue of the Fac-         official voice for the faculty   dressed by a University
FAIRS                                   ulty Senate Newsletter.        to administration, other         administrator like the
UPDATE FROM            5                Much too often, faculty        governing bodies within the      President or Provost,
TIONAL POLICY                           ask me to explain the          University as well as the        one route is to contact
                                        roles and activities of the    community at large. At the       your senator or any of
MITTEE                                  Senate. That is why I felt     same time, the Senate            the officers of the Sen-
UPDATE FROM            7                it was time to resurrect       tries to gather and dissemi-     ate Executive Commit-
SHIP AND COM-                           our newsletter. Our goal       nate information that may
                                        is to have one distributed     be relevant to faculty. This
                                        to all faculty each semes-     newsletter is one such ex-
THE BUDGET                              ter. For this issue, be-       ample. We also send out
COMMITTEE                               sides providing an up-         email updates whenever
                                        date of recent activities, I   possible as reflected in the
THE AD HOC                              asked each of the Sen-         recent dissemination con-
PLANNING                                ate committee chairs to        cerning the Provost search
ISSUES AND             10
                                        provide a little back-         and Legislative appropria-
                                        ground about their com-        tion requests. We are also
BERS                                    mittee. Hopefully, this        working on an update of
UPDATE FROM            12
                                        will not only reacquaint       our website which will in-
                                        faculty with the goals         clude faculty blogs, en-         Wynne W. Chin is the C. T. Bauer
TEES                                    and activities of the Sen-     hanced access to faculty         Professor of MIS in the depart-
 A FEW FACTS RE-                        ate, but provide an op-        relevant documents, and          ment of Decision and Informa-
GARDING THE SEN-                                                                                        tion Sciences. Recently ranked
                                        portunity for interested       regular news updates as
                                                                                                        as one of the top five human
                                        faculty to help the Sen-       well as spot polls.              computer interaction research-
• Faculty Senate meetings               ate in some of our cur-                                         ers and one of the top 10 re-
  are typically held on the                                        The Senate consists of 52
                                        rent initiatives. If you are                                    searchers in technology accep-
  third Wednesday of each
  month in the Elizabeth D.
                                        interested in providing    tenured or tenure track fac-         tance according to the Journal of
  Rockwell Pavilion, M. D.              some of your skills, ex-   ulty proportionally repre-           the Association for Information
  Anderson Library and are              pertise, and energy,       senting their respective col-        Systems and the Communica-
                                                                                                        tions of the Association for Infor-
  both open to the public
                                        please contact the par-    leges. Near the back of this         mation Systems respectively,
  and attended by the
  President and senior
                                        ticular chair and volun-   newsletter, you will find the        Wynne is also known as the
  cabinet members.                      teer.                      list of all current senators.        developer of PLS-Graph, a sec-
                                                                   Your college senator can             ond generation multivariate
• Faculty Senate Executive
  Committee also hosts
                                        When asked to describe be a valuable resource for               graphical based statistical pro-
                                        the Senate, I would say it you. For example, if there is        gram to perform Partial Least
  monthly meetings nor-
                                                                                                        Squares analysis.
  mally attended by the                 represents the conduit     an issue or concern that
  President and Provost
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                          Page 2

                                    WYNNE CHIN

tee. While faculty members often do send out messages directly to a particular administrator, it may
be worth first asking your senator which particular person or administrative committee would be the
best place to direct inquiries.

Finally, never hesitate to contact either myself directly at wchin@uh.edu or my President-elect Dan Wells
at dwells@uh.edu. Like all Faculty senators, we’ve made a commitment during our term to try our best
to represent the faculty at large by providing a voice wherever it is needed.

                         STAFF CAMPAIGN

We would like to alert you to a    own belief in the work we do at       an $85 per month payroll deduc-
new Senate fund specifically       the University.                       tion). An official signing ceremony
created this year as part of the                                         is scheduled for early next year and
annual Faculty & Staff Cam-        The kind of outreach and part-        a number of the Senate Executive
paign. The Faculty Senate En-      nership activities we hope to un-     committee members and past presi-
hancement Endowment was de-        dertake requires funding.             dents of the Senate have already
veloped, in part, to support ef-   While we hope to secure addi-         joined. December 31st is the cutoff
forts of UH faculty to take the    tional funding through a signifi-     date for either a full contribution or
UH knowledge-base and applied      cant corporate grant, our suc-        commitment to be a founding mem-
research out to engage the         cess in that effort will be greatly   ber.
Houston community.                 assisted by our demonstrated
                                   commitment to our goal.               One of the easiest vehicles for giv-
The Faculty Senate Endowment                                             ing to the endowment is through the
is an active measure toward our    You can demonstrate your com-         08-09 Faculty and Staff Campaign.
goal to have UH designated by      mitment to your work and our          You can go online to
the Carnegie Foundation for the    shared goals by making a gift of      www.advancement.uh.edu/
Advancement of Teaching with       any size to our Faculty Senate        uhgivesback or call the Office of An-
both Community Engagement          Enhancement Endowment.                nual Giving at 3-4708 or email
and Outreach & Partnership         You might even wish to join the       mfrye@uh.edu.
classifications. Therefore, the    Founders Club to be perma-
endowment benefits UH, our         nently displayed in our Senate
relationship with the city of      office by contributing $1,000 to
Houston, and underscores our       the fund (for example through

  2008 UH Faculty/Staff Campaign: Building Our Future

 Faculty Senate Enhancement Endowment: HE43281RN
 Under Giving Choices - Gift Codes - General Institutional Support -UH
   THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                            Page 3

