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									      Services Currently Provided by Blue Sky                    Community Consultation

  •   Gatherings, sharing of culture;
                                                      Our grass roots approach has partners supporting
                                                      this endeavor from as far away as: Kenora to the
                                                      west; Sudbury to the east; Kettle Point First Nation             (Blue Sky)
  •   Promotes access to Elders, Traditional          to the south; and, Constance Lake to the north.
      Healers, Teachers;                              We have had four large community gatherings              Traditional Teaching Lodge
                                                      acknowledging this support. An example of the
                                                      support being realized is best described by the Elder,
  •   Cultural Awareness programs;                                                                                INFORMATION PORTFOLIO
                                                      Mary Michano, of Ojibways of the Pic River First
                                                      Nation and her experience of the gathering in her              www.blueskyteachinglodge.ca
  •   “Spirit” awakening, holistic dialogue;          community on September 20, 2006:

  •   Anishinabe experiences;                         “It was nice to be with the group. The Circle was
                                                      very powerful and so many of our people carry
  •   Promotes access to Traditional teachings,       the seven sacred teachings. Our First Nation
                                                      Traditional ways are always our strength and we
      ceremonies;                                     as First Nations are very proud of that. It is so
                                                      important to gather, share and give the
  •   Promotion and awareness of                      teachings to each other. We rebuild ourselves
      environmental stewardship;                      so then we can pass it down to our children’s
                                                      children to continue the sacred circle and
                                                      gatherings in other First Nation communities.
  •   Sharing of history, storytelling;
                                                      Our Creator always walks with us and guides
                                                      our people. We are very strong by the direction
  •   Promotes access to Traditional medicines,
                                                      we are given. Creating and focusing on our
      medicine walks; and,                            Turtle Lodges in our communities will make our                     Corporation Contacts:
                                                      people stronger. Our ways of life are given to us
                                                                                                                     Norma Fawcett, Elder, President
  •   Presentations to workshops, classes, and        by our loving Creator. We are very special
                                                      people. Other Nations are always looking for                      Lake Helen First Nation
      conferences.                                                                                                       Tel: (807) 887-2205
                                                      healing and the strength that we have. Others
                                                                                                                         Fax: (807) 887-2162
                                                      are looking up to us as First Nations. Yes the
        Status of Development of Blue Sky:            project is very good. We are always rebuilding                  Cindy Crowe, Vice-President
                                                      ourselves to see more clearly. I hope I can play                 1306 Victoria Avenue East
Blue Sky is seeking $44,148.50 in funding to          a role and be a helper with the Teaching Lodge.                  Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 1C2
complete: consultation with focus groups; formalize   Anything I can do. Thanks.”                                        Tel: (807) 473-9851
                                                                                                                         Fax: (807) 939-2750
Board of Directors; market assessment including                                                                          Cell: (807) 627-5768
                                                      Spirit Buffalo Woman Looking to the West
surveys; feasibility study; and, business plan.                                                                           crowe@tbaytel.net
                 Vision Statement                                     Purpose of Blue Sky                      Desired Components of the Teaching Lodge
With the help of the Creator, we will bring all four   Blue Sky is not just a vision, but a reality which is   This facility would ensure that the Elders,
Nations together to promote: love; respect;            helping to rebuild cultural and Spiritual               Traditional people and teachers in the area would
courage; honesty; wisdom; humility; and truth.         connections. The primary goal of Blue Sky is to         always have a location to meet and gather, share
With an army of helpers, we will achieve these         provide an environment for individuals from all         teachings, promote good healthy lifestyles,
teachings through gatherings sharing knowledge         cultures and walks of life to gather; share             inspire a sense of pride in the Anishnabe peoples
and creating awareness.                                Anishnabe culture; traditional teachings and stories    and preserve the Anishnabe language and culture.
Norma Fawcett, Elder, Red Rock Indian Band             from Elders; and, the Spiritual laws.                   This medicine wheel illustrates the four
                                                                                                               components proposed for Blue Sky:
     Spiritual Laws: Seven Sacred Teachings            Focused on building peace, unity, and
The Anishinabe were given seven sacred laws that       understanding, Blue Sky will encourage and provide
were to act as a spiritual foundation. These laws      the opportunities to experience and learn about the
offered direction for anyone wishing to have a         natural, historical and cultural characteristics of
balanced and peaceful life. Each law was represented   unique environments while preserving the integrity
by an animal:                                          and sustainability of those sites and stimulate the
                                                       economic development opportunities.
     LOVE - Represented by the EAGLE
   RESPECT - Represented by the BUFFALO                Blue Sky has been travelling to various
    COURAGE - Represented by the BEAR                  communities in the region to create awareness,
 HONESTY - Represented by the SABE (bigfoot)           recruit new members as well as bring our goals to
   WISDOM - Represented by the BEAVER                  others. As a result of these community and event
    HUMILITY - Represented by the WOLF                 visits and to respond to the growing interest,
    TRUTH - Represented by the TURTLE                  membership and development of Blue Sky, the
Watching the animal world offered the Anishinabe       organization is currently in the process of acquiring
teachings that kept him\her in balance with the        a building to act as our main meeting spot. We
                                                                                                               The following offers a “snapshot” of what a typical
natural laws. Blue Sky will incorporate these          partnered with Lakehead University students to
                                                                                                               day could look like:
Spiritual Laws into all activities.                    complete studies to help us move forward in
                                                       determining location and development options.           •   Archaeologist teaching class how to respect,
                                                                                                                   preserve and display artifacts;
                History of Blue Sky
                                                       We have worked hard to involve community,               •   Native veterans sharing war stories;
A meeting was held with some Elders of the Lake        government, corporate, tourism, academic and            •   Elders made fresh blueberry pie;
Helen First Nation on October 11, 2005. There          resource-based voices and recommendations in
                                                                                                               •   brook trout are spawning and you can view them
was an exchange of ideas and the direction from the                                                                at a viewing area through a webcam;
                                                       moving forward and have had many successful
Elders was to move forward with this project to                                                                •   fire burning in the centre of the Gathering Area
                                                       developments to date. We have developed a                   and the Elders are sharing teachings with all races
gather more information. Our organization has          working foundation with strategic stakeholders,             of Nations, young and old alike; and,
recently become incorporated under the name            community partnerships, inclusive membership and        •   Elders from Pays Plat First Nation are showing
Ozhaawashko-giizhig Traditional Teaching Lodge.        governance with very little financial support.              youth how to make mukluks.

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