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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                   Installing Solar Power For Home
                                                                    By Y.T. Lee

  Check out any new building and you will be surprised to note an aluminum stand containing a shiny
and brown colored material with wires running down its side. Since this gadget points at a special
angle towards the sky, most people think that it must be some expensive gadget meant to survey the
sky. Others think that it must be some special radar for tracking the movement of planets. For the
uninitiated, it is an array of photovoltaic cells that provide solar power for home. Recently more and
more people are installing this gadget in their buildings in order to harness the free rays of the sun and
use it to generate free electricity power for their home.

 Thanks to the increase in fuel costs, the costs per unit of power is increasing every few months. This
is creating an insurmountable burden for most people who are already feeling a crunch in their pockets
due to the massive recession. The world is comprised of two types of people. One group consists of
the foolish and the other consists of wise people. While the foolish ones meekly pay their electric bills
and if required they sacrifice by turning off some lights and other electrical gadgets in their home. You
shall never find such panels in residences occupied by such people. The other group, comprising of
wise men have installed such panels in their homes.

 They know that they can use these panels to generate free electricity that can be used to drive the
electric equipments in their house. They also know that the power derived from these panels does not
cost any money. They only have to make an initial investment for the panel, prices of which are falling
at a rapid pace. While the current generation of solar cells does not have the capability to convert more
than 30% of sunlight they are exposed to, scientists all over the world are experimenting to produce
photovoltaic cells that will provide more power per square meter of photovoltaic cells. These cells are
available in knocked down kits and anyone with a basic knowledge of soldering can join them together
and mount them on the provided aluminum panel.

 Once this preliminary task has been done, they have to set up the panel in such a way so that it is
exposed to maximum sunlight during the course of the day. This ensures that they can derive
maximum current from these cells. These cell arrays can be either used directly to power electric
equipment during daytime, or the power generated by them can be stored in lead cells and be later
used at night. The low cost of such solar kits makes them a hit with most people and most of them
recover their expenses within a few months in the form of low utility bills. Since these kits contain a
comprehensive and illustration setup manual, anyone can install them and use it to provide solar power
for home. You too should install one today.

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                    Solar Power: Is It Worth It?
                                                              By J.R. Ferrara

 This is a never-ending debate that will ultimately depend on your point of view. There are certain
factors involved in answering the question such as:

• Where do you live • What is your current electric supply • How much does the solar power
equipment cost • Do you define “worth” in monetary terms or in terms of its impact on the environment

Before you can consider these factors, I’d like to point out certain long-held misconceptions about solar
power that are untrue:

: It’s too expensive : It won’t provide enough power for large appliances : It won’t work during the
winter : It will only provide power when it’s sunny : It is very difficult to install and will only last 5 years
: It’s unreliable and useless at night : It’s inefficient and not worth it.

A Look at the Facts

The amount of sun’s energy reaching the earth depends on where you live. If you’re in a sunnier place,
the solar power equipment will pay for itself faster. Less sunny places can still make use of solar
power, however.

Installing solar power equipment may cost you, but the upkeep costs are negligible, compared to the
cost of being connected to the grid and paying a monthly electric bill. The kind of equipment you need
depends on how much electricity you need. If you need a lot of electricity, your initial cost of installation
will be high, but of course, this will be offset by the high cost you’re already paying for electricity off the

Your solar power can be connected to the grid to pass on the extra electricity you are generating. This
is known as net metering and adds to your credit. Connecting to the grid will cost you, depending on
how far the grid lines are from your home.

Solar power becomes much more attractive when it combines with other solar technologies. A building
with passive solar heating and water heating will require less electricity from your solar power source.
Modern buildings, made with energy efficient materials will put less pressure on your solar power
equipment. This in no way means that older buildings with poorer energy efficient materials can’t use
solar power. Solar power, once installed, will pay for itself within a reasonable time.

After considering the above, it all comes down to the ‘worth’ of installing solar power. Is it only the
monetary cost one should consider, or the total cost to the environment? It all comes down to how
much you value the environment.

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