                             MARK CLARKE
For those of you who       variety of other tasks    policies on faculty and to
are unfamiliar with the    including providing       provide feedback (and
workings of the Faculty    proactive input to the    where appropriate con-
Senate, the Faculty Af-    University administra-    crete suggestions) on
fairs Committee (FAC)      tion via the Senate as    how to modify these poli-
is a standing commit-      they develop or modify    cies in a way that repre-
tee of the Senate          policies that impact      sents your perspective
charged with dealing       you as a faculty mem-     as a faculty member. As
with those issues that     ber. The Chair of the     part of this goal, the FAC
directly or indirectly im- FAC also serves as a      encourages input from
pact you as a faculty      member of the Execu-      not only your elected        Mark Clarke is an Associate
member and employee        tive Committee of the     Senators but individual      Professor in the Department of
of the University of       Senate in order to fa-    faculty members like         Health and Human Perform-
                                                                                  ance. After being elected as a
Houston.                   cilitate communication    you. If you have a spe-
                                                                                  Senator from the College of
                           between the Senate        cific faculty-oriented is-   Education in 2006, he has
The committee deals
with a variety of issues as a whole, the Senate      sue that you would like      served as Chair of the FAC for
surrounding the terms Leadership and the             to discuss with the FAC,     the past 18 months. Originally
                                                                                  from Ireland, he received both
of faculty employment University administra-         please speak to or email
                                                                                  his undergraduate and gradu-
                           tion.                     one of your Faculty
at UH, including                                                                  ate training in Manchester,
                                                     Senators or contact the      England in pharmacology and
changes to the Faculty As in any large institu-
Handbook, regular as- tion, policies enacted         Chair of the FAC directly.   cell biology /biochemistry, re-
                                                                                  spectively. Mark arrived at UH
sessment of faculty        by one part of the or-                                 in early 2002 after post-
health and retirement ganization can and do                                       doctoral work at Harvard Medi-
benefits and ongoing       have unintended con-                                   cal School, The Medical College
review of new and ex- sequences for other                                         of Georgia and an eight year
isting university policies parts of the organiza-                                 career in the Life Sciences Di-
                                                                                  rectorate at NASA-Johnson
which directly impact      tion. One of the impor-                                Space Center firstly as a Na-
how faculty perform        tant roles played by                                   tional Research Council Fellow
their duties. The com- the FAC is to consider                                     and then as Senior Staff Scien-
mittee also performs a the impact of such                                         tist with Universities Space Re-
                                                                                  search Association. His re-
                                                                                  search interests lie in the gen-
                                                                                  eral area of musculoskeletal/
                                                                                  cardiovascular physiology with
                                                                                  a focus on the effects of me-
      “The committee deals with a variety of issues surrounding the               chanical loading on these sys-
                                                                                  tems. In parallel, Mark has also
      terms of faculty employment at UH, including changes to the                 become involved in the devel-
                                                                                  opment of biomedical monitor-
      Faculty Handbook, regular assessment of faculty health and                  ing technologies to assess such
                                                                                  changes. You can find more
      retirement benefits and ongoing review of new and existing                  information about his depart-
                                                                                  mental program and faculty on
      university policies which directly impact how faculty perform
                                                                                  their web-page.
      their duties. ”
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                             Page 4

                              MARK CLARKE
Our first major accomplishment        The Faculty Affairs Committee         and provided a lot of insight to
in the past 18 months was the         has also formed a Subcommittee        those of us unfamiliar with state
new Provost’s Faculty Travel          on Faculty Benefits tasked with       politics surrounding higher educa-
Fund. Initially proposed by the       first cataloguing and then sug-       tion in Texas.
Faculty Senate in 2006, our com-      gesting ways to improve all bene-
mittee worked with Provost Foss       fits provided to faculty. Over the    I would like to end this inaugural
to develop the initial award          past 9 months our subcommit-          newsletter from your Faculty Affairs
guidelines to ensure the smooth       tee, ably chaired by Dr. Sujit        Committee by thanking all of the
implementation of this welcome        Sansgiry, has been hard at work       Faculty Senators who have served
addition to faculty opportunities     on such issues as: the IRS-           on the FAC over the past 18
for professional travel. To date, a   mandated changes in the report-       months. Without their dedication to
total of 89 travel awards were        ing requirements for Optional Re-     and continued efforts on behalf of
made to faculty during FY2008         tirement Providers (ORP) at UH,       the committee, the Faculty Senate
(out of a total of 101 requests)      what those changes will mean for      and their fellow faculty members
with 10 requests pending so far       faculty and how to make sure          throughout the University, the pro-
for faculty travel in FY2009.         those changes are communi-            gress being made by the Faculty
Please visit the Provost’s Faculty    cated to you, the faculty member,     Senate to represent and forward
Travel Fund .                         in a timely fashion; exploring        the interests of the faculty at the
                                      creative ways in which the Uni-       University of Houston could no
A second initiative developed by      versity can increase the matching     longer continue.
the FAC centered on providing         retirement contribution made to
additional information to newly       faculty retirement accounts; and
hired faculty regarding their         providing feedback to the new             “A second initiative
choice of an optional retirement      Strategic Planning Committee on
                                                                                developed by the FAC
program (ORP) provider here at        new initiatives initially developed
UH. This informative and unbi-        during our Spring 2008 Faculty            centered on providing
ased review of all ORP providers      Senate retreat.
                                                                                additional information to
was first provided to new faculty
in 2007 and has since been fully      One final accomplishment of               newly hired faculty regarding
incorporated into the new faculty     note for the FAC in the past year         their choice of an optional
orientation process in HR. The        was the planning effort for our
Senate, and especially the FAC,       Fall 2007 Faculty Senate retreat          retirement program (ORP)
would like to sincerely thank Dr.     with state legislators. The FAC           provider here at UH. This
Dale Rude, Bauer College of           was tasked with developing a
Business, for his help and techni-    presentation and a series of fo-          informative and unbiased
cal expertise in developing this      cused questions for our legisla-          review of all ORP providers
program. The presentation Dr.         tors that asked them how could
Rude made to our new faculty          we as a Senate, and as individual         was first provided to new
colleagues during this year’s ori-    faculty members, help to en-              faculty in 2007 and has since
entation will soon be available to    hance the University’s goal of
all members of the faculty on the     achieving Tier One Research Uni-          been fully incorporated into
Faculty Senate web-page. Please       versity status in the State of            the new faculty orientation
check the Faculty Senate website      Texas. Our legislator’s answers
for details.                          were enlightening to say the least        process in HR.”
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                                   Page 5

