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                                                    Installation - Kitchen Cabinets 101
                                                                 By Peter J. Mason

    Installing or refacing your kitchen cabinets can make an incredible difference in the overall
appearance of a home. There are many options for new cabinetry in regards to design, styles and
materials. Your local home improvement store can offer you many ideas, some of which you can see
as images on a computer.

The first step is to take some measurements, but make sure they are accurate before you begin to
shop. This helps you plan your kitchen and save time. Make sure you also take measurements of all
the appliances to help achieve a proper cost evaluation and final look of your kitchen.

Many home improvement stores can send out a person to double check any measurements you have
taken before your kitchen order is sent in. This ensures the sizing accuracy and final fit of your

Kitchen cabinets’ sizings are standard. Compared to custom or semi-customed cabinetry, you will be
much more limited in the colour and styles available. Most of them offer drawer and simple cabinet
stylings, and are generally made of less expensive materials which are perfect in new home

Semi-custom varieties also come in standard type sizes, but you have many more choices in regards
to storage, designs and style. You will find a better variety of woods and colours. However, despite
their much better quality, they are definitely more expensive.

Semi-custom cabinets also offer varied storage choices. You should compare each one first before
making a choice, looking at wine racks, lazy Susans, vertical dividers to accommodate storage trays,
pull-out garbage disposal units, and pull-out shelving. All these create a much more organised kitchen.
 Also take into account your priority storage and lifestyle needs.

The expensive variety are the custom cabinets, which are specifically designed to your kitchen’s
specifications, incorporating the design, style and sizes you need. However, despite the higher prices,
the wood quality and overall fit is much better. You can have a designer visit your home, take all the
measurements and work to get you the design that best suits your home.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

The next step before making any purchases is to establish your budget – what is affordable and what
do you want to spend. As the prices vary between each type of cabinet, your half of your budget
should account for cabinetry. Then, evaluate the length of time you plan to stay in your home. If you
plan to move in the next couple of years, spend less, but if you plan to stay much longer, budgeting for
custom cabinetry may be better.

Never save money and sacrifice quality. You want to live with a decent kitchen, so be sure to check
the smooth operation of all showroom cabinets. Rough motion or squeaking is not good. Always go
for good construction that will stand the test of time.

Focusing on news and information about installation, Peter Mason works primarily for . His articles on kitchen cabinets can be discovered on and other web sites.

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                                       Kitchen Cabinets are The Soul Of Your Kitchen
                                                          By Mike Yeager

Kitchen Cabinets are The Soul Of Your Kitchen
 by: Mike Yeager

Kitchen cabinets reflect the heart and soul of the homeowner. The cabinets you have in your kitchen
have the greatest impact on a kitchen's look. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as in a
rainbow of colors. Only your imagination and your bank account limit the color and design of your
cabinets. You can buy cabinets pre-made at your local home supply store or have them custom built.

You can also give your kitchen a fresh, new look with a makeover for your older kitchen cabinets. If
you're happy with your existing cabinet layout, and the cabinets are still in good condition, then cabinet
re-facing is an alternative to replacing them. Cabinet re-facing can be accomplished in a number of

Kitchen cabinet doors can be sanded and re-painted using any color and texture you choose or
stripped using a variety of chemical products available at any home supply store. It is always important
to read the label and precautions on any chemical stripper prior to using them. Many of these products
can cause serious health problems if the instructions are not followed.

When choosing new kitchen cabinets it is important to pay attention to type of wood used and the
quality of the construction. The look of your kitchen cabinets will also be reflected in the hardware you
choose from the hinges to the knobs. Once you finish all the choices and have them in place you will
enjoy them for years to come.

Mike Yeager

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