                AFFAIRS COMMITTEE
                               DAVID MAZELLA
What are the strategic faculty’s—own agenda.              out the university? In my
goals of EPSAC for the And I would argue that             view, a good Senate does
coming year?              these and similar pro-          both, since the effective-
                          jects should continue,          ness and the independ-
In the week following so long as they really do           ence of this body are
the Fall Assembly,        reflect the interests of        equally necessary for any
when the Senate           the Senate and the fac-         model of shared govern-
helped President Kha- ulty generally.                     ance within the univer-
tor address the univer-                                   sity.
                                                                                         David Mazella is an Associate Pro-
sity’s problems in re- But first I should explain                                        fessor in the Department of English,
sponding to Hurricane some assumptions that               This is to say that over       where he specializes in eighteenth-
Ike, the FS listserv car- I have long carried             the past year I have fo-       century British Literature. His first
ried some interesting about the Faculty Sen-              cused upon the long-           book, a cultural and conceptual
discussions about the ate’s larger purpose                term strategic goal of fos-    history of the “cynic” and
                                                                                         “cynicism” in Great Britain, is enti-
proper role of the Sen- within the university. In         tering “student success,”      tled The Making of Modern Cyni-
ate in its interactions my view, one of the               which coincides with           cism (University of Virginia Press,
with administration.      most important roles            President Khator’s own         2007). He is currently working on a
One Senator noted         played by the Senate is         announced priorities. At       second book, a literary history of a
that this assembly        to help the administra-         the same time, I have          single year, the year 1771, which
                                                                                         he has also taught as an advanced,
showed our willing-       tion set its priorities,        been working with EPSAC        research-intensive undergraduate
ness to be “team play- since faculty are the              and others to fill this goal   seminar.
ers,” but perhaps we ones who put those pri-              of “student success” with
now needed to “return orities into effect. Once           specific content and to        As a member of the English depart-
to our own agenda”? we accept this view, the              start moving the univer-       ment's Undergraduate Curriculum
Because I had as-         question becomes                sity toward that goal with     Committee, he helped to design
                                                                                         and teach the now-required gate-
sumed all along that      whether it is more effec-       specific, targeted initia-     way course for the major, Introduc-
we had been pursuing tive for the Senate to               tives.                         tion to Literary Studies. Subse-
our own agenda, I         formulate and push its                                         quently, he published an article
thought it would be       priorities independently        Last spring, EPSAC be-         about the development of this
worthwhile to discuss of the administration, or           gan the process by dis-        course and its implications for cur-
                                                                                         ricular reform in Profession '98, the
in this column some of to try to work collabora-          cussing generally how we       MLA's official forum for professional
the longer-term pro-      tively with administra-         might define “student          issues. He was named Teacher of
jects we are pursuing tion, and to influence its          success” from a Tier One       the Year in 1997 by Sigma Tau
at EPSAC, to show how priorities as these are             perspective. Later during      Delta, the undergraduate English
these really do repre- being articulated and              the summer, I and other        Honor Society. His contributions to
                                                                                         undergraduate teaching were rec-
sent our—meaning the implemented through-                 members of the Senate          ognized in 1999, when he won the
                                                                                         University of Houston Cooper
                                                                                         Teaching Excellence Award, a uni-
         “ . . . the question becomes whether it is more effective for the Senate to     versity-wide teaching prize. He is a
         formulate and push its priorities independently of the administration, or to    member of the UH Faculty Senate,
                                                                                         and is currently Chair of its Educa-
         try to work collaboratively with administration, and to influence its           tional Policy and Student Affairs
         priorities as these are being articulated and implemented throughout the
         university? In my view, a good Senate does both . .”
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                          Page 6

                                          DAVID MAZELLA
and Executive Committee             task force, which provides a          enhance student engagement.
(Wynne Chin, Dan Wells, and         much better framework for guid-       This broad strategic push, how-
Adriana Kugler) began a series      ing “undecided” students into         ever, which will take place over
of discussions with Elaine          the appropriate majors than we        a number of years, will also re-
Charlson and Dan Gardner            have ever had in the past. And        quire that we see some returns
about taking a comprehensive        my suspicion is that similarly fine   for our efforts semester by se-
inventory of the university’s in-   work has been done, and is be-        mester. You may rest assured
teractions with students, to see    ing done right now, to foster stu-    that I will be monitoring our pro-
how well the various parts of       dent success, but it is largely un-   gress in these efforts week by
the “chain” fit together, and to    coordinated, ad hoc, and unsup-       week, and making sure that
identify the points in the chain    ported by any sense of larger in-     faculty have a say in any new
where proposed improvements         stitutional investment. I hope        initiatives designed to promote
would have the greatest im-         that EPSAC will be able to change     enhanced teaching and learn-
pact. We asked, for example,        that lack of follow-up by its two-    ing throughout the campus.
how might university operations     stage, “inventory and interven-
like admissions, enrollment         tion” strategy.
management, financial aid, ad-
vising, work study positions,       As far as I am concerned,
etc. be optimized so that exist-    "student success" is essentially
ing obstacles for students          the umbrella title for a variety of
could be cleared away, and our      specific initiatives, which would       “ . . . , there should be much
students encouraged to excel?       include such projects as a cam-         better support and
                                    pus center for teaching excel-
                                                                            infrastructure for both
Studies like this had been un-      lence, better enrollment manage-
dertaken many times on par-         ment, more responsive financial         students and faculty for
ticular, isolated problems, usu-    aid, and more strategic thinking        classroom instruction than
ally at a moment of crisis, but a   overall about teaching and learn-
full and comprehensive view         ing throughout UH. In my opin-          either currently receives, and
like ours had never to my           ion, there should be much better        the Senate is a logical group
knowledge been attempted,           support and infrastructure for
                                                                            to push for this under the
and many of those studies and       both students and faculty for
recommendations had often           classroom instruction than either       rubric of "student success."
been left to languish, when         currently receives, and the Sen-
they were displaced by new          ate is a logical group to push for
problems, new administrations,      this under the rubric of "student
and new initiatives.                success."

So, for example, I hope that in     Moreover, since “student suc-
the coming semester both EP-        cess” is inevitably caught up with
SAC and the Undergraduate           the problem of student engage-
Council will urge the current       ment, the QEPs represent a logi-
provost to adopt the recom-         cal place for faculty to develop
mendations of Dan Wells’s USD       new strategies and programs to
                                                                                        Page 7

                                        SUZANNE FERIMER

My name is Suzanne            has also worked with the     tire UH Faculty. Un-
Ferimer and I have been       Homecoming Committee         fortunately, these had
at the University of Hous-    and the Carnage Commu-       to be cancelled due
ton for 28 years. I hold      nity Assessment initia-      to the hurricane. We
the rank of Librarian with    tive. The Chair has also     hope, since we have
the University Libraries      served on the Ceremony       the format in place,
and I am the Optometry        Task Force for the Inves-    to reschedule these
Branch Librarian. I am a      titure of Renu Khator as     events for next
medical librarian having      the eighth Chancellor of     fall. We feel it is very
worked in both medical        the University of Houston    important to get
center and hospital librar-   System and thirteenth        these folks on cam-
ies.                          President of UH.             pus to see what and
                              Now the Committee is         who we are.
I have chaired the Schol-     working with the Office of
arship and Community          Special Events in re-        Finally, we are also       “Now    the Committee is
Committee of the Faculty      vamping the Faculty Rec-     looking into reestab-
                                                                                      working with the Office
Senate for the past three     ognition Dinner, which is    lishing our long dor-
years. During that time       scheduled to take place      mant Faculty Club          of Special Events in
the SCC has overseen the      in the spring instead of     which would provide        revamping the Faculty
establishment of              this fall.                   a much needed              Recognition Dinner,
the annual Faculty Recog-                                  venue for faculty in-      which is scheduled to
nition Dinner, a meeting      The SCC was working to       teraction.
                                                                                      take place in the
with State Legislators on     schedule individual
campus with Faculty           meetings with local Leg-                                spring instead of this
Senators, and the bienniel    islators and Faculty                                    fall. “
Scholarship and Commu-        Senators on campus, fol-
nity Conference held in       lowed by a campus re-
2007 titled “Music Across     ception for the area rep-
Boundaries.” The Chair        resentatives and the en-

    The Faculty Senate Office is scheduled to move to the 3rd Floor of the M. D. Anderson Library in
                                             Spring of 2009 .
 The Original UH Faculty Club was housed in the E Cullen Building. Pictures of it before an accidental
                          fire in the 1970s burned it down can be found at:
                     That space was subsequently converted to administrative offices.
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                               Page 8

                            RICHARD WILLSON

The UH Faculty Senate       eliminate these errors,    salaries, which would allow
Budget and Facilities       but further measures       a 5% extra salary increase
Committee devoted a         are required to prevent    for one in ten UH faculty
large fraction of its ef-   them from recur-           each year. All problems will
forts this year to com-     ring. We now have a        not be immediately reme-
pleting the Salary Study    new data set which can     died by this approach, but
started by our prede-       be used to audit these     over several years this pool
cessors, and to inter-      improvements.              can go a long way to elimi-
acting with the Admini-                                nating the worst instances
stration on policy sug-     We were also pleased       of compression and inver-        Richard Willson, 2007-2009 Chair
gestions arising from       with the collegial dis-    sion.                            of the UH Faculty Senate Budget
that study. We enjoyed      cussions arising from                                       and Facilities Committee, is Pro-
considerable coopera-       our recommendations,       BFC also worked to increase      fessor of Chemical & Biomolecular
tion from the admini-       and the fact that the      the transparency of con-         Engineering, Biology & Biochemis-
stration, especially In-    administration adopted     struction activities on the      try, and Biomedical Engineering at
ternal Research and         our primary recommen-      campus through better pub-       UH, and Senior Affiliate Member of
the Office of the Pro-      dation that the raises     licity and signage, and circu-
                                                                                        The Methodist Hospital Research
vost, in the complex        associated with faculty    lation of the consultants'
                                                                                        Institute. He did three degrees in
task of collecting, cor-    promotions should be       repoJerald Strickland
recting and interpreting    increased to reduce the    <jwstrick@central.uh.edu>        Chemical Engineering at Caltech
salary data for all UH      tendency for salary        rt on Fleming, Science, and      and MIT, and was a postdoc in
faculty. One major re-      compression over           the Science and Research         Biology at MIT before coming to
curring issue was the       time. This recommen-       buildings. We also repre-        UH in 1988. His research focuses
relatively large number     dation has been imple-     sented faculty interests at      on the specific recognition of bio-
of errors in the data       mented as of the pro-      each of the Provost/Dean         molecules such as proteins and
set, especially misclas-    motion classes of May,     budget hearings. Finally,        DNA by surfaces and by other
sifications of faculty in   2008. We also called       the Chair of BFC serves ex       molecules, and the applications of
ranks. Because the          for the creation of a      officio on the Physical Plant    molecular recognition in pharma-
number of faculty of a      special fund (above the    Operations Committee and         ceutical production and diagnos-
given rank in a particu-    normal raise pool, not     the Tuition and Fees Com-
                                                                                        tics, and he recently completed a
lar department is often     taken from it) to ad-      mittee.
                                                                                        term as President of the Interna-
small, misclassifica-       dress individual cases
tions can produce large     of salary compression/                                      tional Society for Molecular Recog-
errors in calculated av-    inversion, and this rec-                                    nition. He is a recipient of the NSF
erage salaries. We          ommendation was also                                        Presidential Young Investigator
worked extensively with     accepted. The initial                                       Award under the first Bush admini-
the administration to       pool is 0.5% of total                                       stration, and is a Fellow of the
                                                                                        American Institute for Medical and
                                                                                        Biological Engineering. He is mar-
         “We were also pleased with the collegial discussions arising from our
                                                                                        ried to Dr. Anika Sabo of the Baylor
         recommendations, and the fact that the administration adopted our              Genome Center, and has a 2-year-
         primary recommendation that the raises associated with faculty                 old daughter, as well as two grown
         promotions should be increased to reduce the tendency for salary               sons.

         compression over time. “
  THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                            Page 9

                                 SUJIT SANSGIRY
The Ad Hoc Committee         committee was               ment would then be
on Planning was initi-       charged with the re-        passed on to the Execu-
ated by the Faculty          sponsibility to define      tive Committee with rec-
Senate Executive Com-        the role and feasibility    ommendations and ac-
mittee in 2007 to pro-       of the committee in the     tion items for implemen-
vide faculty input on        Faculty Senate. The         tation. In addition, the
the vision and strategic     committee members           committee decided to
direction for the Univer-    voted in favor of a         focus their efforts in the
sity of Houston. The         standing committee          future on growth and im-
focus of the committee       and to rename the ad        pact of graduate pro-
has been on the long         hoc committee as the        grams at UH and the
                                                                                      Dr. Sansgiry is a faculty
range goals of the Uni-      Strategic Planning and      needed faculty growth to     member in the College of
versity such as increas-     Development Commit-         achieve top tier status.     Pharmacy with research
ing faculty, expanding       tee with the charge to                                   interests in the area of
facilities, improving stu-   review and recommend        The committee welcomes       pharmacoeconomics,
                                                                                      pharmaceutical market-
dent quality, empower-       responses to changes        suggestions and recom-
                                                                                      ing, and health outcomes
ing students with better     that will impact the Uni-   mendations from all fac-     research. Dr. Sansgiry’s
services and develop-        versity of Houston due      ulty on how we should        research has had a major
ing a globally competi-      to regional, state, na-     improve and enhance the      impact on the US pharma-
tive and recognized          tional and global demo-     academic experience of       ceutical industry, espe-
                                                                                      cially the over-the-counter
university. The current      graphic, economic and       students and faculty at
                                                                                      (OTC) drug market. The
committee members            educational shifts. The     UH. Please feel free to      US FDA has used his re-
include Sujit S. Sans-       committee also re-          provide your comments        search to develop guide-
giry (Chair), Steven         viewed the minutes of       or thoughts to Sujit S.      lines for packaging and
Craig (immediate past        the Faculty Senate re-      Sansgiry                     labeling of OTC products.
chair), Damon Camille,       treat and developed a       (ssansgiry@uh.edu).          His research work was
                                                                                      referenced in the FDA
Seth Chandler, Katy          document titled                                          published guidelines titled
Greenwood, Marie-            “Strategies for Faculty                                  “Over-the-Counter Human
Theresa Hernandez,           Success.” This docu-                                     Drugs: Labeling Require-
Kishore Mohanty, Craig       ment was forwarded to                                    ments”. He has numer-
Pirrong, Michael Rea,        the Faculty Affairs Com-                                 ous presentations and
                                                                                      more than 100 publica-
Michelangelo Sabatino        mittee to provide input                                  tions in various recog-
and Joe Eichberg (ad         on recommendations                                       nized pharmaceutical
hoc member).                 and action items neces-                                  journals to his credit and
                             sary to enhance faculty                                  has received a variety of
                                                                                      awards and recognition
This past year, the          success. The docu-
                                                                                      for his work.

         “The committee narrowed down two topics to focus their
         efforts in the future, namely, growth and impact of
         graduate programs at UH and the needed faculty growth to
         achieve top tier status.”
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                         Page 10

                       ALLEN R. (AL) WARNER

I’ve been a member of       many people over the      a representative present
the UH faculty since        past decade, the Fac-     at the annual budget
1973 when I was hired       ulty Senate has           hearing for each college.
straight from my doc-       emerged as the voice      The Senate is working to
toral program to help       of the faculty at the     support our movement to
start the UH-Victoria       University of Houston.    a more research-
campus. A year later I      Just three years ago      intensive environment by
came to the main cam-       former President Jay      assuring that faculty have
pus. After 27 years in      Gogue offered us the      the infrastructure support
various administrative      opportunity to address    needed to succeed. One
roles, my colleagues        the Board of Regents.     element is the Provost’s
were kind enough to         The Board now in-         Faculty Travel Fund          “Because of the work
elect me to the Faculty     cludes a place on the     (http://www.uh.edu/          of many people over
Senate and Senators         agenda of each of their   provost/grants/
later honored me with       regular meetings for an   fac_travel_fund.html) to     the past decade, the
two terms as Secretary,     update from the Senate    provide support beyond       Faculty Senate has
a term as President in      President and these       the department or col-
                                                                                   emerged as the voice
2005, and I’m currently     updates are published     lege for tenured and ten-
in my second term as        on the Senate website     ure-track faculty to pre-    of the faculty at the
an At-Large Member of       (http://www.uh.edu/fs/    sent peer-reviewed pa-       University of Houston.”
the Senate Executive        BOR_FS_President_         pers at professional
Committee. My profes-       Reports_Index.html).      meetings.
sorial appointment is in
Curriculum and Instruc-     A Senate-led University   If you’re a faculty mem-
tion, and my research       Coordinating Council      ber and have not read
and scholarly interests     now works to assure       the Preamble to the Sen-
are in public policy is-    that proposed policies    ate Constitution and By-
sues that affect            are vetted through an     laws (http://
teacher education and       organized structure be-   www.uh.edu/fs/
retention.                  fore being forwarded      constitution.html), I urge
                            for approval. The Sen-    you to do so and to be
I’m committed to assur-     ate Budget and Facili-    involved in the work of
ing that we as faculty      ties Committee is at      the Faculty Senate. It’s
have a strong voice in      work on their second      our major avenue at the
issues that affect our      study of faculty salary   University level to be at
lives and our work. As      compression or inver-     the table, rather than on
a Washington, D.C.          sion, and a precedent     the menu.
based colleague states      is set with an amount
the issue – if you’re not   preserved at the cam-
at the table, you’re        pus level to address
probably on the menu.       identified cases. The
                            Budget and Facilities
Because of the work of      Committee are also has
     THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                            Page 11

                        H. JEROME FREIBERG

                            of the recommenda-
                            tions have been imple- governance experiences
Look Back to Look
                            mented by the Senate   at other Universities and
Forward                     and at the most recent had factored in our own
The Faculty Senate          Senate retreat, re-    unique governance his-
Commission on Univer-       maining items were     tory. In so doing, it has
                                                   become evident, that cre-       H. Jerome Freiberg is a John
sity Governance (FS-        reviewed and dis-                                      & Rebecca Moores Professor
CoUG) submitted its         cussed for further ac- ating a workable system         and Professor of Education
final report to the Sen-    tion.                  that will fit small and large   in the College of Education in
ate on October 17,                                 colleges, professional          the Curriculum & Instruction
                            The FS-CoUG recom-     schools and graduate pro-       Department, He is PI and
2005. It was the first      mendations were de-                                    Founder of the Consistency
time in the history of                             grams will require more
                            signed to support the  than the adoption of a sin-
                                                                                   Management & Cooperative
the University of Hous-     necessary shared gov- gle best practice model          Discipline Project, and the
ton that a joint faculty-                                                          Editor of the Journal of Class-
                            ernance conditions to from other institutions.         room Interaction, an interna-
administration Com-         enhance:               Our research showed that        tional Journal with subscrib-
mission (composed of                                                               ers in over 40 nations.
six senior faculty, three   Input from those mem- successful shared govern-
deans and an associ-        bers of the academy    ance requires a level of        Dr. Freiberg has received the
                            with sufficient infor- trust and collegiality that     U of H College of Education,
ate vice president/vice                                                            Distinguished Career Award,
chancellor) was assem-      mation to understand takes both time and ex-           the College of Education Re-
bled to analyze govern-     the ramifications of   perience to evolve.             search Excellence Award and
ance at the University,     the decisions;         Difficult financial times       the University of Houston
                                                                                   Teaching Excellence Award.
and to recommend            Access to the decision often place additional bur-     He was the elected President
changes in both proc-       -makers by those       dens on the shared gov-         of the Faculty Senate at the
ess and structure. As       members of the acad- ernance process. There-           University of Houston in
the University of Hous-     emy who may be most fore we strongly encour-           2001.
ton advances toward         affected by the deci-  age all shared governance       Dr. Freiberg has gained interna-
the goal of a leading       sions; and             stakeholders to continue        tional recognition with 8 books
research and teaching                              the discussion begun over       with translations in six lan-
institution, it must also   Feedback regarding                                     guages and has published over
                                                   the last several years. It
advance its governance      the input provided to                                  100 scholarly publications. He
                                                   was the expectation of the      is also a Member of the Commit-
infrastructure. The total   the decision-makers
                                                   Commission that imple-          tee on Human Rights for Chil-
report listed on the        and the reasons for
                                                   mentation of these recom-       dren and Youth, The World
Senate web site             the ultimate decision,                                 Council for Psychotherapy, Vi-
                                                   mendations, will propel
matched specific rec-       with attention to the                                  enna, Austria and on the Na-
                                                   the UH campus commu-
ommendations with the       considerations raised                                  tional Center of Youth Policy for
                                                   nity on a path to more ef-      the Netherlands.
current opportunity for     by members of the
                                                   fective and inclusive Uni-
change in order to en-      academy.               versity governance as we
hance the process of        In crafting our recom- move to a top tier acad-            “. It was the first time in the
shared governance and       mendations, the Com- emy.                                  history of the University of
decision-making. Many       mission drew from
                                                                                       Houston that a joint faculty-
                                                                                       administration Commission .
                                                                                       . . was assembled to analyze
                                                                                       governance at the University”
      THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                                Page 12

                             KATY GREENWOOD

The Committee on            tees. The resulting in-    and Computing Commit-
Committees (COC) of         formation is used by       tee’s proposal to restructure
the Faculty Senate          the Committee to se-       into the Information Tech-
serves as a catalyst for    lect faculty representa-   nology Planning and Policy
faculty participation at    tives to fill vacan-       Committee. The COC
the University of Hous-     cies. This year 75 fac-    agreed to the change and          Dr. Katy Greenwood has been a
ton through a commit-       ulty were nominated to     has passed it on to the Fac-      continuing advocate for training
tee structure that helps    fill 71 seats on the 33    ulty Senate Executive Com-        and development as a curricu-
the University sustain      UH Standing Commit-        mittee for its consideration.
                                                                                         lum component at the under-
its commitment to fac-      tees.                      This semester the Commit-
                                                                                         graduate and graduate levels in
ulty involvement in gov-    The Committee on           tee on Committees plans to
ernance.                    Committees also pre-       fill additional vacancies on      the College of Technology. She
The work of the COC is      pares the slate for the    Standing Committees, fol-         was instrumental in setting up
established in Article      annual election of the     low-up on issues raised           the first T&D courses that were
Four of the Faculty Sen-    UH Faculty Grievance       from past Standing Commit-        offered in the College of Tech-
ate Constitution. Mem-      Committee and pre-         tee Reports, and will pre-        nology and continues to teach
bership is elected by       sents it at the Spring     pare the slate of candidates      various HRD courses face to
the Senators and it is      Faculty Assembly. It       for 2009 Faculty Senate Of-       face and on-line. Her Ph.D. is in
generally chaired by        then conducts and          ficers and Committee on           Career and Technology Educa-
the immediate past          publishes the results of   Committees.                       tion from the University of Min-
President of the Sen-       the balloting.             During the last several           nesota. Her research interests
ate. When the past          The COC also oversees      years, the COC has had the
                                                                                         have been in career transitions
President is unavail-       the operational health     benefit of special assis-
                                                                                         and job placement, particularly
able to serve, the com-     of the Standing Com-       tance from Dr. Sara McNeil,
mittee elects the Chair     mittees. In May, the       fellow Senator and Associ-        with adults who have lost jobs
from its member-            Committee met with         ate Professor of Curriculum       due to downsizings or mergers.
ship. This occurred this    Joan Nelson, Executive     and Instruction in the Col-       Her research interests also
year when Joseph Ko-        Director of Human Re-      lege of Education in fulfilling   include faculty governance in
tarba stepped down in       sources, to discuss the    its responsibili-                 academia.
anticipation of a devel-    reactivation of the Hu-    ties. Sarah has been the
opment leave and the        man Resources Com-         force behind the technology           “Each year the
current chair, Katy         mittee and the reor-       necessary to conduct the on
Greenwood, was              ganization of the Fringe   -line election for the Griev-         Committee on
elected by the commit-      Benefits Committee         ance Committee and the                Committees surveys
tee.                        from a system-wide         Committee Preference Sur-             the faculty to
Each year the Commit-       body to a UH standing      vey. COC members are very
tee on Committees sur-      committee. The COC         grateful for her continued            determine their
veys the faculty to de-     also met with Barbara      assistance; their work on             interest in serving on
termine their interest in   Chapman and Dennis         this important committee
                                                                                             the University
serving on the Univer-      Adams to discuss the       has been made easier be-
sity Standing Commit-       Information Technology     cause of Sarah.                       Standing
   THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                          Page 13

                                     2008 FACULTY SENATORS BY COLLEGE 
           SENATORS                 UH MAIL CODE               E‐MAIL           TERM  ENDS      TELEPHONE 

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture 
SABATINO, Michelangelo           ARCH ‐ 4000        MSABATINO@UH.EDU              2008        713‐743‐1601 
C. T. Bauer College of Business 
CHIN, Wynne                      DISC ‐ 6027        WCHIN@UH.EDU                  2008        713‐743‐4728 
KELLER, Robert                   MANA ‐ 6030        KELLER@UH.EDU                 2010        713‐743‐4676 
NEWBERRY, Kaye                   ACCT/TX ‐ 6023     KAYE.NEWBERRY@MAIL.UH.EDU     2009        713‐743‐0849 
PIRRONG, Craig                   FIN ‐ 6029         CPIRRONG@UH.EDU               2010        713‐743‐4466 
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences 
BENECOMO, Anadeli                HISPA ‐ 3006       ABENCOMO@UH.EDU               2010        713‐743‐3068 
BROWN‐GUILLORY, Elizabeth ENGL ‐ 3013               EBROWN‐GUILLORY@UH.EDU        2008        713‐743‐2976 
GORDON, Andrew                   ANTH ‐ 5020        AGORDON3@UH.EDU               2009        713‐743‐3784 
HAUN, Martha                     COMM ‐ 3002        MHAUN@UH.EDU                  2009        713‐743‐2886 
HERENDEEN, Wyman                 ENGL ‐ 3013        WHH@UH.EDU                    2008        713‐743‐2937 
HERNANDEZ, Marie‐Theresa  MCL‐ 3006                 MTHDZ@UH.EDU                  2010        713‐743‐3074 
HOWARD, Philip                   HIST ‐ 3003        PAHOWAR2@MAIL.UH.EDU          2010        713‐743‐3105 
JOWETT, Garth                    COMM ‐ 3002        GJOWETT@UH.EDU              Fall 2008     713‐743‐2884 
KOTARBA, Joseph                  SOC ‐ 3012         JKOTARBA@UH.EDU               2009        713‐743‐3954 
KUGLER, Adriana                  ECO ‐ 5019         ADKUGLER@UH.EDU               2009        713‐743‐3822 
MAZELLA, David                   ENGL ‐ 3013        DMAZELLA@UH.EDU               2010        713‐743‐2953 
MCHENRY, Monica                  COMD ‐ 6018        MMCHENRY@UH.EDU               2009        713‐743‐5503 
MIDDENTS, Jonathan               THEA/WT‐4016       JMIDDENTS@UH.EDU              2008        713‐743‐2914 
MONTOYA, Delilah                 ART/FA ‐ 4019      DMONTOY2@MAIL.UH.EDU          2009        713‐743‐2855 
SCHIFF, Fred*                    COMM ‐ 3002        FSCHIFF@UH.EDU                2009        713‐743‐2864 
SPOSATO, Jeffrey                 MUSIC ‐ 4017       JSSPOSATO@UH.EDU              2010        713‐743‐5697 
TRAIL, George                    ENGL ‐ 3013        GTRAIL@UH.EDU                 2008        713‐743‐2965 
College of Education 
CLARKE, Mark                     CUIN ‐ 5027        MCLARKE@UH.EDU                2008        713‐743‐9854 
CRAIG, Cheryl                    CUIN ‐ 5027        CCRAIG@UH.EDU                 2010        713‐743‐3312 
FREIBERG, Jerome                 CUIN ‐ 5026        FREIBERG@MAIL.UH.EDU          2010        713‐743‐4953 
WARNER, Allen                    CUIN ‐ 5027        AWARNER@UH.EDU                2009        713‐743‐5059 
Cullen College of Engineering 
CHELLAM, Shankar                 CIVE ‐ 4003        CHELLAM@UH.EDU                2010        713‐743‐4265 
KAMRANI, Ali                     INDE ‐ 4008        AKAMRANI@UH.EDU               2009        713‐743‐4192 
MO, Y. L.                        CIVE ‐ 4003        YILUNGMO@EGR.UH.EDU           2009        713‐743‐4274 
MOHANTY, Kishore                 CHE ‐ 4004         MOHANTY@UH.EDU                2010        713‐743‐4331 
WILLSON, Richard                 CHE ‐ 4004         WILLSON@UH.EDU                2008        713‐743‐4308 

                                2008 FACULTY SENATORS BY COLLEGE 
            SENATORS           UH MAIL CODE              E‐MAIL          TERM  ENDS       TELEPHONE 

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Mangement 
BARTH, STEPHEN                 HRM ‐ 3028       SCBARTH@CENTRAL.UH.EDU     2010        713‐743‐2415 
Law Center 
CHANDLER, Seth                 LAW ‐ 6060       SCHANDLER@UH.EDU           2010        713‐743‐2123 
DUNCAN, Meredith               LAW ‐ 6060       MDUNCAN@UH.EDU             2009        713‐743‐2019 
LINZER, Peter                  LAW ‐ 6060       PLINZER@UH.EDU             2008        713‐743‐2176 
BENNETT, Miranda               LIB ‐ 2000       MHENRY4@UH.EDU             2009        713‐7443‐9786 
CAMILLE, Damon                 LIB ‐ 2000       DCAMILLE@UH.EDU            2010         713‐743‐9731 
FERIMER, Suzanne               LIB ‐ 2000       SFERIMER@UH.EDU            2008         713‐743‐1912 
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics 
COPELAND, Peter                GEOSCI ‐ 5007    COPELAND@UH.EDU            2009        713‐743‐3396 
GAO, Xiaolian                  BIO/BCHS ‐ 5001  XGAO@UH.EDU                2010        713‐743‐2805 
IGNATIEV, Alex                 SVEC ‐ 5004      IGNATIEV@UH.EDU            2008        713‐743‐3621 
JOHNSON, Gordon                MATH ‐ 3008      GJOHNSON10@UH.EDU          2010        713‐743‐3488 
KADISH, Karl                   CHEM ‐ 5003      KKADISH@UH.EDU             2009        713‐743‐2740 
LEE, T. Randall                CHEM ‐ 5003      TRLEE@UH.EDU               2010        713‐743‐2724 
REA, Michael                   BIO/BCHS ‐ 5001  MREA@UH.EDU                2010        713‐743‐2682 
RU, MIN                        MATH ‐ 3008      MINRU@MATH.UH.EDU          2009        713‐743‐3477 
SUBHLOK, Jaspal                COSC ‐ 3010      JASPAL@UH.EDU              2008        713‐743‐3340 
WELLS, Dan                     BIO/BCHS ‐ 5001  DWELLS@UH.EDU              2008        713‐743‐2671 
College of Optometry 
MANNY, Ruth                    OPT ‐ 2020       RMANNY@UH.EDU              2010        713‐743‐1944 
QUINTERO, Sam                  OPT/OPT ‐ 2020  SQUINTERO@UH.EDU            2008        713‐743‐1932 
College of Pharmacy 
SANSGIRY, Sujit                TMC1 ‐ 5039      SSANSGIRY@UH.EDU           2009        713‐795‐8392 
Graduate College of Social Work 
ACHENBAUM, Andrew              GCSW ‐ 4013      ACHENBAUM@UH.EDU           2011        713‐743‐8070 
College of Technology 
GREENWOOD, Katy                HDCS ‐ 4023      KGREENWOOD@UH.EDU          2008        713‐743‐4093 

*On leave Fall 2008
    THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON FACULTY SENATE UPDATE—FALL 2008                           Page 15

                                                               FACULTY SENATE CONTACT

                                                         University of Houston
                                                         Office of the Faculty Senate
                                                         351 Cullen Performance Hall
                                                         Houston, TX 77204-2005
                                                         Phone: (713) 743-9181
                                                         Fax: (713) 743-9184
                                                         Staff Associate
                                                         Mary Brantley: mbbrantley@central.uh.edu
                                                         Office Coordinator
                                                         Amy Tucker: atucke2@central.uh.edu

       T H E    U N I V E R S I T Y       O F
  H O U S T O   N   F A C U L T Y    S   E N A T E
S U P P O R T   I N G   T H E   I N T    E R E S T S
 O F   T H E    F A C U L T Y    A T     L A R G E


Wynne Chin, President
Dan Wells, President-elect
Ruth Manny, Secretary
Katy Greenwood, Chair, Committee on Committees
Jerome Freiberg, Member-at-large
Allen Warner, Member-at-large
Richard Willson, Chair, Budget & Facilities
David Mazella, Chair, Educational Policies & Student Affairs
Mark Clarke, Chair, Faculty Affairs .
Suzanne Ferimer, Chair, Scholarship & Community .
                                                           Check us on the web at www.uh.edu/fs
Sujit Sansgiry, Ad Hoc Committee on Planning.